The Dead Zone

Season 4 Episode 12

A Very Dead Zone Christmas

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2005 on USA

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  • Get in the Zone for Christmas.

    I really liked the overall theme of the episode. I always enjoy a holiday episode from any show, but The Dead Zone put a spin on it. We did not just get the usual help someone have a great Christmas. We had Johnny and the gang helping of all people…Santa.

    I thought Johnny said it best when he said that no one can share his experiences but Alex, and how true that is. His family can be there for him but they cannot ever “walk a mile in his shoes.”

    With Alex not having a place to go, the Santa who does not know who he is, the three boys left with no one…and the turducken, no stone was left unturned.

    A great holiday episode with great holiday spirit!
  • Johnny and the gang prepare to spend Christmas together, but first they must solve two mysteries: one involving a homeless Santa with a bad memory, another involving three homeless boys.

    This was an exceptionally disappointing episode; it seems that it was intended to be more lighthearted than a usual episode of the series, but sadly, it was not done well at all. Alex returns, and suddenly she and Johnny are an item. As much as I enjoy her character and like to see Johnny happy, it was too fast and unrealistic. Walt, Sarah, and J.J. are featured but given only a few lines; Bruce is relegated to the kitchen to prepare the Turduckey, while everyone else barely helps out. Reverend Purdy swoops in at the last minute to deliver the three homeless boys' father via helicopter (oh, gee, a Christmas good deed. Woo hoo). And the potentially menacing Santa Claus ends up being a forgetful old actor. I'm hoping this "very special Christmas episode" is NOT indicative of the kind of episodes we can expect when the new season premieres.
  • Johnny prepares for a Christmas celebration and has to deal with a visit by Alex, an amnesiac Santa and three young brothers without a family

    Typical schmatzy christmas show...which is why it was good. I remember a time when every show would do a christmas episode and I always looked forward to them. I thought that at times it was a little too misleading and then at the last minute everything came together a bit too easily, but still an enjoyable watch.
  • a bit sappy, but it is a Christmas special so what can you expect...

    This episode was pretty good for a Christmas special. [as far as Christmas episodes go] It's just too bad that Jennifer Finnigan has her own show, she should be a regular on The Dead Zone.

    First, they got rid of the great Kristen Dalton [Dana] for no good reason early in the show's run. Then Sarah Wynter [Rebecca] was okay in season 3, but wasn't supposed to be a permanent character anyway.

    If they don't bring Kristen Dalton back, they should try to work a deal to keep Jennifer Finnigan if possible. Johnny needs a steady girlfriend and she's great.
  • Corny, Cheesy, Campy....and I loved it.

    Bottom line, if you like lighthearted, corny Christmas episodes, you'll love this episode. if you don' won't. This was not t.v. at its finest by any means. It was a vast departure from what we usually get from The Dead Zone but that is (I expect) exactly how they intended it.

    There will be those who will turn up their noses at an episode of this sort, saying it is too cliche and simple, but I don't mind at all. If every episode of Dead Zone became campy and silly like this one, well, I would turn away from the show. But there's just something about Christmas that makes me actually WANT to see cornball episdoes like this one. Do I want to see every episode end with a heartwarming snowball fight among rescued orphans with Christmas carols being sang in the background? No way. But tonight, when I watched this particular episode, I did.

    Way to go Anthony Michael Hall, for setting aside the usual format and going for something that those of us with a cheesy, corny, campy sentimental streak can enjoy!
  • Happy to see Johnny with family and friends doing what many families do during the holidays.

    I like that The Dead Zone put together a holiday episode because it balances out the extremely seroius episode with a more light hearted one. Also it is nice not to worry about the end of the world like Johnny usually does in almost every episode lately. I also love the dynamic between Johnny and Alex they are so in the same zone and that is what makes a Tv couple a good one. The thing that I like most and can never seem to get over is that Johnny is the same neirdy kid from Weird Science and Breakfast Club. But this show really reaveals the scope of his acting skills and that before he was most definately typecast because of his looks. Thanks for a very Merry Dead Zone.
  • Johnny prepares for a Christmas celebration and has to deal with a visit by Alex, an amnesiac Santa, three young brothers without a family, and... turduckey.

    This is the first The Dead Zone I almost regretted watching, although I had heard it wasn\'t the usual quality I felt obligated to watch it. This episode is unlike any episode I have ever seen, and I hope another episode like this will never be filmed. To say in short it would have been better left for Nacy Drue and co.

    A true disappointment...
  • Goody-goody but fun.

    I'll start by saying this episode was a bit too feel good for my tastes, and had absolutely no character development or plot advancement.
    BUT, it's a Christmas episode, so I didn't expect anything more. It was fun and still held to the characters. I loved the 'Santa' flashbacks, all the crime, all the evil he was 'involved' with. I liked Bruce's inability to cook a dinner, and everyone's involvement that never amounted to much. Good comedy addition. I also loved the fact that everyone left to go outside to play in the snow, while Bruce tried to serve a hard cooked dinner. Yes, very huggy and lovey and such, but I still enjoyed it. Good time passing watch and overall fun.
  • Is it a normal episode? No, it's definitely not...but it works anyway!

    I’ve never been a fan of Christmas episodes, largely because they tend to fit within certain traditional boundaries that have become unbearably cliché. The most egregious sin in this category would be the “overly serious retread”. Take strong characters, slide them into a traditional Christmas tragedy scenario, and forget to make it work within the setting of the series.

    But there are good examples of a Christmas episode. One that comes to mind is the Christmas episode of “My So-Called Life”, which was a modern classic. A more genre-related example would be “A Roswell Christmas Carol”, from the series of the same name. But not every Christmas tale needs to be deadly serious to get the point across. Sometimes whimsical is the right way to go.

    In this case, whimsical is the watchword. The mistake would be taking this episode too seriously. Sure, there’s a story, and it’s not even a bad story, in and of itself. But it’s perfectly suited to “very special episode” that doesn’t concern itself with continuity beyond the most basic of timeline considerations. It should be interesting to see where it most correctly fits with the overall scheme of the season 4/season 5 dynamic.

    A lot of my enjoyment came with the return of Jennifer Finnigan. “Double Vision” was my first exposure to this goddess, and I’m glad to see her back. Seriously…I’ll sit through “Close to Home” just to see her in action. She’s just plain gorgeous, and I really like her character and how she interacts with Johnny. They are very good together. At least, they’re better together than Johnny ever was with Rebecca. If her own series wasn’t picked up for a full season, it might have been worth it to add her to the cast.

    The plot itself has some clever moments, but it’s not the kind of story that lends itself to deep contemplation. It’s simply not the point. It’s all about the holiday and the interaction between the characters. There are some tense moments here and there, but they don’t drag the episode down. Everything from the performances to the score has this self-aware nature to it, which usually doesn’t work but actually helps the story from taking itself too seriously.

    There were some minor glitches here and there. I find it hard to believe that Bruce wouldn’t know about “turducken”; there was a time, not so long ago, when they were a hot topic of conversation. Also, the constant references to “Ratchet: Deadlocked”, a game that was released well before the air date and wouldn’t be that hot an item on the day before Christmas, made me wonder if product placement is getting a bit out of hand. (Ironically, the kids who were wondering if JJ would get the game were, in fact, playing that game so it would be on-screen!)

    As critical as I was of the fourth season thus far (or the whole thing…the season designations are getting confusing!), I was just as surprised to find that I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t a piece of brilliance, but it was exactly what it needed to be. It touched on the lighter side of the series, and it even focused on Johnny’s complex relationship with JJ and the extended family. If things wrapped up a bit too conveniently, it’s something easily forgiven. After all, isn’t that the point of the season?
  • A very memorable episode. Lots of laughs and the return of Alex Sinclair!

    Dead Zone's back!!!

    For one episode until June. But we'll take it.

    I enjoyed the episode. I thought it was great. A very light hearted episode. The return of Alex Sinclair was awesome! they have to sign her on permanently. Do whatever you gotta do, but do it! Johnny and Alex are a terrific match, no matter what anyone says. No surprises? Come on! What kind of excuse is that?

    Bruce was hilarious! Turducken... hahahaha!!!

    The Santa character wasn't too bad. I thought he was funny at times, but it felt kind of empty. The 3 kids bit was decently done, but there could have been more heart put into it.

    Purdy came! Always a treat to see him on screen. way to bring in the the dad, reverend!

    In the end, a great episode. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Johnny Smith and cast reunite a broken family and assist Santa with amnesia.

    I never thought it possible that a special "to hold you over till we get more episodes out" episode could actually make me not look forward to more Dead Zone. This episode was HORRIBLE.

    I felt like we were watching an after school special, written by Michael Landon, and acted by the local elementary school.

    As if the "main" part of the episode weren't bad enough, the speech at the end by Johnny was supposed to be a tear jerker, we guess, but felt awkward and insincere at best. To cap it off, the snow fight at the end (that lasted way too long, with fake snow and all) felt like a filler because they ran out of material.

    Adding to the lack of quality was the "cameo" appearance of main characters that running in and out like there was a revolving door.

    If you have ever seen a single other episode of Dead Zone, you know that the writers (and cast and crew) are capable of so much more than this.

    I sincerely hope that the next episode is better... although it seems impossible for it to be any worse than this. The only reason I watched the entire is episode is because I had (with an emphasis on the past tense) faith that it would get better... alas my faith was betrayed.
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