The Dead Zone

Season 1 Episode 11

Dinner with Dana

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2002 on USA
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Dinner with Dana
Dana is stalked by her ex-lover when she breaks off the relationship. Meanwhile, Johnny agrees to have dinner with Dana but is plagued by visions of her ex-lovers. Johnny also sees that she is going to be hit by a car sometime in the near future.

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  • When Dana Bright goes on a date with Johnny, he learns about her dark past.

    This episode is my favorite episode from the first season, and it featured my favorite character on the Dead Zone, Dana Bright, played by Kristen Dalton.

    In the first 2 season I was a HUGE supporter for Dana/Johnny relationship and I wanted them to be togeather ! It would have been one hell of a relationship.

    This episode, in short is when Dana goes out on a date with Johnny in his house and he sees visions from her past, plus a former boyfriend of Dana's returns to town...

    Anyway, great episode, great character development for the character of Dana, and I wish she would have been used more in the series.moreless
  • One of the best of the early episodes - and one of the best scenes of the series (so far)...

    This episode does a great job of giving us a bit of extra insight into what its like to be Johnny Smith, and how his abilities make trying to live a normal life a bit challenging at times.

    Usually when we see Johnny dealing with his abilities, he's seeing things that he knows he needs to somehow change - his visions prompt him to action. While there is, of course, some of that in this episode, we also get to see how some of his visions are a bit more "mundane", letting him see what a friend (or date) is thinking or planning and sometimes making feelings more clear that is comfortable.

    Without spoiling the scene for those who've not seen it, I have to say that the "love scene" in this episode is still, to this day, one of my favourite scenes from the entire series. It's not just exceptionally entertaining, but it also does a great job of showing us quite a bit about both Dana and Johnny, adding to their budding relationship, and features some excellent performances from all involved. I was pleased to hear that Kristen Dalton will be appearing again during the 4th season. She was missed last year, and hopefully, we'll get to see a bit more interplay between her and Johnny.moreless
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Callum Keith Rennie

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Leila Johnson


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Anna Hagan

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • About 20 min into the episode, when Johnny is drinking wine with Dana, with every camera angle switch, the amount of wine in each wine glass changes.

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    • Johnny: It's like six degrees of seperation, only minus 5!
      Johnny says this line when he is in bed with Dana and has visions of everybody that they both either slept with or know appear in the same room with them, giving their commentary about what is taking place.

      "Six Degrees of Seperation" in a common concept that says that everyone in the world is somehow connected through a link of six people, and it is also the name of a movie with the same idea. Actor Anthony Michael Hall who plays Johnny, costarred in that 1993 movie.

    • Dana: Resistance is futile
      When Dana tries to talk Johnny into dancing with her, she uses a quote from Star Trek: Voyager. Which is the Borg's common phrase, but is associated almost completely with the character, "7 of 9" who is played by Jeri Ryan. Also, the phrase originated from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode written by Maurice Hurley called "Q Who?". This episode introduced the Federation and the viewers to the Borg.

      The phrase would have a greater impact and leave a long lasting effect with viewers in the episode, "The Best of Both Worlds." Captain Picard played by Patrick Stewart is assimilated by the Borg and becomes their spokesperson/leader, Locutus. He tells Riker and the Enterprise crew that the human race is doomed, that they will become one with the Borg and that "Resistance is Futile." This two-part episode is considered by many fans as the best of Star Trek. The episode was written by The Dead Zone's creator/exec. producer, Michael Piller.