The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Johnny is at home and opens a box filled with items belonging to his father. When he touches a Bible he gets a vision of Herb and his wife Vera together, and wonders why he's getting visions of his dead parents. Sarah and J.J. are having lunch with Stillson and a waitress comments that he has a lovely family.

Johnny meets with Deputy Jake, who is looking into the story behind the cabin. The Meeks family left money to Walt and Jake thinks something is odd about that. When Johnny touches Walt's digital camera, he gets a vision of a woman giving Walt and saying that he should talk to Purdy if he doesn't believe her. She says someone is watching her, and Walt gives her a package to make sure "he" gets it.

Stillson and Sarah go back to the cabin and she makes cookies, and they end up growing closer.

Johnny tracks down the woman, Jacinta, and she tells him to leave. She says she was a nurse at Brockmore who took care of Herb Smith, who also had visions of the future. Herb also knew who would win the next election, and people showed up to monitor him. She says they should meet with the others at the church but she is gunned down by a sniper before she can tell him anything else.

Johnny goes to the church and finds Purdy there, who claims he doesn't know her or Jacinta. When Johnny touches him, he gets a vision of her meeting with Jacinta and going over Herb Smith's death certificate, a fake. He covered up Herb's death to keep Vera from suffering, then had him moved to the Eastern State facility and never saw Herb again. Purdy admits Herb is no longer alive, as he died in a fire five years ago. Johnny wonders if Purdy kept Herb away because he was love in Vera, and swears never to forgive him for it. Purdy says he isn't sure what Walt knew either and asks to work with him to find out.

Stillson is playing War with J.J., and losing, then asks Sarah to bring her family with him to Washington so she can work for him.

Johnny shows Purdy his Stillson board then gets another vision of Herb and Vera in the house. They find a picture of Jacinta standing next to Malcolm Janus in one of the photos. When Johnny touches the photo he gets a vision of Jacinta talking to Walt, who has confirmed what she's been saying is true. Walt was investigating Janus, who visited Herb after the fire that supposedly killed him. She gives him an envelope and Johnny realizes his father is alive.

Sarah mentions Stillson's invitation to J.J., but the boy is nervous about it, saying Stillson cheated at cards so that he'd win.

Johnny and Purdy examine the records and figure out that Janus' company was paying a lot of money to both Jacinta and Herb's caretakers. Meanwhile, Stillson meets with Sonny Elliman, who reports that he killed Jacinta but left Johnny alive. Sonny warns that Johnny might follow the trail back and Stillson tells him to do what he needs to do.

Purdy and Johnny go to Jacinta's garden and Sonny shoots at them. They take cover but Johnny gets a vision of them being gunned down and a canister of bug spray leaking from a stray shot. Johnny triggers it and throws it at Sonny, and the improvised gas bomb distracts him long enough for Johnny to knock him out as he heads for a door. They tie Sonny up and go into the tunnel beneath the door, a tunnel leads to a replica of Johnny's house. They go into the mock study and find… Herb Smith, watching TV.

Herb is clearly not entirely there and doesn't appear to recognize Johnny as his son. Instead he points to the television where he's been watching Stillson, and believes he'll become President. Herb talks about having told someone Stillson would win, and Johnny gets a vision of him with Jacinta pretending to be Vera, then telling his visions to Stillson, who pretends to be his son. Johnny realizes Stillson's organization has set up the entire thing to gain access to Herb's visions, and that Stillson has been in charge the entire time and is now after Sarah. Herb says he has seen that Stillson has to marry Sarah or the world will end. When Johnny touches Herb's cup, he gets a vision of Stillson telling Sonny to dispose of Johnny so nothing comes between him and Sarah.

Stillson meets with Sarah who says she's considering agreeing. They're interrupted when Johnny calls to talk to her about Stillson and the fact he's lying. He explains that the cabin is owned by Stillson and his organization, the CBA, and the Meeks are a fiction. She has to hang up and tries to find out more about the Meeks. It becomes clear there isn't and Sarah confronts Stillson over the whole thing.

Johnny tries to get through to Herb, showing him a picture of his grandson J.J. Johnny touches the picture and gets a vision of Walt talking to him from the past. Walt confirms he's going to give the picture to Jacinta so she'll give it to Herb. Walt warns that he'll probably be killed because he's too close, and asks Johnny to take care of Sarah, J.J., and Hope. Johnny manages to get through to Herb who starts to recognize him.

Stillson blames Janus for everything and claims that he got a second chance when Malcolm died. He begs with Sarah to come with her but she clearly doesn't believe him.

Herb remembers more of Johnny but then has a heart attack. Johnny touches him and realizes that Stillson has one of his men poison him that morning. Sarah tries to leave and Stillson struggles with her, shoving down J.J. when he tries to help. When Stillson touches J.J., the boy gets the same vision of Armageddon and Johnny gets it at the same moment as Herb dies. Sarah orders Stillson out and he leaves. J.J. explains his vision as something terrible and Johnny realizes Armageddon is back on.

Sonny is reported dead in an accident, and Johnny goes to see Sarah and J.J. He offers to listen for her anytime she wants to talk to him. J.J. won't talk to Sarah about what he saw, so Johnny goes to talk to him after offering Sarah a kiss and a hug.