The Dead Zone

Season 4 Episode 3

Double Vision

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2005 on USA
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Double Vision
Johnny runs into an attractive psychic as they both try to find and stop a sniper.

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  • Jonny Smith has meet his match in this episode and her name is Alex Sinclair!

    This Episode was the best episodes that i have seen in awhile, The Character of Alex Sinclair

    (Jennifer Finnigan) " Close to Home " star was great. It was nice to see Johnny have a love interest that has his gift and sometimes curse. The two characters really complemented eachother quite well, I hope they bring back Alex soon!
  • WOW!!!! Bring Back Alex!

    What an incredible episode! From beginning to end, I didn't want the chemistry of John & Alex to end! Having them together made you just want more. Hopefully she will come back in the near future. Johnny really deserves to have a special someone and Alex would not only fully fill that void, but would add another incredible dimension to an already amazing show!

    I just want more, more, more!!!!

  • The best Dead Zone stand-alone episode. Some spoilers follow in this short review...

    I always prefer watching The Dead Zone when it relates to the Apocalypse story arc.

    However, this episode proves that we can also get fantastic stand-alone episodes. This one was really original and mind-bending.

    Johnny meets a woman who has psychic powers similar to Johny's. What follows is quite mind-bending indead. While trying to stop a sniper, they first meet in their visions. However, what happens when two visions collides? Can one have a vision of the future in the past while the other one has a vision of the past in the present? If you like science-fiction subjects or are a fan of Back to the Future, you won't be disapointed.

    One hopes we will see more of this psychic hottie in the future.moreless
  • Really well done, one of my favourites.

    This is one of my favourite episodes. The idea of having another psychic was an interesting concept and it worked well. I loved the character of Alex, and thought that they had good chemistry together. It could have been really bad if they hadn't had any chemistry at all.

    I thought that the episode was a bit of an excuse to explore a relationship with another psychic, the story with the little boy wasn't the most compelling storyline ever, but it wasn't bad. But it really worked despite this, probably because Alex and Johnny were quite good together, which made it an interesting episode. The little boy seemed a bit of an after thought. I liked the bit about Alex having had the vision of her death and Johnny being there since she was quite young. That added something extra to the story which I really liked. All in all, an interesting episode that was really well done. I hope we see her again in the future.moreless
  • Johnny meets his match.

    In this episode Johnny meets a fellow person like him, a women who too has powers to see into the future and together they try to stop some men who is trying to kill some people. Together Johnyn and the women realise that the man who is trying to kill people is a father and his son is brain dead in hospital. So Alex tries to talk to the boy and Johnny talks down the father. But at the end of the episode Johnny kisses her! This was another good episode looks like season 4 is turing out to be a good one.moreless

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