The Dead Zone

Season 4 Episode 12

A Very Dead Zone Christmas

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2005 on USA

Episode Recap

Bruce and Johnny arrive at Johnny's house with the Christmas tree as they prepare for a dinner of turducken. Alex Sinclair the psychic arrives and warns she had a vision…of her alone, so she decided to come visit. They start to kiss when Santa Claus and his elves appear – Santa has a gun and opens fire, but it's a vision that they both see. He disappears, leaving them to wonder what the heck's going on.

Despite Alex's gripes about the commercialization of Christmas, Johnny is off to buy presents, including a rare toy for J.J. They get to one toy store and when a man brushes against Alex she gets a vision of the announcer who said the toy is sold out getting mobbed. At another toy store they pass by a disgruntled Santa and three kids nearby. Johnny tried to get the last copy of the game but he has to head off with Alex when she gets a vision of the three kids mugging Santa and taking his bag. Johnny gives pursuit but loses them. The "Santa" is obviously having memory problems and when Johnny touches his wallet he and Alex gets visions of the guy as a younger man being pursued by cops.

Sara, Walt, and J.J. arrive at the house and Johnny and Alex get there with "Santa Claus." Little Johnny is skeptical until "Santa" guesses what present he wants. Walt runs the guy's criminal record while Bruce works on dinner. Johnny, Alex, and "Santa" go back to the scene of the crime and talk to the nearby pawnshop owner, and "Santa" spots what he claims his necklace. Johnny convinces the guy to show it to them and they get a vision of the same young guy being approached by a guy who wants him to find someone, and the detective announces the "someone" is a woman in love with someone else…the young detective.

They don't get a vision off of "Santa" and decided to drive around to find the kids. They find one with "Santa's" watch. They get a vision of "Santa" pretending to be a blind homeless man, robbing an armored car.

They bring the little boy, Michael O'Leary, back to Johnny's house and feed him, while Bruce struggles with dinner. Johnny and Alex go to a house and get a vision of a woman outside that Alex "touches" in her vision. The woman mourns that her boys are alone, and asks for help, that they need someone to watch over them. They find the house empty but discover a box of bullets. Johnny touches them and gets a vision of the two older kids with a gun preparing to sell it to a crook. The kid shoots the bullet to demonstrate the gun works and it explodes and blinds him. Johnny calls Deputy Roscoe who shows up and interrupts the sale before the boy gets hurt, and Johnny and Alex get there. They grab the brothers but one escapes.

They bring the second brother back and the two O'Kelly's and Little Johnny bond, while "Santa" flips through TV channels. Bruce is off to the store while Walt relays the report that after a custody battle over the three boys, the father left and the mother died. Johnny asks for 20 minutes to have Walt pull his officer out. Johnny goes there and confronts the oldest brother, Matthew, when he sneaks in. Johnny takes Matthew home to reunite with his brothers while Alex notices that the man in a TV movie is their "Santa." The man is Nigel Hughes, and all the visions they've been seeing is Hughes' old movie parts. The stuff in his bag is his old movie memorabilia that he was going to pass out, but he hit his head. Johnny puts on a pair of glasses Nigel wore in the movie and gets a vision of him and Alex on the set where the movie was filmed. Johnny convinces Nigel to play the role of Santa for the three brothers to give them some of the Christmas spirit and some presents that J.J. has donated. J.J. even gets his rare video game, thanks to Alex. Johnny gives Alex his present – a new watch. And Bruce staggers in to announce that dinner is ready. Johnny sends J.J. to check the doorbell before it rings, to greet Reverend Purdy. He arrives with their father, after Walt located them as part of the custody battle over the kids. They invite Purdy and the father to stay, while Alex reassesses her views about Christmas. Johnny gives a speech about his own childhood and the true meaning of Christmas, while it snows outside. As they go outside they find Nigel outside playing in the snow and they all go out to join him, leaving Bruce with his finished turducken.