The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 6

Lotto Fever

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2006 on USA

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  • this was one of the better ones i thought. Very creative & funny. the actor who played the post man did an awesome job of his role. definately no episode filler.

    this was one of the better ones i thought. Very creative and funny. the actor who played the post man did an awesome job of his role. definately no episode filler. i think the people who didnt enjoy this one just dont hav that type of sense of humour. it was a relief after all the dry episodes ive seen. it will go down as one of my favourites and i will most likely watch it again. i hope they make more episodes with this much humour and fun. in my opinion it has been the best one so far of season 5 along with forbidden fruit. i liked it.
  • What an odd episode.

    This episode definatly takes the prize for being the funnest and weirdest episode this seaosn of the Dead Zone. This episode was about a man who wins the lotto using Johnny's numbers but all does not work out and he looses all the money. So he trys to get it back by holding Johnny hostage and demands that he goes and robs things. Luckily Johnny runs into Walt, and he gets the idea that something is not right. So eventally Wlat saves the day and Johnny is fine. SO overall this was a good episode but it was odd it say the least.
  • An amusing episode, and one of the best of the season so far

    All things being equal, I prefer the more serious episodes over the comedic installments. The reason is actually very simple. Most of the comedic episodes cast Johnny as a comic figure, which is something that I have a hard time believing. I much prefer to see Johnny as a man filled with angst, destined to fight a losing battle, despite his gift. It’s the small victories that give the character nobility, making the battle for the future that much more involving.

    In this case, the comedy came from a different angle, using the guest star’s pathetic nature as the source of laughs rather than Johnny. If anything, Johnny was the near-perfect straight man. It was easy to believe that Johnny was caught between a desire for self-preservation and his well-established desire to save as many lives as possible, regardless of his personal welfare.

    As mentioned in the review for the previous episode, I sometimes find the “messages” a bit heavy-handed. And like the previous episode, I thought this did a nice job of delivering the message without going too far. The “money can’t buy happiness” message was hardly subtle, but it made sense within the context of the story.

    The writers managed to make it all come together in an interesting and unexpected way, and in an unexpected twist, Johnny couldn’t prevent the future he foresaw. That’s one thing that I always find appealing, because it would be easy for him to be right each and every time. He also has to be wrong or unable to change things in situations that don’t involve Greg Stilson, because that would undermine the integrity of the series.

    One small disappointment was the barely-there appearance of Sarah. I know a lot of people have been pleased with her absence, but I’ve always liked the character, especially in earlier seasons. Her absence has been a huge factor in the lack of cast chemistry this season, because Johnny seems to be more isolated. That supporting cast is a necessary element, and the series would be ill-equipped to survive without it.

    I place this on par with the previous episode, and I think it is one of the better episodes of the fifth season. This also marks the mid-point of the season. Looking back, the season has certainly struggled to find its voice. Not one episode has been above average, and that’s a rare circumstance. With only five episodes left of the season (and possibly the series), there’s not much time to go out on a high note.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes have highlighted “The Dead Zone”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)

  • Hey, sometimes even the best shows produce a stinker...and such is the case with Lotto fever.

    Sorry...this episode sucked. There were too many conveniently contrived plot elements for the show to be remotely believable.

    For example, the volvo goes dead just long enough for the "thugs" to pound it with bats. After they are done, Johnny hops in and the car starts right up.


    Johnny and the mailman run from the poker game through underground parking structures for God knows how long and where do they end up? At the daughter's piano recital where the police are waiting for them.


    Johnny did nothing to alter the course of his visions this episode, but the future is still changed. He winds up in the exact situation in which he saw himself and the mailman killed and then does not have the opportunity to change the outcome of his situation, but Walt magically appears and saves the day (Deus Ex Machina anyone?). Why didn'y Johnny see Walt saving him and the mailman in his visions? It doesn't make any sense.


    Where the Hell was Bruce?

    Sara couldn't have a more involved role upon her return to the show?

    The 60 seconds that the mailman had to spend with his family seemed tacked on and the show would have been better without it. I mean, the daughter was about 12 years old and the writers treat her like a toddler. She sees Dad in handcuffs and accepts his patronizing explanation that Daddy did something very stupid before walking away with a frigging SMILE on her face. HELLO!!! She would have been totally freaking out. The Dad gets all warm and fuzzy telling his son that he's still his son after all. The mailman actually has a nausea inducing line to his wife regarding her kissing a frog and living happily ever after. ARRGGHH.

    Sticky-sweet, putrid writing and not up to DZ's usual standards.
  • Johnny is kidnapped by a postal worker who has won the lottery and is in trouble with loan sharks.

    Just a so so episode. The story was somewhat weak. Very little involvement from outside characters (Walt, Sarah or Bruce). I\'m hoping to see more Kirsten Dalton in future episodes. She brought a mystical quality to her character, not to mention she was very sexy. One unbelievable part of the plot had Sarah calling Johnny over for a BBQ. I mean Walt really has to be a patsy to put up with this. I suspect that Sarah and Johnny will end up together eventually. I really don\'t think Walt would even mind. Might even be the best man at the wedding(okay maybe not).