The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 4

Articles of Faith

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 09, 2006 on USA

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  • A dissapointing episode. You can feel very comfotable skipping this episode.

    The Dead Zone has ventured into the realm of Public Service Announcements. The whole episode was filled with stereotypes, and PC messages. The writers practically hit you over the head with it.

    The whole show basically rehashes well known racism. The writers feel the need to force these messages down our throats.

    The episode barely felt like a Dead Zone episode. I tune in to the Dead Zone expecting something unique, not the S.O.S. It felt like one of the \"Very Special\" episodes from 80\'s sitcoms in which they felt the need to tackle some huge issue.

    All of the episodes problems are compounded by weak dialouge all around.

    I would only reccommend watching this episode, because: come on, this is the Dead Zone!

  • Good episode.

    In this episode Johnny helps in the investigation of a hate-crime committed by the son of a neo-Nazi, but soon has reason to believe the boy's confession may be false. I thought this was an strange episode but it was still rather good. It was an odd idea but the episode was fiarly well written and the story was intresting. I wonder where season 5 is heading, who knows? Anyway we only have a few episodes until it's on to season 6. This episode was another filler but it was good and it did not feel like a filler episode at all. So i ca't wait for the next episode.
  • But very important to watch

    Hate comes in different forms and They had me going
    I thought as Johnny did that the killer was
    the son of the interfaith minister who "used"
    to be a member of a white supremisist orginization.

    If he Truly wants redemption, he has to be open
    about his past and That wasn't very clear about his

    Some people might say that The son, who killed
    a black man in Oregon is worse than the reporter
    who ended up being the real killer. In my opinion,
    I don't think so. What the son did was heinious
    but he was indocrinated into hate. The reporter
    killed his male lover to keep him quiet and then
    set it up to look like it was the RA HA WA
    Movement. The reporter's crime was a crime of passion
    but he framed another man. This episode was
    full of shades of grey

    But I think everyone can agree that the last 3 minutes
    was one of the most disturbing on recent tv.
  • Clash of faith or race?

    The only thing I really really really really enjoyed out of this episode is that Dana is back. I enjoy her so much better than Sarah. And so far still no sarah. This episode makes out that a race crime has taken place. But through Johnny, the real killer is caught and the true reason comes out. To me this episode had to much going on. I could not catch the names of everyone. It goes from faith to race, to sexuaral preference. It should have taken at least one out and focased and made a point how there really are the issues instead of trying to deal with all issues. ITs only one episode, they could have drawn it out more, and still may with the race crimes.
  • The headline for the episode was return of Dana Bright! But the storyline was intriguing, yet controversial.

    It was great to see the return of fan favorite Dana Bright. It was fun seeing her up to her old tricks and her new job upgrade seems to suit her nicely. Although I wasn't digging the blond highlights.

    The story was very complex and dealed with the very sensitive, and very real, issue of racism. The episode was filled with twists and turns reminiscent of earlier Dead Zone episodes, proving once again that the writers having lost their touch. The quick and I believe pointless portrayal of pro-lifers was kind of insulting towards that particular group, and I'm disappointed Purdy did not back them up. Implying that pro-lifers are some kind of intolerant group upset me. And I believe the issue of tolerance was shown more in a more black-and-white format than i think it really is. But I'm certain in some cases (this episode is one of them) it might very well be black-and-white. My peronal views put aside, this episode was written very nicely. One of the better in recent memory.

    To put this one to bed, it was another strong episode and I'm hoping we see more Dana Bright in the near future. Although I would like to see Alex Sinclair more often.
  • Not amazing but i was even surprised by the story!

    I usually can guess very closly to what is about to happen on shows, most these days are predictable! They leave clues for you to guess... but this episode was different "Clever"

    I didnt suspect the student reporter for a second!
    I didnt suspect him to try to kill the other guy either!

    I can't beleive the writters keep coming u with this great stuff! I personally loved last weeks episode so this one wasn't the favorite of the season by far, but it was "Clever"

    if i had to pick a phrase for the epiosde it would indeed be "Clever"

    if i had to pick a phrase for the show i would say "Surprisingly shocking, but a must see"