The Dead Files

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The Dead Files

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A detective and a psychic communicator each explore a crime scene and then meet up to compare their findings in order to solve the mystery.

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AIRED ON 6/25/2016

Season 8 : Episode 13


    News Briefs: USA Announces Return Dates for While Collar, Royal Pains

    Plus: HBO sets a return date for Eastbound & Down, Glee casts a one-time superstar, and comedy loses a favorite son.

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    • Just another reality-tv show.

      What else are we to expect from another "reality tv" show???

      Like all of them, the reality is staged, the lines are fed to them, and the spontaneity of real life situations is never there.

      Doesn't matter the subject, "reality tv" shows, will never be just a camera rolling and showing the reality of things. Even if they only keep the naturally interesting moments for an episode, It would not be entertaining and wouldn't sell, so it is all staged for entertainment and profit purposes.

      The role Amy plays can be played by any person, as long as they keep spoon feeding her the lines. The facial expressions, and any body language and any else other than words are obviously left up to her to fill in. Anyone can see that she is not an actor of any sort. If she was, she would be so much better and so much more believable. One thing she should invest in, is lessons on people skills. So even if she is for real, she seems fake.

      And the ex NYPD member...

      Let's just leave that one alone, but I will say that Both are getting paid to say and do whatever the production wants... So his and her credibility goes right out the window.

      Why are we allowing this kind of crappy fake shows to make it to tv??? How they make it to tv is an enigma to me, but what's worse is that they go past a 1st season.

    • Fact or Faked

      I am no skeptical when it comes to the paranormal. I had my fair share of experiences, but i can definitely tell fact from fiction. Not hard to find the history of a so called haunted places from local libraries and use that information to use in this so called "psychic" readings. All this show is, is entertainment. Story telling. Nothing i've seen on this show proves the existence of spirits or entities only just BS.moreless
    • Do You Believe in Jesus

      If you believe in Jesus Christ nothing will harm you. This ghost stuff is just fun kid stuff
    • Not buying it

      I do actually believe in the paranormal, but I think this show is strictly for entertainment. I don't think she's a medium, I think she's a bad actor. I just don't buy it. To make things worse, in the episode I just watched, I think she doubled the anxiety of the woman she came to help, by saying that there was a demon attached to her daughter. That was the end of the show. They didn't offer to drive off any evil spirits. Roll credits. What? Seriously? Horrible!moreless
    • truthplease!!!

      I have always been interested in the paranormal and have always looked at both sides of each arguments, but is Amy for real? I never heard that science has PROVEN there is no afterlife, when did this happen because I have never heard of such a thing? I just want the truth! I do like the show and seemed to get sucked into what happens like it's real. Am I being an idiot? I know some would say yes but what about the things that do happen that can't be explained? See, too much to think about. I would love to talk to Amy in person, I would know really soon if she was fake. Unless she got information about me and I didn't know it. I just want to know the truth, can't stand getting lied to! Could anyone help with some information you may have on the show? I do read the comments to see how people think. Guess that's it for now........moreless

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