The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 2

Finding Rachel (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2004 on USA

Episode Recap

Against the advice of a lawyer hired by Purdy, Johnny takes a lie-detector test, but the visions he gets from sitting in the chair of different previous subjects makes it look like he's lying. Johnny first warns Sarah from getting too close to Stillson, then asks her to contact Rebecca and get some of her sister's possessions so he can get a clue. Rebecca refuses to help, still suspecting Johnny of being the murderer. Purdy and Walt search Johnny's house and find his future Armageddon "timeline," which makes him think Johnny may have been stalking Stillson's candidacy. Bruce is unable to explain and is forced to fake ignorance. Johnny refuses to confide in Purdy when the Reverend confronts him despite Purdy's apparent sincerity in adverting Armageddon. Stillson puts the pressure on Johnny by anonymously sending the press pictures of Johnny's basement. Sarah and Walt argue further over Johnny's innocence and the fact that Sarah seems more concerned about Johnny then him. Stillson also puts pressure on Sarah to abandon Johnny. Walt lets Rebecca talk to Johnny and he gets a vision of Stillson attacking someone from a pen. Rebecca reveals the pen wasn't her sisters and Johnny warns her that Stillson will come after her. He then gets a vision of Rachel hitting the floor with one blue eye and one brown eye from another item, but Rebecca knows nothing about it and says she is brown-eyed. But later in Rachel's office, Rebecca finds a set of blue contact lens and realizes Johnny was correct. She brings the lens to Johnny and he gets a vision of him and Rachel looking at footage of Stillson's documentary – in the vision he hears a noise, investigates, and gets knocked over the head. Johnny convinces Walt to let him go to the office where he gets a vision of himself waking up and pursuing Rachel as she's taken away by her killer. He then gets a vision of Rachel's grave in the woods near a rusty sign, and with Bruce and Sarah's help he manages to find the location on a map, and Rachel's body. The D.A. believes Johnny is guilty, and Rebecca doesn't know what to believe. Meanwhile, Purdy and Kennedy are realizing they're out of funds from Johnny's trust and Faith Heritage is in trouble – Kennedy threatens to bring them all down but he's found dead the next day, with a self-inflicted gun wound and a note confessing that he killed Rachel. That night at the election as Stillson's announced the winner by a narrow margin, Sarah sneaks into Stillson's headquarters to get evidence against him and Bruce comes to her rescue when Stillson catches her. Although Johnny knows Kennedy is innocent and suspects Purdy's involvement, he doesn't say anything so as to get his release. Rebecca thanks Johnny, while a reluctant Purdy pays off Stillson.
(Copyright 2004 Steve Crow)