The Dead Files

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The Dead Files

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A detective and a psychic communicator each explore a crime scene and then meet up to compare their findings in order to solve the mystery.

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  • Scams, Shams and Charlatans

    Time and time again science has proven without a doubt that the paranormal does not exist. Some of today's greatest scientists (Dr. Steven Hawking and Dr. Richard Dawkins) and some of today's greatest skeptical debunkers (Dr. Michael Shermer and Dr. James Randi) have monumental evidence disproving claims of the paranormal and psychics and proof that God doesn't exist. Why do people continue to believe and accept these irrational tales as truth? "The Dead Files" is merely entertainment. I don't care if Mr. DiShavi is a former police detective. Police make errors all the time; they aren't infallible. Besides I'm sure Mr. DiShavi is loving the fame on TV, even though it's a small time production. I'm sure the money is pretty good though. Amy Allen... tsk, tsk, tsk. Her "acting skills" alone would make a producer of a local community access channel cringe. Every time I see an image of Amy Allen I immediately think of comedian Kaye Ballard when she was in her early 50's. The two ladies do look alike. There's no doubt that Ms. Allen researches the "haunted" properties featured. It's basically child's play to collect the necessary research. Most of the data is public records. I'm certain that Amy, Steve and the producers confer with each other the entire time only to make it a "big splash" when the cameras make a take. Sensible, sane, rational people know that there is no such thing as an afterlife, no ghosts, no haunted dwellings or objects. There are, however, "haunted" people.moreless
  • How To Prove It's Real

    Have you noticed that Amy always does her walk-thru AFTER Steve has completed his investigation? They could very easily prove that she's genuine by having her, just once, do her walk-thru BEFORE Steve's interviews. That shouldn't have any effect on the outcome, should it?

    You see, I'm convinced that Amy is secretly (with the help of the producers) reviewing the video of Steve's interviews before going in on her own. The reason is that NOBODY, genuine OR fake, is ever THAT SPOT-ON. If she's genuine, she should be solving murders around the country instead of wasting her time on a hokey TV show.

    Those of you who are fans of the show should write in and demand that she does a walk-through BEFORE Steve's interviews, just to shut us skeptics up. I'll wager any amount that she NEVER does. And until she does, she's in my "charlatan" file.moreless
  • I Believe ! I Believe ! Amy DOESN'T play!

    My Husband and I have watched this show since it started and it is one of our all-time favorites. I love the fact that Steve is a (retired) NYPD Detective. NYPD police have seen and heard it know a lie when they hear one, so who BETTER than NYPD to team up with and get your information to prove Amy RIGHT?? I totally believe in Amy. When we moved into our house in 1985 ( it was built in 1928) we both have had SEPARATE experiences with Shadow People, 'tho we were never harmed. We did NOT know the OTHER person was having these experiences until it was brought up in conversation one night, "Ya know, honey, I think we have a ghost in the mean YOU"VE had it too? OMG!" We compared our experiences and they were EXACTLY the same. We have EACH (separately, when we were the only person in the house) seen black shadows out of the corners of our eye and felt a definite "presence" and smelled an old-timey, woodsy kind of scent, a smell of age. We each had a sense that the shadow was of an elderly woman who had lived in our house at one time, kind of a "Grandma"-type person who was going around the house doing her chores 'tho I think she was unaware of US. We were amazed to find out that it had happened to both of us. We made then made a habit of saying "Hi Grandma! How ya doin'?" when we sensed she was around It eventually stopped happening and we believe she realized she was dead and headed Home toward the Light. I had my own personal experience with ghosts when I worked for a Home-Cleaning Service. I was cleaning a client's house and I was in the front Living Room. The husband was in the house with me for a bit, and then had to leave. The garage connected to the house and when you came thru that side door you could immediately open another door that went to the basement. I heard the husband holler goodbye to me and leave thru the side door to the garage; and I went on cleaning in the Living Room. I was the ONLY person in the house now. No more than 5 minutes after he left I HEARD the side door open again and I hollered (with my back to that door) "Wow, you back already? Or did u forget something?" and got no answer. I turned around to look and saw the side door was open and a black shape came thru and OPENED the basement door and CLOSED IT after it went thru. Needless to say I was a bit freaked out. I hollered out again "Did you forget something?" and got NO answer. I thought "Finish cleaning this house and get the hell out 'cause you just saw a ghost!" and I was out of there in record time. I did mention what happened to me to my boss and she was amazed because she also believes in ghosts and knows I am NOT a liar.moreless
  • I Don't Really Care - I Know What I Believe

    I've read lots of snippy comments about Amy, Steve and the whole Dead Files show about their legitimacy. I know what I believe so I really don't care about all those opinions from essentially uninformed people. If you don't like the show or something about it, then fine.

    I personally believe many things are possible. So while I may have my doubts, I don't dismiss anything just because some 'expert' (Randi) says it's bogus. I believe the existence of spirits on earth is certainly possible and probably likely although I have no evidence to support that belief.

    Further, if in fact spirits do exist on earth, with the huge varieties of skills and aptitudes and abilities that exist in humans, it follows that some people would be more sensitive to them than others. My ability to accept these sorts of things as "possible" has provided me with a great number of stories, insights and entertainment.

    To all you "Skeptics" out there, the concepts and ideas you are glibly dismissing as impossible may be questions you cannot know the answers to until you die. It's like being an Atheist arguing with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, that it was all just a misunderstanding. Yeah, good luck with that.

    I truly enjoy this show and sincerely hope it can stay going for a few more seasons.moreless
  • What was that????

    Don't know if anyone from the show reads these but I hope they do. On the episode Forgotten - Bloomington, IL, during the reveal Amy is telling the clients about the "doll" and she says it went into the wall then cut to female client, male client then Steve then back to time stamp about 56:50 when they cut the female client the second time in this sequence, there's a dark shadow that looks to run up the screen beside the lady's head. I've watched it several times and my husband too. It's an unfinished section of wall, just beams so no shadow from crew would show up WTH was that?moreless

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