The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 10

Into the Heart of Darkness

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 20, 2006 on USA

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  • The collector is back... well sort of....

    Yes this episode was all about the collector again. Remember him? From last season? Well in this episode the collector kidnaps Sarah, leaving Walt and Johnny to try to work out who took her and why. Before long Johnyn sees that the collector survived the fire last season and out of revenge is getting back at Johnny and Walt by taking Sarah. Only we learn that in fact the real collector died and his partner Linda is carrying on for him. So after soeme time Johnny gets a vision and finds out that Sarah is still pregnant but she tells him in the vision that she never stopped loving Johnny. So when Johnny gets taken by the collector too he gets away and stops Walt from killing her because it is what she wants him to do. Johnny gets a vision of where she is and they save Sarah in time. So with the collector in jail and Sarah in the hospital Johnyn can rest easy. At the end of the episode JJ and Walt rejoin Sarah leaving Johnyn alone, i felt so sad for him and he walks off. But wow Sarah is pregnant! Can you believe it? This was a fantastic episode and i can't believe there is only one more episode until the season five final but i have to say that this has been a great season five so far. But at least we know that Johnny and Sarah still have a chance in the future.
  • A very exciting episode!

    At first I couldn't remember who the man was until they showed the woman in the 50's dress. I thought it was a very intense episode.

    Johnny Smith is doing stuff on his own a lot, but he usually keeps the Sheriff in the loop and when he went out on his own, it made the show more exciting.

    I didn't think they would kill Sara off, but with t.v. shows, you never know! I liked that it showed that Sara still cared for John even though nothing could ever come of it. I really feel bad for the guy, but if he was back with Sara, than he could never have any other love interests on the show.

    At least the ending was a happy one. I thought for sure she was going to lose the baby from all the stress of what happened to her.
  • Clever and Erie

    I found this to be a cleverly written plot. First of all, it introduces a lot of intensity between the characters. The love that still resides between Sarah and Johnny. The obvious family unit that Walt and Sarah make with Sarah and Johnny's son. It seems that we see Walt doubt this family unit in the episode more than he has in the past. In addition, we see that Johnny really begins to fully grasp that while he and Sarah share a past, it's not something they can go back to. All the while, the writers are paralelling this with a past case that Johnny and Walt worked on. I believe that it was an interesting episode and when a show is still able to give their characters even more depth it shouldn't be taken for granted but certainly it should be given kudos!!!!!
  • Interesting plot, terrible final act

    I have a feeling that this one will divide the fans a little bit. For one thing, a lot of people hated The Collector, and this is a direct sequel to that episode from the fourth season. (While the past 21 episodes have been far from cohesive, this proves that the writers had conceived the full 22 episode order as a whole.) On the other hand, this episode finally comes back to the core relationships, and there’s even the feeling that this is meant to be a final statement on those relationships. But the question is: did the execution match the goals?

    I’ll look at the idea first. Maligned as it is, the whole connection to the Collector was just a device, a way to put Johnny, Sarah, and Walt through the emotional and psychological wringer. Linda annoyed me, but I understood why she was there. It was about establishing priorities. Sarah admitted that she really loves both Johnny and Walt, but that her future is clearly with Walt. It’s been said before, but there’s a feeling of finality to this particular version. Sarah made her priorities clear: the baby, JJ, Walt, and Johnny. The future, the present, and then the past.

    Walt is challenged as well, particular in the possibility of losing his family. The characters have danced around the question of JJ, but this puts it into a very clear perspective. It was all about Sarah, especially once he discovered that a baby was on the way. When he thought that Sarah and the baby were gone, it came down to his feelings about JJ. In the end, he understood that he was JJ’s father, regardless of paternity. So his priorities were clearly aligned.

    All of which provides the opportunity for Johnny to make a clean break from the Bannermans. Considering how all the promotion has been focusing on Johnny and Bruce, it feels as though the recent episodes have been about closure in nearly every other respect. Looking back on the past couple of seasons, that process of separation has been reflected in Johnny’s isolation. Unfortunately, it has also led to a degradation of the cast chemistry.

    So conceptually, if the series is meant to continue with Johnny and Bruce and precious little else (as often speculated), then this episode is an important part of that process. And since I love context, this episode had plenty of what I enjoy? Why, then, was this not one of the best of the season?

    It all comes down to the final act. Up until the final confrontation between Linda and Walt, the episode had been holding its own. And then there was Chris Bruno’s performance. I usually love Walt and how he’s portrayed, but this just felt wrong from the moment Walt started breaking down. It never felt genuine, and that immediately took me out of the story. And that did a lot to undermine the effectiveness of the episode.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes have highlighted “The Dead Zone”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)
  • An alright episode, and it revealed something important.

    This was an average episode of The Dead Zone, which I have come to expect from this season; as most have been average, or worse. It a based on an older episode in which the bad guy was thought dead, but it turns out escaped. But, of course, there was another twist. The man that had been thought dead was found dead, aparintly for months. He had been burned and burns had been serious enough to cause infection, which killed him. It turns out that it was the mans girlfriend who was seeking revenge, and so kidnapped Sarah and J.J. They were both found and the girlfriend arrested. But one important thing that was revealed in this episode was that Sarah is pregnant. That is really good for Walt and for Sarah. It will be interesting to see what happens with this in the future.