The Dead Files

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The Dead Files

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A detective and a psychic communicator each explore a crime scene and then meet up to compare their findings in order to solve the mystery.

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Season 6 : Episode 2

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  • I Don't Really Care - I Know What I Believe

    I've read lots of snippy comments about Amy, Steve and the whole Dead Files show about their legitimacy. I know what I believe so I really don't care about all those opinions from essentially uninformed people. If you don't like the show or something about it, then fine.

    I personally believe many things are possible. So while I may have my doubts, I don't dismiss anything just because some 'expert' (Randi) says it's bogus. I believe the existence of spirits on earth is certainly possible and probably likely although I have no evidence to support that belief.

    Further, if in fact spirits do exist on earth, with the huge varieties of skills and aptitudes and abilities that exist in humans, it follows that some people would be more sensitive to them than others. My ability to accept these sorts of things as "possible" has provided me with a great number of stories, insights and entertainment.

    To all you "Skeptics" out there, the concepts and ideas you are glibly dismissing as impossible may be questions you cannot know the answers to until you die. It's like being an Atheist arguing with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, that it was all just a misunderstanding. Yeah, good luck with that.

    I truly enjoy this show and sincerely hope it can stay going for a few more seasons.moreless
  • What was that????

    Don't know if anyone from the show reads these but I hope they do. On the episode Forgotten - Bloomington, IL, during the reveal Amy is telling the clients about the "doll" and she says it went into the wall then cut to female client, male client then Steve then back to time stamp about 56:50 when they cut the female client the second time in this sequence, there's a dark shadow that looks to run up the screen beside the lady's head. I've watched it several times and my husband too. It's an unfinished section of wall, just beams so no shadow from crew would show up WTH was that?moreless
  • Good and VERY creepy

    I believe Amy is VERY real. I've watched her for years on TV, WAY before this show started. She is definately for real, and perhaps a bit strange but according to her husband and cameraman the dude that follows her during the actually have a seperate bedroom at their home, as her life is NOT all that easy dealing with dead people wishing to "converse" with her all the when they know it's going to be a busy evening, she'll take the extra room. She to this day will not state that this is a gift as she is still unsure for it's physically dangerous to her and exhausting. I think she's awesome and I feel bad for the loudmouth small-minded and perhaps LARGE CAR people on here that diss her for no reason other than she's different. Bless her. And NO she's not a trained actor so she gets nervous, sweaty and does go over the top I don't doubt her for a second. Love Steve, he's your typical man's man, NYC retired homicide detective but he's all about finding the TRUTH, and I love the chemistry he and amy have, this is truly a show to me, and it's a personal choice like watch it, but I think it's FAR ABOVE the normal Ghost hunting shows that gather evidence but do NOTHING to alieviate suffering of both living victims and the dead. AT LEAST these guys try to help everyone involved.moreless
  • good show

    I like it, at least it is not boring like some other Ghost hunting shows.
  • It could be prob not

    I am really not sure if this show is real or not. Sometimes i think Amy is just a good story teller. But the way she stare's around like she's possessed is freakin weird. The only thing that makes me think that it could be real is Steve.

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    • The look in Amy's eyes
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