The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 02, 2006 on USA
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Johnny is trapped in his house with J.J. and another neighborhood teen by vicious killers, and discovers a family secret while trying to keep one step ahead of the intruders.

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  • This is the new & improved S5...? RIP Dead Zone.

    I hadn\\\'t watched DZ for a while (busy RL + holidays) & after the 1st couple eps of S5 I was hopeful. I just came to watch \\\"Panic\\\" with my wife & we couldn\\\'t stop laughing. Laughing at the complete tripe that the screenwriting direction & continuity/editing has taken. This has got to be the single worst tv series episode we have seen (& we watch a LOT of tv!) in a long, long time. Let me put it in perspective: I had 4 more eps downloaded & ready to watch, but after seeing most of this drivel I immediately ran screaming to the PC & permanently deleted the pending 4 eps we yet had to watch. Yes, we were that disgusted with the insult to our average intelligence & entertainment expectations, so much so that I was hitting the delete key as the FBI storms in at the end, well before any credits or conclusion. The miracle is that we let it waste our lives & time for the 40-odd mins too long. E.g.:

    - plot holes so large you could drive an oil tanker through them

    - let\\\'s hit the bad guy over the head with a gold club & then NOT finish the job & NOT take his gun away when he\\\'s almost unconscious - he\\\'s only a stone cold killer trying to kill my child & someone else\\\'s after all!

    - guns penetrate solid oak doors, but not a 30-yr-old+ dumb waiter rofl!

    - let\\\'s take a long, long look at each other (John/bad guy) before runnin & gunnin lol!!!

    - let\\\'s have a chat to the sheriff while untying him (after making as much noise as possible with the air duct cover) to give the bad guys time to come in half way

    - let\\\'s always have our backs to whoever is sneaking up on us, even if it is the only possible approach angle

    - The tortured/beaten half to death sheriff & the kid with severe blood loss can scurry up a ladder like a trapeze artist, but the psychic who just fell on his bum from 10\\\' up in a dumb waiter is taking one rung one foot at a time like he\\\'s waiting for the bad guy actor to come through the tunnel door - ummm, who\\\'s doin this choreography lol?

    Can anyone say \\\"inconsistencies\\\", \\\"terrible plot/screenwriting/continuity\\\"??? The fact so many here didn\\\'t *hate* this ep, much less thought it \\\'ok\\\' or \\\'good\\\', is a sad, sad, pathetic statement on the general (presumably US) viewing public. We had heard that the show was getting a makeover & new producer/sponsors with S5. Great job - whoever approved \\\"Panic\\\" should really start panicking - it\\\'s all over for us at any rate! RIP Dead Zone.moreless
  • Not a bad episode.

    This episode was still pretty good. Maybe not the best story but it was a chance for JJ and Johnny to bond. This episode was all about some people trying to get in to Johnny and JJ. Luckily Johnny's house has a panic room and they hind in there. So eventually the bad guys get in and luckily again there is a secret passage way out side from the room. This was a filler episode but it was still very good nonetheless. I am really liking this show a lot, and i hope it produces some great episodes this season.moreless
  • Panic is the perfect word! I was indeed panicing myself

    Although i have been in suspece at other times that i couldnt even think what would happen next, the episode was great in my opinion!

    How can you get better then Johnny having to save the ones he loves, himself, and a scared neighbor from two crazy insane guys with flashbacks of the house to lead them to the basement to flashbacks of the neighbor to find out who the guys were that were after them!

    Some of the episodes of The Dead ZOne bore me and his visions are slow moving and make me want to just change the channel. I will also admit i cant miss this show!

    I loved the episode! I feel it could have been better in ways, i feel it would have been great if they left you hanging at the end of the episode but then i would be hard becuase they wouldnt be able to start a new plot during the next episode so often!

    I am personally hoping for a few episodes in a row where his visions lead him on a path of multiple cases for a few weeks... cases that are conected in small ways but end up being extreamly important at the end!moreless
  • Johnny is guided in his actions to protect not only his son but the teen-age witness to a violent crime from hit men who have already killed the teens father. He is aided by flashbacks of his father and grandfather trying to aid innocents during WW2.moreless

    Johnny and JJ's relationship has grown so much since JJ discovered the truth. But in the end it has always been his adoptive father who gets to play the hero. It was nice that not only did Johnny be the hero, but we get to see where he gets it from. In a wonderful flashback, Johnny sees his father and grandfather saving a Japanese American family in the days after Pearl Harbor. These men were sadly not a real part of Johnny's life, but in the visions from the past Johnny can learn from them, much as he teaches JJ now. A lesson of courage and compassion is the greatest gift a parent can give a child.moreless
  • Johnny and JJ are put into danger when a neighborhood boy comes into Johnny's house with killers on his tail

    This was definately one of my favorite episodes! Johnny was great! I loved how they flashed back to his great-grandfather helping the Japanese people...very cool!--especially since it helped them escape! omg I totally felt bad for Walt when he was getting beat up! He did look good though haha and so did Johnny! (AMH is definately getting hotter...he is looking good!) It was sooo good to finally see Walt (and Johnny together...they make such a great team)! I loved how Johnny cared so much for Randy and tried to protect him! Overall...very good episode...loved it! :)

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