The Days

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Day 1,412
      Day 1,412
      Episode 1
      Jack Day is the prototypical attorney -- except that he hates practicing law. His wife Abby, has recently reentered the workforce and been promoted to creative director of a major Philadelphia ad agency. Jack and Abby have three kids: Natalie, a straight-A student, soccer star and prom queen; Cooper, a sometimes dark and insightful teenager who takes the family's pulse on a daily basis from his edgy perspective and Nathan, an nine-year-old genius who suffers panic attacks.

    • Day 1,403
      Day 1,403
      Episode 2
      Jack is unable to decide what to do next about his career and his life. Abby is livid when her boss hires her old flame. Meanwhile, Natalie struggles with her transition from "with-it" teen to "with-child" object of scandal at school. Also, Abby's hot under the collar after her former flame lands a job at the agency. Lastly, Cooper wins a national writing contest and attracts the attention of an older woman.moreless
    • Day 1,385
      Day 1,385
      Episode 3
      Jack goes to see a psychiatrist at his old job for an evaluation to get his job back. Cooper considers tearing up his story and staying with Emma. Natalie must make a decision that will affect the future of her baby. Lastly, Jack goes for a night out with his friends and old co-workers.moreless
    • Day 1,375
      Day 1,375
      Episode 4
      A massive storm rains on Jack's plan for a family outing, but that doesn't stop him from a flood of ideas involving Nat's soccer future and his own job forecast. Meanwhile, Cooper makes a move on the girl of his dreams, only to face the nightmare of his sister's newfound favor in the eyes of their dad.moreless
    • Day 1,370
      Day 1,370
      Episode 4
    • Day 1,370 (1)
      Day 1,370 (1)
      Episode 5
      Nathan competes against his heartthrob in an essay contest; Natalie and her father fight the school system to keep her on the soccer team despite her pregnancy; Jack prepares a surprise birthday party for Abby. Cooper considers the possibility of having sex with Zanni.
    • Day 1,370 (2)
      Day 1,370 (2)
      Episode 6
      An auto accident leaves Abby in danger of losing her baby; unaware of her mother's accident, Natalie is considering terminating her pregnancy; Jack meets Abby's former boyfriend at the hospital. Jack goes to Zanni's house to get Cooper, and he tells Cooper he needs him to be in home with the family.moreless