The Dead Zone

Season 4 Episode 1

Broken Circle (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 12, 2005 on USA

Episode Recap

In the past, young Greg Stillson helps his father make a Bible sale while catching the eye of a young singer. Stillson's father isn't too happy with his son, and beats him repeatedly when he talks back to him. In the present, Stillson gets word that Johnny is going in for brain surgery and they plan to call Federal agents down on him . . . if he survives. Bruce meets with Johnny at the hospital and Johnny realizes he has lost his visions. Sara is also there and they reveal that Rebecca is dead – he's having a vision of the future. He wakes up and Bruce tries to calm him down and they give him a sedative. A Federal agent, Pendragon, shows up to arrest Johnny on the charge of kidnapping and killing Rachel Caldwell. Pendragon and Walt go in but Johnny is gone. Bruce and Johnny are driving away and discuss Johnny's vision of Rebecca killing Stillson. Johnny tries to call Rebecca who refuses and works to get closer to Stillson so she can shoot him later during an announcement of "Rachel's Law." Pendragon is putting pressure on Walt to get information on Johnny. After he leaves, Walt gets more letters for Purdy, who's in jail after his confession. Walt goes to track down Johnny in Washington, refusing to let Sara go with him. Johnny and Bruce go to Sarah's apartment and Johnny gets a vision of James Stillson and Sonny in her apartment planting a bug and he knows Sonny is nearby. Johnny then gets another vision of Sarah taking a gun to shoot Stillson at the conference. Sonny calls in Pendragon and his men, and Bruce creates a distraction so Johnny can get away. In flashback, Greg's father shows up and gets his current girlfriend out. While Sonny goes to Rebecca's apartment to cover their tracks, Pendragon spots Johnny and is captured in the ensuing car chase. He touches the bridge railing and gets a vision of his climbing out of the river, so he dives in to evade the Federal agents. At the press conference Rebecca arrives to meet Stillson while Johnny gets out of the river, buys some clothes from homeless people, and gets to the government building where the conference is. Sarah goes for her gun but Johnny calls her again and she takes his call. He reveals he's nearby and knows she'll be killed. Pendragon is there and spots Johnny and Stillson is taken out before Sarah can decide one way or another. Johnny touches a cameraman's camera and gets a vision of Sarah being taken to trial, realizing she's still going to go ahead and shoot Stillson. Johnny manages to escape by blending in with some other homeless people. Walt is trailing Sonny Ellman while Purdy is contact in jail by a Malcolm Jenks who represents a group of investors who want to give him a second chance with expanded broadcast capabilities. Walt confronts Sonny in Rebecca's apartment over Kennedy's death and says he can tie Sonny to the death. Sonny threatens him and Walt slugs him, getting blood on his hand. He contacts Johnny who gets a vision from the blood, of Sonny burying someone while James Stillson looks on. They head to the hotel where Sarah and Stillson are. Pendragon begins to wonder if Stillson is up to something but is still after Johnny. In Walt's car, Johnny has a vision of everything freezing while his blind scarred future-self confronts him. Future-Johnny warns Johnny will kill Walt, Sara, and Little Johnny and that he doesn't need to do anything. Future-Johnny warns that Rebecca must kill Stillson to prevent Armageddon before the vision ends. Rebecca shares a drink with Stillson in his hotel room and goes into the bathroom to get her gun. Walt distracts Stillson's father while Johnny uses his visions to find Stillson's hotel room but Stillson's father confronts him. When they touch, Johnny gets a vision of James Stillson killing her. Johnny breaks free and heads up to Stillson's room. He stops Sarah and tells her and Greg that James Stillson was responsible, and Greg knew nothing about it. They get out just as James Stillson arrives and Greg confronts him. The two struggle and Greg strangles and kills his father. Later a mysterious man is brought in to help clean up the mess – Malcolm Janus. With his help they make it look like an accident and convince him to go along with it despite his state of shock. Purdy goes along as well and asks for forgiveness while preparing to go back into business, as it were. Johnny is cleared with Stillson's death, and Rebecca decides she has to be alone to consider what she might be capable of. Johnny tosses his cane away so that his future-self can't contact him and he can figure out things on his own.