The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2007 on USA

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  • can't believe they killed the sheriff

    At first I couldn't beieve they did it. Sheriff Bannerman is dead. How could they have done this. For weeks I kept thinking he's not dead, he's under cover and the "dead" angle was a cover. But it never came.
    Another thing that was upseting was getting rid of Bruce, John's friend and physical therapist. Something I am still confused about is that is Stillson still going to be involved in the end of the world, or is that story arc over with the death of his friend. It doesn't seem right to have Stillson and not have that be part of the story.
  • A new season, and a new change to the Dead Zone.

    I personally thought this was a great start to season 6. From the beginning of this episode it showed direction which the show was lacking in last season. Season 6 does indeed seem to be a season of change, and of course the two big changes this episode are, Walt's death and the Stillson problem is now apparently over. Yes Walt's death was a shock but the show needed this death. Walt has been in the way between Johnny and Sara for too long, but it was very sad to see him go. And what by the way is Walt hiding? So Johnny believes now that Stillson's buddy is dead armagedden is now over, but is it? Also was it me or was Stillson coming on to Sara? So far so good this season is very on track. I can't wait to find out where it will lead.
  • Johnny keeps seeing Walt dying & Stillson is in town----and he is now the VP of US

    I am very upset with this episode. I don't think this needed to happen (Walt) & 5 years of waiting & building up the five years of a story arc with Stillson becoming President of the US, starting world war III & the world as we know it ending; this whole thing was wrapped up in about 30 seconds of "nothing" --- Big disapointment!!!!
  • Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! How could they do this to us?

    this episode seemed so...out of place. For me is was a little strange. For some reason it felt like it wasn't really happening, like it was all a dream, but it was for real. Johnny's vision was showing a close friend of his drawing closer to peril. As the episode progresses you learn that certain people may be off the show...for good or just for some time, who knows? And what is up with Stillson? this episode will sort of answer some of the questions of the previous seasons that have been left unanswered, but then it opens a few more ones. with all of these drastic changes it would lead us to think that the show may be preparing for a dramatic ending...or rather a new twist to the series. all in all the episode was a must see, very pivotal with a sad ending. It leaves you thinking long after the credits have stopped rolling. We must prepare ourselves for the possibility that the show is getting ready to come to a shattering halt. Be warned when you watch this does NOT have a happy ending. It also changes the relationship the Sarah and Johnny have finally figured out. Pivotal and good, well worth your time.
  • Great start to anew season!

    I have not watched "The Dead Zone" for quite a long time. Somehow I had just got away from it, maybe from viewing other shows. But being it is summer and I happen to see the preview of "Dead Zone" which really caught my interest. I thought why not, what a great time to start watching this great show again. Wow! It did not fail me either. I felt like I was watching the first episode of the first season when it came to his family, but now everything is kind of reversed. This season looks like so much can happen and I am so glad I came in when I did. I look so forward to the rest of the season, but this time I'm not going to let myself get away from the show again.
  • I think this could be the start of something new...

    Don't get me wrong - waiting 9 months for a dozen or so episodes of this show every year really bugs me. But this time, the wait might actually be a little more worthwhile.

    Season 5 was a bit off. Not too bad, but still, pretty cheesy. And while I still had faith for the show, it had a few "hard to watch" moments every week. Some lines were just too corny; some comic gags were just too immature. But the writers attempt to shed that reputation with this shocking season premiere. How? Well, by scaring the crap out of us with somebody's death. One thing I didn't like about this episode was watching for about 5 minutes, then knowing that someone was gonna die. Not necessarily knowing who would die, although it was shoved in our faces for a good 30 minutes, but rather knowing that someone would die, basically guaranteed. Another thing I didn't like was the lame attempt to draw suspicion away from Walt as the character to die by quickly sticking out Purdy as a plausible, but unlikely candidate. And yes, Purdy is to blame for Walt's death. But by including Purdy in Johnny's vision, the idea that Walt's fate and Purdy's weren't interwined was sort of being hastily shown to us to make it a little less obvious, when actually the two destinies were interwined after all. Purdy left Walt to die in the church, and cowardly saved himself. I thought the writers were a little sloppy with including Purdy in Walt's business, and should've introduced his role in Walt's fate a little earlier. What I did especially like about this episode was the way Walt died. That sounds a little graphic, but not exactly what I mean. What I mean is I like how the writers made Walt say his final goodbyes as he was trapped under the beam, alone. Walt knew that Johnny would have a vision of his death, and could tell Sarah and JJ what his final words and thoughts were. I liked that because Walt was able to manipulate Johnny's ability to bring comfort and consolation to the people he cared for. And as sad as the thought of Bruce leaving may be, it might be good for the show. Bruce sort of plays the corky sidekick to the "superhero" Johnny, and is often given mediocre but major stories for an episode or two, just so viewers don't say "Hey, where's Bruce? I haven't seen him in a while." The show seems to be going in a direction of major change with the death of a major character in the season premiere, the elimination of Armageddon as a result of Stillson's election, and Purdy attempting to wash his own hands in the matter of his involvement with Stillson. I think that this season, The Dead Zone will delve deeper into the mystery of Johnny's identity, and the relationships he maintains with Sarah and JJ. Now that Walt is out of the picture, there's always the possibility of him and Sarah reuniting. In fact, it's almost guaranteed. Johnny's role as a father will most likely be addressed, and he could possibly be put in the same situation Walt was in when he married Sarah - raising another man's child from birth. And the mystery of the would-be meeting between Walt and Purdy will be dragged on throughout the season. There's also one more crucial meaning that could lie behind Walt's death. On this show, Walt was the symbol of law, justice, and the police department. With his death could also come the end of major plot lines involving Johnny helping the police solve crimes. I think that this season, the show will definitely shift its focus from the relationship between Johnny and crime investigation to a more dramatic, character-driven mystery. The writers need to play the hand they've dealt themselves just right - they are balancing between what could be an edgy and fantastic thriller of a season, and a melodramatic soap opera with the stereotypical lies, romance, and death. But I have faith in them. Really.
  • They promised big changes for the new season and that's exactly what we got.

    Just wow. After they fell into a routine during Season 4 and 5, they had me at the edge of my seat again. They'd promised changes and they delivered. The first time in years, I don't know what will happen next and it leaves me all excited. I will miss Walt, that's for sure, but his death opens up so many new interesting storylines, I think it was worth it. As much as I liked him, the show turned more and more into a procedural, with him and Johnny solving crimes. That's not why I started to watch the show. I wonder if Sarah will ever find out that Johnny lied to her about having visions about Walt's death. Keeping that from her will be so hard on him. And it makes their relationship even more interesting. I just hope the Armageddon storyline is not over just like this. I doubt Janus was the only one orchestrating everything. Also I want Stillson to stick around, it's so much fun to hate him.

    I hope the viewers can accept the changes. They were necessary, without them the show would have been cancelled after last season. Really, I take changes over cancellation every day. :)
  • Changes finally come to a series in desperate need of them

    Coming off the fifth season, the series was at a crossroads. The previous order of 22 episodes, produced a couple years earlier, had been split into two seasons. The results left the fans sharply divided, and the overall ratings suffered and critical buzz suffered. In fact, the order for the sixth season came as a shock to many, and it was widely reported that the network and studio had asked for several major changes in exchange for the show’s continuance.

    Many of the changes were behind the scenes. The previous showrunner was replaced, the writing staff was given a massive overhaul, and the production was moved from Vancouver to Montreal. This was partly a cost saving measure and partly a response to the dissatisfaction with the direction taken in the previous seasons.

    This episode reflects the changes in front of the camera. Not only is the story moving in unexpected directions, but the familiar supporting cast has been shown the door. This, too, is a cost-saving measure: the longer one works on a series, the more expensive they become. The trick is turning that pragmatic reality into something creatively viable.

    The writers managed to pull it off well. No longer tasked with the responsibility of keeping the series in a holding pattern, certain potentials could be realized. The love triangle had all but expended its potential, so Walt and Sarah were effectively expendable. Given Sarah’s history with Johnny, it was probably a simple choice to kill Walt and rip away part of Johnny’s law enforcement support system.

    This major development was tied to the culmination (or so it would seem) of Reverend Purdy’s arc. Purdy finally stood up to Stilson’s mysterious backers and rededicated himself to his faith. While this has happened before, and the topic deserved more than one episode worth of exploration, this is still a good way for the character to exit. The fact that he took out Janus in the process also shifts the mythology.

    Johnny no longer sees Stilson as bringing about the apocalypse, and that’s an interesting change of pace. The series has always been on its own path in comparison with the book, but this choice brings that point home definitively. It’s likely that the plot will turn back towards the more familiar path again in the future, but for now, the course of the mythology is no longer quite so predictable.

    With Bruce also moving on, Johnny’s support system is all but gone and his purpose for the past few years (saving the world from the apocalypse) has apparently been fulfilled. It might have been better for Johnny to face down the threat of Janus directly, since Janus had been shown as an adversary able to counter Johnny’s visions on a regular basis, but this serves the same purpose.

    This is probably where the fifth season should have ended, since it resolves the plot elements of the fifth season far better than “The Hunting Party”. That said, this had to have been a challenge for the writing staff. Not every plot thread gets a solid resolution, but when things need to change so quickly and completely, things often fall to the wayside. The real challenge will be moving forward and making the new supporting cast equally effective.
  • Ummmm....what the heck was that? That would have made a better season finale than season premiere.

    I sat there stunned as I watched the season premiere. I guess I haven't been keeping up with the gossip- I had no idea Walt was going to die! Have they lost their minds? I kept waiting for it to be a dream or some type of weird vision that Johnny was trapped in. I sat there with my mouth open as I watched the end of the episode. I'm sure as the season goes on I'll be able to see it in a different light, but at the moment, I'm still a little stunned. I guess with this probably being teh last season of the show- they're going all out. All I know is that I'll be roayally ticked off if they don't resolve the story lines. Speaking of which- if this is how the "armageddon future" was resolved I'll have to raise the money to fund my own version of the Dead Zone to do better than that. That's been a CONSTANT theme for multiple season and now *poof* it's ok? I don't think so people....
  • What is going on with this show?

    I don't get it anymore, and I am begining to wonder why I keep coming back each season. Morbid curiosity I guess. I keep waiting and hoping that things will start making sense or even get back on track, but they don't. Instead we have season after season of mostly filler and the occasional continuing series storyline arc. But just like the Sopranos, it feels like were coming in on the middle of something and we leave before there's a real resolution to anything. The series started off with so much promise and then as it progressed it just sort of wasted away. So where are we now? Who knows! I don't think they even know. I think when Michael Piller died the rest of cast and crew just kind of lost interest.

    So what about this episode?


    Walt is DEAD (he died saving Purdy while the church is burning down after learning some secret about Johnny that now it appears we might never learn)!

    Bruce and Purdy have left town (but not together).

    Sarah is way pregnant (and still HOT!).

    JJ is JJ but not JJ and he can now all of the sudden play the guitar in a rock band.

    Janus is also dead (killed by Purdy while the church is burning down).

    and finally...Stillson is no longer the bad guy who causes Armageddon (at least not in Johnny's visions).

    So will I still tune in each week? Of course! Just like at the scene of a horrible accident, I will be rubber-necking along!
  • This episode takes a great show and completely changes EVERYTHING!

    I don't get it, Way to much change for one episode. If this really is the last season then they should have killed of Walt in this episode. Then deal with the new sheriff arc and the John/Sara thing for a few episodes. Then in episode 5 they should have really got deep into the Stillson/Janus end of the world arc. Then after that is over Bruce and John go their separate ways. The way this episode went I don't have any clue who is still on the show and who isn't. Is Bruce really gone. Now that the armageddon arc is done will we see Stillson again? Purdy is leaving, will he be back? We know Walt and Janus are gone but other than that I have no clue what they are doing!
  • Can Johnny always save everyone or is fate there to show he can only do so much

    This episode is not a good thing for me. They have killed off Walt (Chris Bruno) I know the basis is that Johnny cannot always control fate that the outcome sometimes is not how he wants it. Fate shows him the future and he continually trying to change the outcome and then fate changes it so that where Johnny feels he is saving Rev Purdy, he loses Walt. The good thing is though that Janis is dead also and with his death, Stilwell is no longer the cause of the destruction of the country. So going forward how does this place the future of Sara and her unborn child and J.J.?
  • Major letdown for the season opener.

    This season's opener was a major letdown. It is hard to to into to much specifics without giving it all away. However, allow me to say that a MAJOR plot line that began way back in season one was wrapped up with a whimper. Combine that with a major character death--a death that Johnny should have been able to prevent--it was very disappointing. The worst part was that this episode did not play out like a normal dead zone episode. The show I have loved for five seasons is trying to go into a new direction and I fear that the direction it is headed is straight down.
  • Wow!!! What a way to start off the season.

    I am so bummed that they killed off Walt, Bruce and Purdy left town. But what a way to change things up. They are bringing in a new Sheriff, who does not appear to be a Johnny supporter. So his entire life is going to change. He will no longer believed so easily and accepted. He will have to be more creative than just running to Walt. Poor Sara, she lost her son's father to a coma for many years. Then here she is pregnant again and loses her child's father again. I am very glad that the whole doomsday stuff seems to be gone. I did not like that storyline and it seemed never ending. I was not all that happy with the new JJ but will give the actor some time to grow on me. I liked the old JJ.
  • Johnny views visions of his friends in danger at a festival. He believes he has averted the disaster, but a fire later claims two people — changing Johnny's life and the world's fate.

    Really an amazing episode Johhny has a vision of Walt's death and attempts to change it, but when he finally thinks he has he has a vision of Purdy dying instead and then tries to save him, what happensd next has massive ramifications for the series. many old faces will be gone, Armageddon seems to be resolved (for now) and Johnny's life is about to change forever.

    A great start to the sixth season and really clears away some of the junk from season five. Personally one of my favorite episodes, of Dead Zone, and defintely the best in a while.