The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2007 on USA

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  • The beginning of the end

    This is effectively the first part of a two-episode season finale, which may represent the end of the series as well. As one would expect, the name of the game is preparation: bringing together the pieces of the puzzle from the rest of the season to give the conclusion a more immediate context. Sarah's relationship to Johnny, the investigation into Walt's activities, and the previous visions of Armageddon all come together.

    The relationship between Johnny and Sarah has been the focus of the latter half of the season, and as such, that plot element gets strong representation. Sarah is ready to finish the move out of Johnny's mansion, and it completes the job of isolating Johnny from his allies and loved ones. Through a series of visions, Johnny begins to see the connection between Walt's secret activities and the current investigation by Sheriff Turner.

    That connection appears to be a man who wanted to keep the information Walt uncovered a secret. This plot element is still unclear, but Turner may have been directed to take the position as sheriff so that any investigation into Walt's previous activities could be monitored. Since the secret information pertains to Johnny's visions of Armageddon, one must wonder if Walt's death was an accident.

    Walt's information appears to connect Johnny's previous visions to Johnny's father. Considering the lack of information about Walt's activities this season, it's hard to see how the picture is supposed to come together. This has been one of the weaknesses of this particular plot thread: the audience was aware of an investigation, but had none of the details necessary to give this payoff any credence.

    For example, we have no explanation for why Walt was looking into the Armageddon scenario, why he would be looking for Herb Smith, or why looking into that would have led to the events of this episode. The only insight into the investigation prior to this episode was Vitali, and according to this episode, he was ordered to lie for unknown reasons. The season finale will likely address these matters, but with so much else to cover as well, it may not be enough to make the explanation satisfying.