The Dead Zone

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on USA

Episode Recap

While saving a young boy, Johnny is severely injured in the process. He is rushed to the hospital where he is given a blood transfusion after suffering from internal bleeding. When Johnny awakens, he is shocked to find out that the mother of the boy he saved is suing him for reckless endangerment. But, what blows his mind is that he starts experiencing the daily lives of the six donors through visions as a result of the transfusion that he received. Dr. Gibson tells him that this will only be temporary and that it should go away in about a month when their blood filters out of his system. Johnny attempts to return to his life, but being part of the lives of the donors proves to be both distracting and uncomfortable. As it continues, he gets a vision of the death of one of the donors. With only two hours to spare, Bruce and Johnny attempt to locate all the donors and narrow it down to the one who will fall to the ground and die.

It isn't easy because each person is experiencing what is perceived to be a life-threatening situation. There is a messenger who performs dangerously extreme bicycle stunts while doing their job and Jonah, an aspiring writer who unhappily works at a bookstore and contemplates committing suicide after the stress of receiving too many rejection letters from publishers finally gets to him. Another two donors with biological problems, a homeless vet named Mort suffering from a bad cough and an excessive eater who gets a sharp pain in his side after eating multiple plates full of oysters. Then there is a man named Bob who is unlucky in the dating department finally finding the girl of his dreams in a concerned co-worker named Shari whose world just got turned upside down after finding out that she is pregnant. They seem to be in danger, when Shari's ex-boyfriend becomes furious after he sees them sitting together.

The situation looks grim because time is running out and they haven't figure out what the cause of the one donor's death will be so that they could prevent it. Then Johnny realizes through a vision that by Bruce and him attempting to help these people get through what seems to be their darkest hour, they have set a series of events in motion that once again intertwines the lives of the donors for a moment to save the bicycle messenger from being hit by a car.