The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Johnny is visiting Bruce at a horse rack and is almost run over by a female rider. Bruce shows up and mentions the woman, Maria, is his girlfriend. They watch Maria run the horse Drift in preparation of a "battle of sexes" match for $500,000. Bruce introduces Johnny to Drift's jockey, Frankie, who is also Maria's father. As Maria dismounts Drift briefly goes wild and when Johnny feeds the horse, he gets a vision of Drift in a stable and a man saying "Grab her." Johnny warns Bruce, who is reluctant to tell Maria about it.

At Johnny's house, Sarah is looking for apartments in the paper and J.J. wonders if they're moving. Sarah hedges and they're interrupted when Greg Stillson arrives to ask J.J. and Sarah on a trip. Sarah has to refuse because J.J. is behind on his grades and has a tree-planting project coming up. J.J. storms off and Stillson is clearly disappointed.

Johnny watches the press conference about the race between Drift and the opposing horse, Jitterbug. Tom Stark is the owner of Jitterbug and Craig Rasmussen and his son Tom own Drift. Afterward Johnny touches Maria and gets a vision of Drift being kidnapped and himself lying on the ground. They go to watch the general races and a bettor hits Johnny up for tips while mentioning someone is laying off bets on Jitterbug. Johnny reluctantly gives him a tip and the horse wins but is disqualified. The bettor comes after Johnny, saying he owes him $100, but Bruce chases him off. Johnny realizes the man stole his wallet and they discuss watching Drift that night. Maria reluctantly accepts their offer since she usually sleeps with her horse the night before the race.

That night, Bruce reveals he has an engagement ring for Maria and Johnny wonders about his relationship with Sarah. They hear a noise and investigate, and are both knocked out. When they wake up, they realize that the horse is fine… but Maria has been kidnapped, and there's a note warning them not to call the cops.

The next morning they get a call to throw the race. The Rasmussens tell Frankie to do what he has to do but they've got 24 hours to find Maria.

Stillson drops by for another visit and to offer J.J. his help with his tree-planting project. Meanwhile, Johnny tracks down the man to find out what he knows about the betting on Jitterbug but he doesn't know definite. Johnny decides to go to Jitterbug's owner, Bill Stark.

J.J. sets up a tree-planting project for his entire class with some help for Stillson, and dedicates it to his father. Stillson then says a few words and honor Walt Bannerman as well.

Johnny and Bruce go to see Jitterbug but Frankie thinks Stark is an honorable man and is confident Bruce is the man for his daughter. When Frankie touches Johnny, he gets a vision of an injured Frankie in an ambulance saying he couldn't pull back Drift, and they had to put the horse down. Johnny warns Frankie and then Bill Stark comes by, who asks how Maria is doing. However, as Jitterbug is brought by, it reacts nervously to Johnny, who gets a vision of Stark accepting the victory wreath for Jitterbug but donating the purse money to the horseman's fund and matching the donations. Johnny figures Stark is innocent and goes to Drift.

At the tree-planting ceremony, Greg and Sarah talk and Stillson talks about how his father drove him to work for him selling Bibles, even after he found a pet dog. Later Greg found that his father killed the dog. Sarah wonders if she's underestimated Stillson.

Johnny goes back to Drift and touches it, getting a vision of Drift's owners being kidnapped by the Rasmussens. Bruce knows the son Tommy has been gambling and figures he's going to throw the race to cover his gambling bets. They follow Tommy to the airport and Johnny locates her in a locker, but Tommy knocks him in and locks them both in. Maria reveals that she was blindfolded and had no idea who kidnapped her… until now. Now the Rasmussens' can't afford to let either one of them go.

With time running out, Maria reveals that Bruce blames himself for convincing Johnny not to tell Sarah about his vision of Walt's death. Bruce is with Frankie as the race and the jockey assures him he'd be glad to have Bruce as a son-in-law.

Maria lures Tom Rasmussen in and Johnny knocks him out and locks him in, then they call Bruce at the racetrack. She tells him they're safe and Bruce knocks out Craig Rasmussen.

Sarah and Stillson get back to Johnny's house where Stillson asks about Johnny. Sarah claims she's overstayed her welcome and mentions the secret cabin Walt had built. Stillson assures her that Walt was the man she always thought she was and insists she should move into the cabin. He offers his help in resolving the investigation and Sarah accepts.

Frankie wins the race and Bruce pops the question to Maria. Johnny runs into the bettor, who returns his wallet and the money inside: the guy made a bundle on Drift. Bruce reveals that the Rasmussens had to forfeit their share of the $500,00 purse to the minority owners: Frankie and Marie. Johnny admits he's going to take Maria's advice and give it another shot with Sarah. Johnny arrives home and finds a Stillson t-shirt from the tree-planting ceremony. When Johnny touches it, he gets a vision of J.J. thanking Stillson for his best day ever. After J.J. goes upstairs, Stillson and Sarah hug. Johnny considers the situation for a minute… then leaves.