The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on USA

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  • the dead zone

    This brought to life a realness
  • Good season & series finale, but way rushed *No Spoilers*

    This episode had alot of great things for a series finale.

    The major revelation that included Walt, Johnny, Stilson, and Purdy to a degree. A real 4-whammy!

    I'm sure the writers had planned for this all along. And they get top marks for that.

    Unfortunately it was so rushed.

    They really needed to stop wasting the mid-season on lame-half episodes and should have built up the story. It was doubtful at best the show would be renewed, so they should have planned much better.

    Still, they did some things right this season. The character of Turner was surprisingly good. And while the new actor playing O.J. wasn't great, his final story arc ended well.

    With complete production change, it was nice to get some familiar faces back for guest spots.

    So great concept for the ender, but shoulda bin supported more in previous mid-season eps.
  • Although it was probably the best episode of the 6th season I did not like it too much.

    They try desperately to revive the Armageddon plot :(

    I do not understand how could it be that the armageddon arc has suddenly returned. Johny can change the future when he makes something from his visions not happening. In that episode that was not the case.

    IMHO: Although that episode was probably the best in the 6th season it was not even close to the maestry of some season1,2,3 episodes of the armageddon arc.

    So is Stillson just a pawn in the hands of a bigger undefined power or not? There is a contradiction to what we have seen so far: that Malcolm Janus (or preferably some organisation, member of which Janus was) have been the real foe. Logic for me would be if the Armageddon visions would come back, but only with respect to other person than Stillson. Such a person that would have been guided by the secret organisation of Janus, replacing Stillson.
  • Wow! Intense finale! Secrets are revealed left and right and emotions run high (especially for me because I get all girly when I watch my TV shows)!

    Wooooowwww that episode was crazy! I could definitely see that as being the series finale (though I hope it's not). Johnny finds out his dad is alive, Johnny meets his dad, Johnny's dad dies. Stillson and Sarah start liking each other, Stillson almost gets Sarah to move in with him, Stillson's true character is finally revealed to Sarah. Normally I'd say wtf, too much info for one episode...but they worked it out seamlessly and made a great episode.

    Well, right off the bat there's a big (I thought) shocker - Stillson says Sarah and JJ are his family! Whoaa! Oh, but then that's nothing compared to Sarah's kissing him at her cabin. She definitely leaned in more than Stillson did - ummm...remember how she just told Johnny she didn't have a thing for Stillson? Wow, look who's lying to who now! Way to dump Johnny because he lied to you, then turn around and lie to him. Whatever Sarah. Meanwhile Johnny finds out exactly what Walt was doing, and that his dad is alive! It was sorta crazy when he got all mad at Purdy, but he was right to. It's nice that they ended up working together though. Then when Johnny met his dad, that was pretty cool - and freaky, I mean, the house replica was crazy weird. Then if that's shocking, then we also find out that Stillson has been using Johnny's dad, and made him think he's his son. Again, whoa! Thennn, his dad dies!! At first I was like, dumb, because that's typical...but then we got to see why it happened (which I sorta figured from the previous coffee cup shot), and it made more sense. Crazy!

    Without enough time to even process all that (sorta annoying...but also kept me glued to the seat and talking to the TV), we cut back to Sarah, who grills Stillson and finds out he's really a bad guy (finally). Then they argue, and Stillson gets all creepy stalker and says he NEEDS Sarah, then he grabs her, then JJ comes to save her, then Stillson pushes JJ and JJ falls on the ground - smack! Soo intense!! Wow. Definitely the most intense part of the episode.

    So then we get the expected ending with Johnny and Sarah, and they look all happy lip kiss, but two forehead kisses. Whatever, I guess that works enough. Nice wrap-up of the storylines...seems a bit rushed of course, but I think that's maybe because no one knows if the show will be back? Overall great episode, loved it.
  • The best episode of the season and a near-perfect finale

    "The Dead Zone" has weathered its share of challenges over the years. Prior to the sixth season, the series was practically on life support, and several changes in the production, cast, and scope were required by the studio and network. Given that the series itself had been out of production for nearly two years, the opportunity was there for a fresh perspective.

    This season finale manages to justify the various changes in the status quo introduced in the season premiere while adjusting the events of the fourth and fifth season to fit a more compelling tapestry. Those (like myself) who felt that the previous two seasons were disappointing can now look back and appreciate how well the pieces managed to fit together.

    In essence, this finale reveals that Greg Stillson has, in fact, been the mastermind behind his political success, despite the appearance that Malcolm Janus was the true puppet master. According to this episode, Stillson tracked down Johnny's father, who also had the psychic ability, and used him as a resource for making the right political moves and gain power.

    This is clearly "retroactive continuity", but it does much to explain some of the oddities of previous seasons. For instance, Janus always seemed to be one step ahead of Johnny, suggesting some kind of psychic ability of his own. Yet Janus met his untimely end in the season premiere, so that was clearly not the case. Now, the reason is simple: Janus had access to visions from Herb Smith until Stillson chose to eliminate him to pursue Sarah.

    Walt's secret is also revealed in this episode, wrapped around the core revelation about Johnny's father, and this makes sense of his death, Turner's appointment as sheriff, and the intrigue surrounding all of it. I was expecting the explanation to be somewhat incomplete, given how little had been revealed, but it all fit together.

    All of these explanations required a ton of exposition, and though the use of visions has always been the perfect tool for such necessities, there was a lot of heavy lifting required to make this episode work. Thankfully, the pieces were arranged well enough that the episode kept moving. If anything, so many implications were at play that a two-part finale might have been more appropriate.

    As it stands, this could be the series finale. The writers left the door open, especially in terms of Armageddon, but nearly every character arc has come to a point of resolution. Walt's legacy is complete, Purdy has turned the corner on his search for redemption, Bruce has found a life for himself, and Johnny is with Sarah and JJ.

    There is one hint for the future, if the series is renewed for a seventh season. Had Sarah remained with Stillson, her presence would have prevented Armageddon (or so Herb's visionary statement seemed to imply). This is an interesting angle to explore, since Johnny could find himself wondering if he made the right choice. While that might be material worth exploring, I would be content for the series to end with this installment.
  • ...I was happy to see them tie up a lot of loose ends, such as...

    First, I have to say, I'm getting really sick of Greg Stillson. He does not belong with Sarah, and it's nice to see her finally finding out the truth, and great when she kicks him out. Although, I still am losing interest in her character as well. Sometimes I'm not sure where the show is going. The writers killed off her husband, presumably to bring Johnny and Sarah closer, which, although I liked the sheriff, I was happy about; however, then they mucked things up with the two of them and brought in other love interests (Alex Sinclair for Johnny, and of course Stillson has been getting closer to Sarah). Well, at least that is finally at an end.

    I was also happy to see them tie up a lot of loose ends, such as where all the clues have been leading, what Sheriff Bannerman knew about Johnny, etc. It was also a nice touch how Walt left a message for Johnny through his vision. Although all of this being a big enough secret to have people killed over? They kidnapped Johnny's father just for his visions? You would think someone would have tried it with Johnny before. You would also think that Johnny would have had *some* kind of vision about his father before this.

    It was also great that the "Armageddon" scenario was brought back. That story line went on so long, just to be "fixed" way too quickly. Then again, who really ever thought that Stillson had *really* become the good guy (or rather by plot points was maybe good all along)?

    Also interesting is that not only does JJ's visions resurface again, but now we find out Herb (Johnny's father) had them as well. Like father like son. So does this mean that Johnny's 'powers' are not from the car crash/coma? The other thing in my opinion that we are left to wonder about, is Herb's statement about Sarah having to get married. Did he mean to Stillson (thinking he was Johnny) or was it more the wording that will come true (meaning possibly the real Johnny)?

    As I previously stated, the episode did tie up most of the loose ends, so there wasn't really much in the way of cliffhangers, other than the "Armageddon" scenario, but that had been running through the show for a long time. At least Johnny and Sarah are on better terms again. Now we probably won't be seeing as much of Stillson for awhile, but with all the business about the cabin, where will Sarah live? We will only find out that if there is another season...