The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Johnny returns home to find that Sarah and J.J. are moving out. He tries to convince her to stay and that Walt was investigating something, but Sarah isn't convinced. She suggests he give it up and move along, but Johnny goes to the police station to meet with Sheriff Turner. She's out and Johnny touches an item on her desk, getting a vision of Turner in critical condition and Leo Vitali, Walt's contact, dead. Turner says that Abraham Lincoln shot her, then dies.

Johnny goes to Turner's house and finds her gone, and gets a vision of her saying goodbye to a man who notes she can always come back. He runs into the man, Doug O'Connell, and then gets a vision of Turner trying to track down Vitali at a construction project.

While Sarah checks to make sure J.J. is doing okay, Johnny goes to the construction project and finds the same man who confronted Turner. When he touches a drill there, he gets the same vision as earlier, but this time sees himself dead in the vision as well. He talks to the foreman who reveals that Vitali quit a week ago and was taking outside jobs. Johnny goes back to the police station and finds Doug there. He hasn't found Turner either but when Johnny touches his glasses he gets a vision of him and Turner together, and her admitting the investigation isn't going anywhere. He tells her she should keep checking into it and she agrees.

Sarah goes upstairs to find J.J. unpacking, saying they need to stay to protect Johnny. He reluctantly agrees and they start packing again. Meanwhile, Johnny goes over Walt's office and gets a vision of Sarah and J.J. visiting him, and hiding some papers away so they don't see them. Checking a little further, he gets a vision of Turner going to a hotel. He finds her there investigating the room where Vitali was staying, but find the place messed up and blood. Turner reveals that the investigation has been shut down and Johnny demands answers. They go over the hotel room and Johnny gets a vision of Vitali fleeing into a building with blood on his hand. Turner has found a matchbook confirming the same thing and they go to the bar, the Rusty Trawler. They find Vitali there and Johnny gets a vision of the three of them being gunned down by a man wearing an Abraham Lincoln mask. Back in the present, the car drives up and Johnny yanks them to cover.

Turner puts out an APB on their attacker and Johnny heads back to the station, but J.J. wants to talk to him by phone. Johnny tries to reassure him and promises not to tell Sarah that he had a feeling that Johnny was in danger. Johnny gets to the police station just as his phone battery goes dead, then goes in to ask Turner what Walt was involved in.

At the house, J.J. is having a dream of Johnny in danger and Sarah overhears him, and wonders if what she's doing is right. At the station, Turner tries to get into Walt's computer and Johnny gets a vision of him setting up a security protocol and writing down a password. They're interrupted when the masked man comes in, wounds Turner and Jake and tries to kill Vitali. Johnny gets them into the office and locks it, and the windows are lined with bulletproof glass.
Trapped inside without cell phones, they watch the mysterious attacker searching the files for the keys. Johnny checks Vitali for a cell phone but the man wakes up and reveals the attacker was the same one who attacked him at his hotel room. Vitali panics and as he runs out, Johnny touches him and sees that he's shot down. Johnny goes out with him and shoves him down while Turner shoots the masked man. He finds a slip of paper on the man, then unmasks him to reveal Doug. Turner says that Doug isn't her boyfriend.

They interrogate Vitali who reveals that Doug paid him to lie about Walt's cabin. Vitali called Doug when Turner started asking questions, and Doug tried to kill him. Turner reveals that Doug was her psychiatrist and helped her get her job as sheriff in Cleaves Mill.

Johnny goes back to his house for breakfast and tries to explain to Sarah but she doesn't want to hear it. He goes to say goodbye to J.J. before both of the Bannermans leave. Johnny is left alone until Deputy Jake arrives with Walt's computer, sent by a grateful Turner. Jake reveals that there are no records of all on Doug and Johnny uses the password on the slip of paper he found: the password is "Armageddon" written backward.

Johnny goes into the computer and finds photos of Johnny's Stillson bulletin board. Johnny goes down to the basement to check his board, and when he touches it he gets a vision of Walt stopping in and taking a picture of it, then calling someone to discuss… Herb Smith.