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Help with Season 1 DVD (Please Help)

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    [1]May 13, 2009
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    I just bought Season 1 on dvd and i have a question. Is it supposed to come with a booklet? I noticed a place on the very left (when you open it fully) where a booklet should be. I bought it brand new so there should be no reason why it wouldn't be included, right? Please let me know so i know whether or not to complain to someone and try to get that booklet.

    Also, can i still get that bonus disc you have to send away for? Or has that opportunity come and gone? Maybe I can buy it it worth having?

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    [2]May 21, 2009
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    I would say most dvds would come with a booklet with show description and ep guide. I don't have any of the seasons of the DZ on dvd so can't help you much at all. Not many people come in here anymore since USA canceled the show.

    Look on dvd for a website or phone number to call for a bonus disc. You bought it you should be entitled to the bonus disc.
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