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    Frankly, season six thinning the cast didn't work. Because all of the episodes where Johnny was isolated were awful. The best episodes in the season all had him teamed up/co-operating with someone (Switch, Outcome, Re-Entry, Ego, Exile and of course Denouement). This works because AMH is at his best when bouncing off someone else, he needs a "sidekick" to properly come to life. When he's on-screen with someone who has a good rapport with him it's magical to watch. He was brilliant when paired with Jennifer F and Maxim Roy in particular.

    Of course it doesn't matter now, I invest in the DVDs just to find out that like Carnivale and John Doe - TDZ is ending without a final season to wrap things up after a cliffhanger. I would have loved to see a season which focused on wrapping up the threads that were left, most importantly of course Armageddon as that's one of the two key concepts to the show. Hopefully the cast and crew can sort out a couple of straight to DVD Movies to give loyal viewers closure.

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