The Dead Zone

Season 2 Episode 15

Deja Voodoo

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2003 on USA
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Episode Summary

Johnny is forced into a series of changing visions to help a young woman he's romantically attracted to.

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  • Dead Zone ...or the Date Zone?!!

    Ok, so Johnny has used his powers for the benefit of mankind. But in this episode he starts using his visions for Dating!

    Is this the Dead Zone, ...or the Date Zone?!!

    I guess after all this time helping others, he's now decided to help himself!

    At least there is more to his vision than just a cheap rendezvous. However, it does seem fitting that Dana's last full time episode would have a plot about illicit affairs.

    Although ironic that this was probably the only episode in which Dana's character wasn't annoying, and actually seemed to contribute towards a minimal amount of helping.

    But all ends well.

    For us audience anyway, as it's a relief that Johnny's dating visions go unfulfilled and Johnny stays put.

    ...instead of moving to Melrose Place!!!moreless
  • To be honest, best one this season!

    To be honest, This episode was the best one this season!

    No sara, No JJ, Bruce is back in this one, and Dana is back aswell,, Always good to see them in the show... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I really loved this episode, I felt kinda sad in the end when he didnt get the girl, but I loved how they did this one.. Deja vu ROCKS man..

    The girl fit the part, I love how by the end of it John was like sick of the whole thing and wanted to get it over with..

    Nice onE!!!moreless
  • Very show sort of ground-hog day type story.

    I didn't think that much of this episode. It was very unoriginal and little thought had gone into the planning of this episode. Most of the episodes this season have been very strong and entertaining nut this episode failed to kep me 'hooked'. With only a few more episodes left this season i hope the writers focus more on the important long running questions. This episode rrally focussed around Johnny trying to save a womans life at a bar, but every time he saved her something goes wrong. Similar episodes to this have already been made they need some new and fresh approach to some of the stories. But other than that i didn't mind this episode too much, still looking forwards to the next one.moreless
  • Well not exactly but i thought this episoide was very simlar to bank robbery one in season 1.

    Have they done this episoide before, what i mean, is the episoide was very simlar to the bank episode everytime Jonny does something , something else happend, i really like the episode, u got to love last 2 visions they were very good. it's strange when jonny vision always end up with him dying but somehow they don't come true, he has died so many times in his vision, he has more then 9 lives.

    Stepale, now i really liked that twist, i was wondering why gun-man wanted her dead but 3 from last vision help me, i didn't see that coming. i loved jonny punch him in the next vision and i liked how Jonny explained all the times he saved her. i guessing most people would reconise actress from 24 season 2, she is definatly a hottie. i felt so bad for jonny,he vested so much intrest in her and he come away with nothing.

    It wasn't a brillant episode but it definatly very watchablemoreless
Reiko Aylesworth

Reiko Aylesworth

Natalie Conner

Guest Star

Gerard Plunkett

Gerard Plunkett

Dr. Lawrence

Guest Star

David Lewis (IV)

David Lewis (IV)


Guest Star

Kristen Dalton

Kristen Dalton

Dana Bright

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Tearful Woman: That's when I realized... it wasn't the inner me that wanted to eat that chocolate cake. It was the outer me.

    • Bruce: You could be changing the future by just sitting on your ass, deciding to do nothing. Just the fact that you know that this woman will kiss you changes everything. The ball is already in play, my man. You've got to get back in the game.
      Johnny: What are you, the Vince Lombardi of existentialism, now?

    • Johnny: So ... how is your merlot?
      Natalie: It's fine, it's fine. It's no apple martini, but...
      Johnny: So, you want a martini?

    • Johnny: See the woman sitting over there?
      Bruce: Yeah, I saw her.
      Johnny: I had a vision of her kissing me.
      Bruce: That's good!
      Johnny: Yeah, then we got robbed and shot by a mugger.
      Bruce: That's bad.

    • Dana: First date?
      Natalie: No.
      Johnny: No.
      Natalie: We just met.
      Johnny: Yeah, we were at the bar and she spilled a drink on me.
      Dana: Oh, a cute meet. I thought the Internet had pretty much done away with those.

    • Natalie: Hello there.
      Johnny: Hey. So we meet again.
      Natalie: Here to get your book signed?
      Johnny: Huh? I have no idea how this got in my hand.
      Natalie: "What Women Really Want." The last thing I really want is a fifty-year-old man telling me what I really want.
      Johnny: Me too.

    • Johnny: Hey, you see that woman sitting next to me?
      Bruce: Yeah.
      Johnny: I just had a vision of her kissing me.
      Bruce: Yeah! I have visions like that all the time, except mine don't come true.

    • Natalie: I don't think I've ever met anyone like you before.
      Johnny: That's probably a good thing.

    • Natalie: I'm beginning to think you're following me.
      Johnny: What makes you think that?
      Natalie: The fact that you're following me.

    • Johnny: Before, when I was telling you I was a future consultant . . . I was being a little vague.
      Natalie: Still are.

    • Bruce: Listen, Johnny, I'm down with you using your powers for good, but sometimes you have to use your powers for your own good.

    • Natalie: How about you – what do you do?
      Johnny: Umm, I'm, I'm a consultant.
      Natalie: Really? What kind of consultant?
      Johnny: Futures.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Natalie: Insurance adjusters gone wild.
      An allusion to the Girls Gone Wild series, which features camera crews patrolling party-heavy areas frequented by young adults in search of attractive young women who agree to expose their bodies for the camera.

    • Dr. Lawrence:
      References Dr. Phil, a celebrity/psychologist who often makes guests on his talk show cry by delving into their deep-seeded problems and helping them "get real."

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