The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Johnny is on the road somewhere in Indiana and talking to Sarah in Washington. She wants to discuss some things with him about her moving out and J.J. seeing him. She's working with Stillson, giving a speech on law enforcement families. As he goes to a gas station and touches a postcard of the Pink Spoon Diner in Fallsburg, IN, he gets a vision of Alex lying dead or unconscious by a lake. Johnny sets off for Fallsburg.

Johnny tries to call Alex and warn her but gets her answering machine. He tells her to stay put then gets hit from the back by a pickup truck driven by two locals. He goes to the garage for repairs and talks briefly with Sheriff Lambert, who says he hasn't seen Alex. When Johnny touches a car part and gets a vision of a dead Alex in the back of a car by a lake. It'll take time for the garage to fix his car and he's directed to the Pink Spoon Diner.

Sarah is waiting to give her speech and she shares a toast with Stillson. Meanwhile, Johnny describes his psychic abilities to the diner owner, Wanda, as well as his romantic issues. The man who hit him, George, comes in and snaps at Wanda. When he grabs her, Johnny comes at him and they fight. Johnny knocks down George and another man warns him to get out. Johnny goes to his hotel and next morning goes to check on his garage to talk to the owner, Kenny Hutchins. There's no one there and the sheriff grabs him and arrests him for the murder of George. He gets another vision of the sheriff finding Alex, dead. The sheriff explains that George was beaten to death the previous night. Johnny makes a run for it and at the diner he finds Alex just arriving in town and she helps him escape.

Ales got his message but decided to come anyway and is glad to see him. She mentions she's been having a vision of the Pink Spoon Diner every year on her birthday. When the police come up, she pulls off to the side then takes refuge in a barn where Johnny explains what happened. He also admits he hit the road after what happened with Sarah. Alex gets a vision of George standing next to Johnny, and he can see George as well when he takes her hand. They try to get answers from him but he doesn't say anything and just walks outside and Alex follows him.

As Sarah prepares for her speech, Stillson tries to reassure her by saying he put some pressure on to call off the investigation into Walt's banking history. Walt inherited the extra money from a man whose life he saved. Sheriff Turner's investigation is officially over.

Alex follows George back to Kenny's Garage, where Wanda spots her. Inside the garage, she finds George who still doesn't say or indicate anything. She finds a record book containing lists of arm shipments and George disappears. Wanda goes to the garage and offers her help to Johnny in return for his helping her. She has a set of keys and as she frees him, he gets a vision of the sheriff locking Alex in the trunk and saying he'll frame Johnny for her murder. At the garage, Alex hides as the sheriff and Kenny arrive to find the record book, and discuss how George was going to blackmail them. They almost find Alex, but Wanda calls out to warn them about Johnny and send them on a wild goose chase. Johnny gets to the garage and informs Alex of what he saw.

Alex admits that she doesn't have any family and Johnny is the only one who remembered her birthday or even knows it. Wanda arrives and tells them she sent Lambert off elsewhere, so that Alex can drive off. Johnny then asks Wanda to get him into Lambert's house. Alex is driving away when George's ghost appears on the road in front of her and directs her to a nearby bait shop.

After her speech, Sarah admits to Stillson she has trouble moving on and Stillson assures her she'll do what she has to when she's ready. Meanwhile Wanda explains how she gave away her baby and ended up in Fallsburg. Johnny then sneaks into Lambert's house and gets a vision of George coming out of a bar and Lambert beating him to death. Johnny finds the record book but Lambert arrives outside. Johnny sneaks out the back but Lambert catches him and takes him to Kenny's Garage and knocks him out in a car. Alex comes back and locks her in the trunk, saying how he's going to frame Johnny for her murder.

Lambert and Kenny put the unconscious Johnny in the front seat then shove the car into the lake. However, Alex previously got scuba gear from the bait store and hid it in the trunk. Using it, she manages to bust open the trunk and get Johnny to safety. They then go back to the diner and confront the sheriff, bringing along FBI agents to arrest him.

Sarah is heading back to Maine and thanks Stillson for the advice before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Meanwhile, Alex and Johnny discuss their plans and she advises him to head back home. Johnny wonders why the postcard lead him to Alex and then figures out that Wanda made the postcard. He figures out that Wanda is Alex's mother and the two have a tearful reunion. Alex loans him her truck since she'll be staying on for a while, and thanks him for reuniting her with her birth mother. When she kisses him, she sees Walt sitting next to Johnny, holding an envelope. Walt disappears, but Johnny figures he needs to head back to Maine to resolve things.