The Days

Season 1 Episode 1

Day 1,412

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2004 on ABC

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    "The Days" Abc's new summer series debuted with an eventful pilot episode. This new drama is told from the point of view of 15year old Cooper Day who keeps a journal of the events in the life of this modern day family living in Philadelphia. Luckily for viewers this new T.V. family shakes the false perfection present on other shows.

    Jack Day (David Newsom) is an attorney working for a large pharmaceutical company. With the help of a mid life crisis this father of 3 quits his jobs on moral grounds after hearing that his company is planning to lay of one hundred workers the day before thanksgiving. Even though later he regrets quitting after realizing how much he needs to work.

    Abby Day (Marguerite MacIntyre) is the Modern women. After years staying home to raise her kids she has reentered the work force and earned a top spot in an ad agency. Despite being good at her job she may not be able to keep it being as she just found out that she is pregnant with her 4th child.

    Natalie Day (Laura Ramsey) is the 17year old teen queen of her high school. She is the star player of her high school soccer team. Described as having all straight A's, perfect skin, a permanent ponytail, and David Beckham's right leg Natalie's life is changed forever when she finds out that she's pregnant. Her boy friend Lane Dugan (guest star Warren Christie) reacts poorly and offers to take Natalie to an abortion clinic no more then three hours after the discovery.

    Copper Day (Evan Peters) is an insightful, observant middle child counting down the days until he can escape high school. Pierced ears and black clothes proclaim him as the loser who couldn't care less about school or what anyone else thinks of him. Thankfully "The Days" gives a more realistic of a portrayal of us high school rejects. Contrary to most stereotypical television characters that show no school spirit he's not faking it for the look and he isn't constantly depressed. Cooper flips off the in crowd well just being himself. Despite being completely different from big sis he still proves he cares after starting a fight with her boyfriend for knocking her up.

    Nathan Day (Zach Maurer) at first sight is your standard 9year old nerd in training. He attends an elite private academy for gifted children. He has the IQ of a genius and despises physical activity. Nathan suffers a panic attack during a test but not because of his grades like one would assume. No he's nervous about something more common for young boys, the cute girl sitting next to him Maria Romorez (Anastasia Corbett). Unfortunately for him he gets stuck with something worse then a woody. His panic attack earns him the concern of Maria and a day out of school. With a little advise from big brother Cooper, Nathan takes a bus to his crush. Fresh picked flowers earn him a kiss on the cheek and the heart of his sweetheart.

    "The Days" gives viewers a realistic family storyline. The plot is further enhanced by good back round music, and interesting inde-film style camera work. Overall it's a good start for the series. The un-stereotypical characters provide a solid base for the show. This new series displays values without the after school special style of many shows. For instance well in the teachers office Cooper takes offense to the accusation that he's a stoner without actual giving the audience a speech on the danger of drugs. Threw all the problems the family makes it threw. The only down point would be the happy ending. One would hope that this doesn't become an every episode thing. It isn't always a happy ending after all.

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    The Days: Day 1,403
    Hormone Headache
    Nine days later and family life is still crazy for the Days. With nothing going as they would have thought 10 days before, this episode gave viewers another entertaining look into the life of these 5 people who's lives are out of control. Hormones raged as Natalie realized she was no longer the star of the school, and Cooper and Nathan just wanted to get the girl. Abby got pissed at work and Jack was pissed about his lack of work.

    Jack spent the episode still in his pajamas and his mid-life crisis. With no idea what he is going to do next Jack in his own word just eats and thinks about food all day. Well trying to figure his life out Jack finds out that his old job is still up for grabs. Fans will just have to wait to see if he returns to being a corporate slave for money or finds what he really wants to do.

    A pregnant Abby returned to work to some not so pleasing news, her boss has hired an assistant Creative director. It doesn't help that he has hired her former love interest Scott (Christopher Shyer). Abby thinks that he was hired because her boss doesn't think a pregnant woman can do the job. Though it turns out he doesn't even know that she is pregnant. Things get worse when Scott is assigned to help her after she leaves the office for a family emergency, something that her boss notices has become a daily event. Undoubtly Scott will play a larger part in what is to come.

    Natalie is still coming to turns with her own pregnancy as she loses her status at the top of the high school social hierarchy. With everyone aware she's pregnant that's now all they think of when they talk about her. Lane doesn't help by continuing to pressure her to come to a decision about weather or not to keep the baby. Realizing how superficial their relationship is Natalie breaks up with Lane. Later well rushing out of the parking lot she hits another guy and then punches him when he calls her "the pregnant one." Though these two seem to hit it off when she drives him home. Something tells me that this guy with have some larger part to play in up coming episodes.

    Cooper took a small amount of his sister's spotlight after its announced over the p.a. that he has won a national writing contest. Although it is believable that he got the short applause in the hallway, some red flags should have started waving when Emma, another good looking queen of the school and Natalie's former friend, jumped all over him. Obviously thinking with the wrong head Cooper finds nothing wrong with Emma, who has probably never talked to him before, suddenly paying him so much attention. Under the pretense of doing a story for the school paper on him Emma makes her way back to the house and into his room. After changing plans so that he'll write a column for the paper she mounts him and they start to make out. Unfortunately for him their cut short a little later when big sis comes rushing in demanding that Emma leave. Their is a small argument on the lawn but ultimately the situation remains unresolved. At the very end you get the feeling that he's starting to thing things thru. Guess we'll just have to wait to see if she really has a hidden motive or she just suddenly realized she finds the whole dark, artsy thing sexy.

    Nathan proofed that guys will do pretty much anything for a girl they like. Despite his dislike of sports Nathan joins a coed soccer team sponsored by the school to be with Maria, who takes the liberty of punching the school bully well the teacher wasn't looking for insulting her man after the teacher tells him she'll need a note from his doctor because of his panic attacks. Later during recess the bully continues to harass Nathan calling him a wuss and kicking soccer balls at him. After an intelligent long worded insult, which basicly points out that the kid is fat, Nathan takes one more step away from the classic nerd persona by standing up for himself and kicking the kid's ass. Mom is called in by the Dean and goes off on her after insinuating that the family is violent by saying she is aware of Cooper's fight a few day early and she is aware of the reasons for the fight. In true modern parenting fashion Mom and Dad take Nathan to see his shrink. Once returning home, with the help from Natalie, Nathan starts learning to play soccer.

    Over all this episode is even better then the first. The only down side would be the idea that standing up to the bully makes you a troublemaker. Maybe it's just me but throwing them to those psycho-shrinks for everything is just annoying. Kids get into scrapes, doesn't make them crazy. Thankfully the happy ending was toned down for this episode. One can only wait to see how the next episode will improve.