The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 2

Independence Day

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 25, 2006 on USA

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  • This was a great filler episode.

    The Dead Zone loves its filler episodes but this episode manages to pass not as a filler but as a really enjoyable episode. I thought the story was very good and it was always intresting. I definatly feel that the Dead Zone should have more episodes like this in the future because an episode likes this really shows how great this show can be. This episode was mainly about Johnny and Bruce being stuck in a traffic jam but Johnny sees an accident but somehoe must stop it. I liked how this episode was not like a normal episode something seemed new and exciting about it.
  • Can you say WOW

    Kept me guessing!
    Wasn't the same boring stuff!

    It starts as a simple story, and even a little humor in howmhe didnt want Johnny to tell him what Johnny saw, but it suddenly got better!
    My mother claims she knew the "cop" was really the run away! I thought he was surprisingly nervous, but i didnt suspect him till very soon before Johnny had the vision!

    The biker guys also made me laugh inside! Those guys always seem scary and mean, but thats just what they want you to think! They forced people to give up water or took it just to help the pregnant girl out!

    There was so much going on in this episode it was unbelieveable!
  • A pleasant enough episode, but nothing lasting...

    During the fourth season, I was rather critical of the stand-alone episodes. In particular, I was bothered by the apparent lack of originality. A lot of the stories were predictable, without the deep character study that can alleviate some of the effects. This episode seems to be an odd hybrid of the clever storytelling of the first couple of seasons and the predictable plotting of more recent years.

    The predictable element, I thought, was the revelation that the cop was actually the escaped convict. That was telegraphed to the point of being annoying for the rest of the episode. The moment Johnny had the vision when speaking to the “cop”, it was obvious where things were going. That left me searching high and low for something worth watching, and thankfully, the rest of the episode was interesting enough to do the trick.

    I liked the fact that all the elements that would come together in the end were introduced piece by piece, out of context, so that a good amount of time was spent working out how the threads would intersect. It wasn’t quite as interesting as episodes like “Precipitate” from the second season, but it was a lot more intricate than many of the fourth season stand-alone episodes.

    The best elements of the episode were the smaller moments. The main characters have been the victim of poor characterization for a little while now, mainly as the writers have attempted to lighten up the tone of the show and make it more “viewer friendly”. But the solution (at least, for this episode) is coming up with a fun guest cast. Bruce gets to flirt with a hottie, the bikers were a complete hoot, and Johnny got to run into groupies of a very different sort. The bikers alone were worth the time!

    There is, of course, the lingering question of “re-watchability”. An episode can be somewhat clever and entertaining, but that doesn’t mean that it’s something you would want to watch repeatedly (or, say, with commentary on a DVD set). This was a very pleasant episode, but it was also rather lightweight. There’s no long-term consequence, even from a character perspective.
  • While on a road trip with Bruce, Johnny has a vision that a traffic pile up will soon lead to a body pile up with Bruce as one of the victims.

    I thought Independence Day was a great episode! Chris Bruno directed a good one! I was really glad to see Dylan Bruno guest star! He did an amazing job (not to mention he is his brother of course lol). I loved how Johnny took matters into his own hands to save brave! It was good to see Bruce take charge without Johnny even though Johnny told him to not leave without him. It was good to see that side of Bruce. I wish Walt would have been in the episode (he hasn\\\'t been in one yet!) but from the previews for next looks like Walt is finally going to be in an episode! haha