The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 2

Finding Rachel (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2004 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Johnny was released way too easily. The amount of evidence against him is substantial, and the cops and the DA should suspect someone staged the whole suicide note to get Johnny out of prison.

  • Quotes

    • Sarah: Don't ask me not to help him. He needs me.
      Walt: I need you, Sarah.
      Sarah: What is that supposed to mean?
      Walt: It means I don't know where this marriage is going. I haven't known since John woke up.

    • Purdy: Johnny, I got you one of the best criminal lawyers in the country. You should listen to his advice!
      Johnny: Yeah, this is different, Gene: I'm innocent.

    • Johnny: It's time for you to decide – are you going to save your ass, or save your soul?

  • Notes

    • The full script for this episode on the official site expands on the extra scene mentioned below, which was omitted from the aired episode. In the scene, Wey shows Johnny the reason that he is being pursued by the survivors before he is attacked. This reason is later revealed and used in the season finale.

    • The episode wrap-up on the USA Network web site lists an extra scene at the end where Johnny "meets" with Wey again in the future but Wey is attacked by future-survivors before he can answer.

    • Although Frank Whaley's name is listed in the credits, he does not appear in this episode (he was only in Part 1).

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