The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 01, 2007 on USA

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  • An unusual but great episode of the Dead Zone.

    This was a great episode, but somewhat different to what we are used to. Stillson comes to Johnny when his Space shuttle goes silent asking for help. Johnny does his best to help and he stops an acident from happening. But yet again Stillson comes out looking llike the Hero. So the big thing that happened in this episode was Sarah had her baby! She names it Hope, and Johnny and her share a moment. Overall this was a great episode and it would be nice to see more episodes like this in the future. I really like the direction in which season 6 is heading.
  • Still showing unexpected life

    I was worried, at the beginning of this episode, that the writers had slipped back into familiar and convenient territory. I was waiting for Stilson to show his dark side in some obvious way, giving Johnny a reason to feel justified with his ongoing suspicions. Or better yet, for one of the many Stilson-inspired visions to replay the oft-seen footage of Washington in flames. As the hour progressed and the story refused to take the obvious turns, I found myself more and more thankful.

    I particularly liked how the writers kept Stilson’s decisions logical. He wasn’t trying to get one over on Johnny; he was grasping at straws and turned to the one option he had left. Given his history with Johnny, he had every reason to avoid his adversary, but he hinged everything on what Johnny could tell him. While the idea of using a private space initiative for military applications (the implication of the visions) is hardly benign, it’s also not outside of government activities. It adds a more subtle side to Stilson’s probable fall.

    The seeds are also sown for an unusual relationship between Sarah and Stilson, judging by his gentle insistence that they stay in contact. That would make for an interesting situation for Johnny. If Stilson continues on his current positive and open path, while pursuing Sarah along the way, Johhny could find himself struggling with the desire to protect Sarah without much evidence that Stilson is still a danger to the world.

    On top of the excellent progression in the mythology, there’s a compelling problem for Johnny to solve. So far this season, none of the cases have been the conventional mysteries that plagued the fourth and fifth seasons, and that’s something to be applauded. Taking the budgetary limitations into account, Johnny’s walk in space was rather well done.

    Unfortunately, the episode is hobbled by a disappointing final act. After some inventive build-up, the problem is resolved by a plot convenience that is a true cheat. Even if a satellite could be repositioned that easily, complete with matching the speed of a moving and somewhat out-of-control shuttle and no visible thrust system, it’s hard to imagine that the Morse code trick would have been so quickly and easily recognized. That took me out of the story at the worst possible moment.

    That said, the final montage was very well done, and while there’s always reason to worry when a baby is introduced on a long-running series, there’s a certain symmetry to the idea of Johnny helping Sarah raise Walt’s child. Hopefully the writers will avoid most of the clichés and continue with the revitalized storytelling of the season thus far.
  • Johnny Smith in Space!

    This was an exciting episode, not only for Johnny's "space walk" but for the (seemingly) ever-changing colors of VP Stillson. The writers might be trying to make him seem like one of the good guys, but he's at most gray because he's definetely done some horrible things to get where he is. Still, it's great that they've inserted this uncertainty into the character and his role in things to come.

    Nicole DeBoer was great in this episode, giving such heartfelt advice to the astronaut's wife & as if that parallelism wasn't enough, the scenes dealing with her babies and husbands and the constant feeling of loss coupled with both proved quite dramatic.

    If this season keeps it up, they truly will deserve a couple more years!