The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2004 on USA

Episode Recap

Johnny and Rebecca are putting away Rachels's stuff when the police show up asking for his help in the disappearance of a 11-year old girl, Katy. He gets a vision of fire from her earring and goes to her parents' house, where he finds the girl's diary and "sees" the husband leaving. Johnny touches the diary again and gets a vision of himself on the night of his accident. He can see Katy in the background, notices a klaxon noise of some sort that only he can hear, and sees his hand is badly burned.

Johnny goes to the hospital and meets with Dr. Gibson, refusing to get further tests because it'll take time away from his search for Katy. He gets another vision of his mother, Sarah, and Purdy at the hospital, and sees Katy again walking by and leaving wet footprints. He touches the footprints and is burned again – further, he can't account for why the modern-day Katy is appearing in his vision of nine years' ago. He and Sarah conclude that something about Katy in the present is similar to what happened to Johnny in his accident, and she's near water.

Johnny meets Rick, the paramedic who brought him in nine years' ago, and gets another vision of himself after the accident in critical condition, and Katy trying to whisper something to him. Walt finds the firehouse with a klaxon like Johnny heard, and there's a fire at a nearby pond. Johnny doesn't get any visions at the pond. Then Johnny has a vision by touching Sarah of her at the night of his accident, and his attempting to tell her about a man who rescued him.

Johnny has another vision of himself in his recovery room with Katy nearby, and a burst of electrical sparks as he is further burned. He goes to the site of his crash with Rick and gets a vision of Rick rescuing him and sees a scared Katy, and his own reflected face covered in worsening burns.

Johnny takes more physical damage with each vision and is overwhelmed by another vision of being burned – Rebecca brings him back with CPR but Johnny tries again. Rebecca monitors him while Johnny goes back once again and realizes that the "mystery man" that saved him in the past is . . . his present self. Present-Johnny touches his past self, giving him a vision of his future and the strength and guidance to pull himself free in the past.

Having saved himself in the past, Johnny pushes through the pain and gets a vision of Katy in a similar accident – trapped in the trunk of her father's burning car. Johnny directs Walt to the crash site, where the father has an accident with power lines while driving and his daughter hid in the trunk to be with him through the divorce. They get there just in time to save father and daughter, and Johnny and Rebecca bond over their shared experience and her saving his life.
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