The Days

Season 1 Episode 6

Day 1,370 (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2004 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Scott (to Natalie when she is leaving Clinic): I should've been better.

    • Abby (to Natalie about baby girl): All I couldn't feel, is the place where she was.
      Natalie (to Abby about baby boy): This is our baby now. He belongs to all of us.
      Abby: He?
      Natalie (nods her head): But i can't do it without you mom.

    • Nathan: (about the baby) She's in Heaven mom.
      Abby: I know.

    • Jack: And there you go... walking away like you usually do when things get tough.
      Cooper: And there you are... not coming after me.

    • Cooper: (about Steve) He's not cool to drive, I wanna go to the hospital, not go to the hospital.

    • Cooper (After seeing the mess Nathan made in the kitchen with ice cream): Are we gonna put this in bowls,or just lick the kitchen?

    • Cooper (to Zanni): You're lonely.

    • Natalie: I want to have an abortion. (woman at front desk looks at Scott) He's not the only reason.

    • Cooper: (to Natalie about her baby) I can't wait for you to dump this load so you'll stop mothering me.

    • Natalie: Oh mom. I went to the clinc, but then I... I decided...
      Abby: ...Like it was meant to be hum? (Begins to cry)

  • Notes

    • ABC officially cancelled "The Days" on January 24, 2005.

    • The song "Bedshaped" performed by Keane-which was the last song used on "The Days"-was released as a single on August 16, 2004, just six days prior to the original broadcast of this episode, although it was released on the album "Hopes and Fears" several months earlier.

    • In this episode Abby has a miscarriage with her baby girl, and Natalie finally decides to continue with the pregnancy and have her baby boy.

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