The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2004 on USA

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  • The night of Johnny's accident, up close and personal.

    A young girl goes missing, and Johnny begins having visions of her that are intertwined with visions of the night of his accident. Initially, it's hard to understand how the two are connected, but Johnny soon begins to realize that the only way for him to find the girl is for him to also work through his memories of that awful night.

    This episode showcases so much of what is good about The Dead Zone - an intriguing storyline with a hard-to-predict twist, a building sense of dread and tension, giving us a deeper insight into the characters and their relationships, and excellent performances all around. The growing bond between Johnny and Rebecca becomes clearer as the visions become more and more specific about exactly what happened during and immediately after the crash.

    The way the two stories - the missing girl and Johnny's crash - are wound together is interesting, and it's nice to have a chance to know more about Johnny's accident and how he was able to survive it.