The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2006 on USA

Episode Recap

Reverend Purdy is making a speech at the dedication of the new Vera Smith library as Johnny and Bruce look on. Purdy introduces Johnny to the crowd and then cuts the ribbon. As the meeting breaks up, Johnny gets a vision of the entire area and then sees an injured Purdy kneeling before a woman telling to go ahead, he deserves it. Johnny spots the woman approaching Purdy and asking for a private meeting, and she introduces herself as Jessica. Purdy thinks she looks familiar and Jessica says she's his daughter.

Bruce and Johnny look on as Jessica talks to Purdy and shows him the checks she's been receiving from him as well as a photograph. Johnny tries to warn Purdy about his vision but the reverend dismisses him. Johnny notices that Jessica dropped a piece of paper with the motel she's at. They go there and meet with the clerk, a psychic newsletter's editor. She tells them Jessica was there, paid cash, and left that morning. They go into the morning and Johnny gets a vision of Jessica crying and looking at a picture of herself and her mother in Lewiston., Maine. Johnny realizes it's the same photo she showed to Purdy.

As they drive to Lewiston, they're unaware that someone is following them. They go the place in the photo and Johnny gets a vision of a fair where the photo was taken. Speaking there is a young preacher who is trying to speak to the crowd over a barker's complaints and a woman, Jessica's mother, steps forward. A man shows up and tells them to get off his private property, but his truck breaks down. They get on his good side by helping him out and he shows them some leftover items left by the preacher at the fair. They recognize him as Purdy from a poster, under an assumed name of Raymond Franklin

Walt gets back to them with info on Raymond Franklin that he doesn't exist but he doesn't preach any more. They go to the library and identify the barker who was arguing with Purdy in Johnny's vision. They talk to a man who takes care of the carnival items as part of a museum, who reveals the preacher followed them around the whole summer. Johnny and Bruce go to a collection of carnival items and Johnny touches a fortune-telling machine and gets a vision of the barker in cahoots with Purdy who tells him about the woman, Clara Simon, and shows Purdy her medical history.

As they leave, Bruce suggests Johnny shouldn't trust Purdy. They notice the man following them as he drives off. Bruce goes to check records while Johnny checks up on Clara Simon. He goes to confront Jessica with the information on her mother. She reveals her husband ran off, she can't have children, and she's been getting money from Purdy. As Johnny touches her, he gets a repeat of the vision from earlier, with Purdy in chains and in a silo where grain starts to drop on him. Johnny recognizes her Bible from the vision of the young Purdy, and gets a vision of the young Purdy and the barker standing over Clara's dead body.

Bruce points out that Purdy is going along with Jessica to keep the murder from being revealed, but Johnny doesn't think Purdy is a murderer. As they drive off, the guy following them pulls up behind them and Johnny confronts him. As Johnny grabs the guy, he gets a vision of the man burning the poster of the young Purdy and warning the modern-day Purdy where Johnny is.

Purdy is meeting with Jessica the next day and clearly wants to reassure her as she goes to a meting with him. Johnny shows up to confront Purdy who doesn't want his help. When they touch, Johnny gets a vision of young Purdy meeting with Clara at her home and young Jessica is already there. Johnny points out that Purdy knows Jessica isn't his daughter but Purdy ignores his warnings again.

Johnny talks to Walt about the barker, Edward Nolan, and it turns out he's a former prisoner who got out of prison five weeks ago. Johnny and Bruce talk to Nolan's parole officer, who reveals Nolan disappeared two weeks ago. Johnny touches an envelope of Nolan's goods and gets a vision of the man in his apartment with a huge collection of newspaper clippings on Purdy, and Johnny figures Nolan's going for Purdy.

Purdy is saying a prayer when he returns to his office and finds it tossed apart as part of a search. Someone has left a note for him. Later that night, Purdy goes to Johnny's house and tells him Jessica has been taken. He demands Johnny tell him who took her and Johnny demands answers about "Raymond Franklin." Purdy offers him his hand and Johnny gets a vision of Purdy-as-Franklin speaking to the crowds and faith-healing. Purdy admits it was a fraud and they gathered information on wealthy citizens to gain their trust. Clara got worse because she didn't take her medicine, believing Purdy could heal her. Purdy admits he kept t the money to fund his ambitions, and insists he'll protect Jessica. Johnny tells him about Nolan and warns him that Purdy defrauded his mother Vera, Johnny will strike him down personally.

Johnny goes to get Walt and Bruce, but when they come back Purdy has left with the ransom. They figure where Purdy is going, while Purdy arrives at a farm and Nolan knocks him out.

Walt, Johnny, and Bruce arrive and start searching one barn at a time. Purdy wakes up chained in a silo and Nolan confronts him. Nolan is skeptical when Purdy claims he's reformed. Johnny touches one of the barns and gets a vision of Purdy going in, but his cell phone is dead so he goes in alone.

Purdy tells Nolan to at least let Jessica leave, but she comes in and it's clear she's working with Nolan. Nolan turns on the grain dumper and Jessica is unaware what his plan was. Nolan seals off the silo as Jessica leaves, and Johnny outside gets a vision of Purdy being buried alive. Johnny breaks a hole in the wall while Jessica confronts Nolan. Johnny gets in and fights briefly with Nolan, but Jessica grabs the gun and Johnny appeals to her, trying to convince her Purdy has changed. She relents while Nolan runs off with the money. Johnny discovers they can't shut down the dumper and he and Jessica dig in to get to the chains and keep Purdy unburied. It doesn't work, but Johnny uses the gun to shoot the machine and they save him just in time.

Purdy refuses to press charges while the police continue to search for Nolan. Purdy apologizes to Johnny, who asks him to be honest and tell him whether he used Vera Smith. Purdy says he didn't and that Clara was the reason he turned to God, and Vera was his reward. Johnny simply walks away. As he does he steps over a sign explaining the name the reverend took after Clara died: the barn belongs to the "Purdy Grain Company--Eugene, Oregon."