The Dead Zone

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2003 on USA

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  • a good turn

    This show has fascinated me lately. I have been seeing it, streamed.

    This particular episode deserves special attention for demonstrating how ONE PERSON's good will can turn the tide for MANY others.

    Sure, this fictitious character has the advantage of knowing in advance all that can go wrong with the 6 people whose lives he affects in this story, and of knowing in advance what turn of events can take place because of his actions, but, even without this advantage, we can see here the possibility that our good turns can change and even save lives; one never knows.
  • Shortly after a blood transfusion, Johnny has visions of the six people who donated the blood in his transfusion, and must race against time to stop one of them from dying. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    RECAP: After saving a kid's life, Johnny is rushed to the hospital, where he receives a blood transfusion. Over the course of a week, Johnny has visions of the six people who donated the blood that went into his transfusion, eventually receiving a vision of one of them dying. Unsure which one is going to die or how, he and Bruce race against time to find out who it is while trying to stop Johnny's vision from coming true.

    MY REVIEW: First off, lemme just say that this has got be my favorite episode of the series. It had just the right blend of dramatic suspense and light-hearted comedy, and the only problem I had with it was the mother from the beginning suing Johnny after he had saved her son's life (I mean, seriously, what an ingrate!). I loved how he saved all of the donors' lives, while even managing to make a couple of love connections in the process, and it was cool how he caused a chain reaction with each life he saved. Best of all, though, was the Stephen King reference (the first time, anyway, since it was so unexpected), and the vision of Johnny in a pink bathrobe, taking a pregnancy test. Seriously, I was doubled over with laughter. All in all, I give PRECIPITATE nine-and-a-half blood transfusions out of ten.
  • Suddenly Jonny doesn't only have things he touches, but people who've given him blood to contend with, one of whom is likely to die.

    This is kind of like one of those quirky X-Files episodes, where the story remains true, but the tongue is firmly in cheek. In short, and without that much spoiler, Jonny saves a child from a road accident but is injured himself and has to receive a much needed blood transfusion, in the form of Cryo Precipitate - so this is from at least six different people, each of whom's life he begins to experience over the next couple of weeks, until he realises that one of them is going to die at a specific time in a specific place. Only trouble is, he doesn't know which one.

    So the race is on to find all of the potential victims and work out which one they need to save. Cue a plethora of different characters (up until now having been played in the flashforwards by AMH), and a lot of tension, but above all comedy. It just rides the right level between being too comedic and too tense. In the way you know a romantic comedy film is likely to come out right in the end, you kind of know he'll manage to avert tragedy, but Jonny is really unsure about which person might be the one he's seen. This is not an episode that provides depth of thought or a need to worry about the end of the world. It's pure entertainment, has some very funny lines and scenes and some nice in-jokes to please the audience.

    Leaves you with a nice smile on your face.
  • The best episode so far.

    This is an example of yet another great episode this season. This episode was cleverly written and organised. Johnny after having another near fatal acident is rushed to hospital, needed a blood transfusion. The problem is that when the doners blood filters past Johnny's dead zone, he sees visions of their past and future. Therefore when he sees the death of one of them he has to team up with Bruce to try and alter history so that the person lives, soulds simple? Except Johnny has no idea who the person is and where they are, and he has a little over two hours to sort it out. This was a fantastic episode. I hope we can see more like this in the series.
  • After an accident, Johnny is given a blood transfusion donated from 6 individuals. But after weeks of experiencing the lives of each the donors, he has a vision of one of them dying. Unfortunately he doesn't know how, nor whom, it will happen to.

    Another superb episode that sees Johnny thrust into the lives of not just one but six individuals and then does what he can to make sure they all live by the end of the day. It's an incredibly tense episode, especially as time runs out towards the end, but not just that, it's also very moving. Like the best Dead Zone episodes, within the space of one episode, the audience gets to know the guest character who Johnny is in charge of helping, so we care about the fate of the character, or in this case, characters. Although not all the characters are fully developed, such as the Biker and the oyster eating fat guy with the bad tie, but it's hard to pick fault with this small flaw when the rest of the episode is so strong. The fact that in the short space of 45 minutes, we as an audience care about characters we've just met such as Jonah (the aspiring writer) as well as the hopeless romantics Bob and Shari, is a testament to the writing of the show. The episode also has a perfect ending, one heart-warming and optimistic, showing how one good deed can go a long way into affecting the lives of people around you.
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