The Days

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • 'The Days' Really Are Over...In More Ways Than One

    'The Days' are over...In More Ways than One

    This show is literally one of the Best Series I have seen in years! It seems that the 'days' of family dramedy must be over, because this show was much better than any of the similar family dramas found on netlet, the WB. Abc execs didn't really like the show apparently, because advertising was kept at a minimum, and the show was broadcast in a dropdead 10:00/9:00c timeslot (totally inappropriate for a family show) during the summer off-season. In fact, abc didn't even pay for the series, outside company MindShare Entertainment produced it, and only requested advertising time in return! It is sad that so many people talk about how primetime networks have gotten away from family series, when they don't even pay attention to the ones that they have. Many of the people who are members of the target audience haven't even heard of "The Days", and those who have and have written reviews on it have only seen 1 episode! This show had a lot of hidden meaning, particularly within the "Cooper" character. Although many folks who have reviewed this series believe that Cooper is just another "out of control, druggy teenager", in reality, he has never done drugs (there was one scene where he was smoking a cigarette with some potheads, but it was revealed that he was only doing it to impress Emma). He is also a virgin, which is revealed when he is asked to "sleep over" at Zanni's house in the series finale. I also believe that the teen pregnancy issue--which is still considered a delicate issue in television--was handled the best I have ever seen it handled in any television work, which is the realistic way. In reality, if a girl gets pregnant, it probably wouldn't be so much a discussion of "how it happened"(the way most TV series or movies have handled the issue) but instead the thinking about how it effects the lives of both the girl and those who are closest to her, and all of the surrounding issues that come with that ("should I get an abortion?", etc.).
    Anyway, I think that it is definitely one of the biggest mistakes any television network ever made to cancel this great series, and the loss will be noted and regretted someday when its too late, much like the mid-1990s series "My So-Called Life", which was cancelled after just one season like "The Days".
    America Needs a show like "The Days"--a show that is both bittersweet and funny at the same time--much the way that real life is. This show was more realistic and down to earth than any of the alleged "Reality" shows that are out there, and definitely more realistic that any other family dramas on the airwaves ("7th Heaven", "Gilmore Girls", etc.). If this were just 10 years ago, "The Days" would probably be a smash hit not unlike "Desperate Housewives" is today...the shear cancellation of this high quality, family oriented series and the flourishing of reality TV and steamy soaps in primetime seems to symbolize the total degradation of television and society as a whole...something that No One should be proud of. So I guess the "Good Ole 'Days'" really are over!