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  • It's not the film, so don't expect it to be.

    Well, I just stumbled across this today (Season 1 just went retail in PAL land) and I'm now midway thru the first season. I'll admit, I'm hooked, I like it way more at this stage than I did CSI. I'm uncertain if it's because I'm a big Stephen King fan, and, the producers, writers of the show seem to give that impression too, they seem to care about the characters, but, here for me is the sticking point. The acting. Anthony Michael Hall is that guy from Weird Science, he knows it and we all know it. He can act. I'm geniunely surprised by that, it's just a shame no one else can on the show, save the 'token' guy on it. I'm not being racist, but it does feel like they added a black guy, just to balance things out.

    The stories seems to be linked to the book/film at the moment, but I don't mind that very much, this show seems to be doing what the film couldn't, filling out the character of Johnny Smith, and I fel that was missing from the stunning Chris Walken version of John.

    I'm definately going to hunt out the rest of the seasons as they come to retail stores near me, I gave CSI the benefit of the doubt, but looks like I won't have to with this show, onwards and upwards.
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    See my review of Anthony Michael Hall for the depth of love I have for this show. Check it out! The entire cast is talented and interesting to watch. The writing is brilliant and the special effects do Stephen King proud. The perfect mixture of suspense, drama, romance and comedy.
  • See into the future!

    Six years ago, John Smith's last memory was spending the day with his fiancee Sarah, followed by a very romantic night. On his way home he has a horrible accident and the next time he wakes up he is in a hospital bed, grabbing the Nurse's hand and telling her that her house is on fire and her daughter is in danger.

    He has developed a pyschic ability that works when he torches someone or something that the person has torched.

    The show has been through four seaons so far, and it just seems to be getting worse. Where did all the story-telling and drama that season one gave me go to? I'm awaiting season five and hoping that it will be good and not the garbage that season four was.

    Overall, a great show that's going down hill really fast.
  • Really great

    The Dead Zone is a great show. I started watching it about the 6th episode because I was flipping through channels and caught it. I have been hooked ever since. U have seen every episode and I have it on DVD. The show is great and well acted. The characters are beleiveable and you really care for them and what happens to them. The writing on the show is superb and keeps getting better. I love the plot twists that come out in every episode a lot of the time i don't even see them coming. The show is amazing.
  • Summary, hmm. John Smith awakens from his 6 yr. coma only to find his fiancee married to another man. Their child, it turns out is his biological child. John devotes his life to saving people from a future crisis.

    Love this show, but it keeps disappearing only to return, happily, it is thrilling, I love the music and sound effects and the people are great. Keep it coming I love it, we need continuity!! The relationship between John Smith and his former fiancee is weird, but that adds to the sexual tension. I cannot understand how the husband of his fiancee in all conscience raise John's son and live with his loved one. I guess John is just too busy saving the world. I like the episodes where there is sensitive human interactions and not all the running, chasing and gunfire. But then I'm a girl.

    rona riley
  • A real world guy deals with extraordinary psychic powers caused by a car accident that left him in a coma for over six years.

    I recently bought the first season of "The Dead Zone" on DVD, and after watching it, I wish I had tuned in when it premiered. This is a dramatic, humanistic approach to the "seeing into the future" story we've all heard before. Also, the show has a wonderful cinematic style.
  • I've been hooked since the first episode!

    I've always enjoyed watching Dead Zone! The characters are likeable and grow on me, the plots have exciting twists and turns, and the overall story interests me.

    The humor is always entertaining.

    Johnny is probably one of my most favourite characters from TV of all time.

    I'd recommend this show to absolutely anybody!
  • very impressive!

    This show at first turned me off. Then i watched it agian and loved the idea of taking Stephen Kings characters and making a series of it. I love the visions and such. the only downfall is that im not quite sure that its \"visions\" were used as the book used them. I love the complex characters and that it builds off of itself.
  • I love this show. I am happy new season starts tomorrow. I have missed it so much.

    I have loved Anthony Michael Hall since I was a teenager. When the show started I did not miss one episode. If you love science fiction and the supernatural you will love this show. He is great and the rest of the cast make it more realistic. I really hope this show stays on for a long time. Funny part is the original Dead Zone movie I did not like much.
  • A story of a man who has the world. A great girl friend, a good job and respected by all young and old. Than tragedy strikes in the form of a car accident that leaves him in a coma for six years; when he wakes up, life is different.

    I had read the Dead Zone ages ago; as a matter of fact, it was my first Steven King read. I fell in love with his writing and couldn't get enough. When I heard that there would be a TV series by the same name, I was thrilled and hoped that they would follow the book. To my surprise, they not only followed the book, they set it up so that if you've never read the book, you could follow the story line.
    Hats off to Anthony Michael Hall for stop being a teenage nerd and growing up to be a man of vision. He brings to the charater Johnny Smith
    a different element that Christopher Walken did in the movie of the same name.
    The cast is likable and I get the feeling that they are committed to their roles; especially Reverend Perdy.
  • Based on a 1979 Stephen King novel, "The Dead Zone" tells the tale of Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall), an accident victim who awakens from a supposedly irreversible coma to find it's six years later, and a lot has changed.

    Perhaps most impressively, "The Dead Zone" is a series that knows and respects its genre history. Loving tributes and allusions not only to horror, but also to fantasy, science fiction, and film noire traditions sets the show apart from its lesser competitors. Notable guest roles by actors as diverse as Robert Culp, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Ally Sheedy offer the icing on an already satisfying cake. I had my suspicions before, but I was convinced that such touches were the product of conscious planning and not happy coincidence when I heard Anthony Michael Hall speak at Trek Expo 2003 this past June. I've seen many actors give their spiels on behalf of their series, but Hall was particularly passionate and articulate in his discussion of "The Dead Zone"'s purpose, potential, and place in genre television. Perhaps this dedication is due to the fact he's put his time and money where his mouth is, co-producing the show and contributing music to its soundtrack as well as starring in its lead role.
  • A great show. If you like Star Trek this is the show for you. Nicole deBoer is great as always. Solid acting and interesring episode plots makes tish swho a hit!

    I love the dead zone.
    I begun wathing it when I heard about Nicole de Boer joining the cast.
    It's very trekky and the only thing I miss in the show is the contunity. There are lots of interestring stories and characters who are left unsolved.
    Still... this is a great show!!!
  • What would you do?

    I would love to wake up from a coma and be able to see the future. There might be down sides but when isn't there it comes along with everything. Just think if tomorrow you woke up and knew what was going to happen and what to avoid wouldn't that be cool. The only question is what would you do? Would you do what Jonny does and try to help people. Would you take your new found gift and win the lottery or get rich or scare the hell out of people. Everytime I watch this show that is what I think about.
  • this show keeps me in suspense, has funny moments, never know whats going to happen next!! i love all the characters, each one is perfect for each other and the show in itsself!!

    this is my all time favorite show, i can't wait to watch it each week, the only problem is, sometimes its not on, when its supposed to be, and then its on at midnight or later that same night!! i have to get up at five a.m. for work! so i miss alot of episodes! i hope this series stays for the long run!!
  • I was expecting something different when I had first watched this but found myself soon to have this series as one of my favourite tv shows. I found this show to be refreshing and wonderful entertainment.

    At first when I saw this series advertised I assumed it would follow the storyline of the book by Stephen King upon which the characters were based on. As I watched the episodes gradually I realised it was different from the brilliant book. I had expected to be disappointed since I had loved the book and film however I was pleasantly surprised when I found I was still interested in this great show.
    I believe that the cast was chosen perfectly. Anthony Michael Hall's performance is truly convincing and powerful as the appearingly lucky and content science teacher whose life takes a major turn after a coma caused by an accident resulting in his extraordinary prescience capabilities. Nicole de Boer is wonderful in this particularly when her character is conflicted about what she feels and what she must do. While John L. Adams plays the role of Bruce great, showing the viewers Bruce's loyalty to Johnny Smith. Chris Bruno is also brilliant and shows the viewers the moral and emotional conflicts Walter (a.k.a. Walt) Bannerman's job as the Sheriff has with his family and his duty to his friends when they need his help. The casting for other roles was overall of a good quality.
    This series is very good and confronts the moral issues involved with seeing the future, posing questions such as if you could stop something terrible from happening would you despite whatever consequences there may be?
  • what a show, how can you not love Anthony Michael Hall. He can truly make you believe that this "power" could be.

    what a show, how can you not love Anthony Michael Hall. He can truly make you believe that this "power" could be. He is such a wonderful actor and a pleasure to look at...I can\'t wait to see the rest of the season....Though on a down side they need to spice it up a little more, needs to be more intense...
  • Who Ever Thought of this is Wicked.

    The Dead Zone Is A Wicked Show!
  • To answer my own question above Steven King did. Steven King wrote a book about Johnny and they made it into a movie and now a TV series. The series is my favorite, but I have never read the book. The movie was very good though.

    Exremely good story line. The writers of this series have done a great job of adding on to the base story. I would like to see Johnny have a girlfriend that lasts more than a few episodes and possibly a wife. I don't beleive that it would hurt the ratings any because any wife he would have would have problems dealing with his gift.
  • I love the Dead Zone, really I do. I look forward to new episodes. But still... Greg Stillson is getting old and I'm feeling very bad for Chris Bruno.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this show. But lately, it's like... I don't know. The whole Stillson tease is getting kind of old. I know that Stillson was through the novel and took up the majority of the story. But they've moved so far past the book, that it strikes me as odd that they're still falling back on the Armaggedon thing.

    A lot of shows have overriding plots, but there comes a time when they need to say "Okay, we're letting this thread go and here's a new direction." I know that if they gave Johnny something fresh and new to explore, I would definitely be riveted again.

    Stillson isn't just old news... it's news that most fans already know the resolution of! Anyone that has read the book knows where this is going. While the climax almost DEFINITELY has to be different on the show, it feels like this has already been resolved.

    Another thing that's irritating me is the Walt/Sarah/Johnny triangle. In two of the most recent episodes - the one with the rock star and the one with Sarah's dad - Johnny and Sarah went off on these little bonding adventures through the greater northeast, leaving Walt home to... I dunno, knit, I guess. It just smacks as unrealistic.

    At the beginning of the series, Walt was all kinds of jealous when it came to Johnny. Now that Sarah is spending all this time with him, Walt doesn't seem to mind a bit. At the beginning of the rock star episode. Johnny and Sarah walked into the concert together with Walt lagging behind like a third wheel.

    Chris Bruno deserves a much better role in the series. As it is, he's being turned into a cuckold.

    And even if I wanted to say "Oh, Johnny and Sarah are just bestest friends now," I keep going back to the fact that she had an affair with Johnny! She slept with him while married to Walt and no consequences ever came from that.

    So the show is still good and I still tune in. But they need a better handling of stand-alone vs. arch storylines and a much, much better handling of personal characters.
  • Imagine you're in a coma for 6 years only to awaken in what for you is the future. To make matters even more confusing, touching objects or people propels you, psychically, into their past or future. Enter the world of Johnny Smith. If you could see what

    The Dead Zone is wonderful in it\'s depth of character development and choice of relevant storylines. It has something for everyone. Anthony Michael Hall really makes Johnny Smith come alive. At first I couldn\'t picture him in the role but much to my surprise he made it work.

    Of course, in the real world, someone with Johnny Smith\'s gift would have been \'disappeared\' by the Shadow Government before anyone got a handle on his talents.

    I hope the Dead Zone continues to develope more shows and is around for many more seasons. My favorates are always good eyeliner.
  • Johnny Smith has it all, until one night he is involved in a terrible accident that puts him in a coma for six years. He wakes up with the ability to see things, things that have happened, things that will happen. You should see what he sees.

    What a great show, it has it all; drama, action, comedy, and romance. Truly the best psychic show on tv, don't be fooled by cheap imitations. None of these other shows can match up to The Dead Zone's power. I refuse to miss an episode on Sunday nights, it just ain't happening. Anyone who doesn't watch this wonderful show should definitley begin watching as soon as possible. It's just that good. Hopefully this show will go on for many years to come and truly be known by all as one of those classic shows that everyone knows about. It already is a classic to me.
  • Gripping

    The Dead Zone stars Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith; He lives in a small town on Maine and is a high school science teacher. Johnny is engaged to his high school sweetheart, Sarah, played by Nichole De Boer, and life is looking great. On the way home from a fair Johnny is an accident that leaves him in a coma for 6 years. When wakes up his life has been changed dramatically. Johnny finds his mother has died and Sarah has gotten married. Johnny is not the same person he once was: he now finds himself with amazing psychic powers, which allow him to see the past of the future of anyone he touches. Now, Johnny must reacquaint himself with a life he has been away from for six long years. He must also begin to come to terms with his new abilities. This is one of the better shows on today. The acting is believable and dramatic. You feel like you’re seeing his pains and disturbing images of the future and past. The underlining point is that Johnny just wants to do good. He struggles with the concept of God and Man, and tries to find his purpose in life. Great acting and some wonderful writing make this a gripping show, with just a hint of comedy.
  • Anthony Michael Hall sure has matured well.

    I believe The Dead Zone needs to be in the top ten nielsen ratings. Anthony Michael Hall and crew are wonderful. I feel like I know the characters and wish they lived in my hometown. There seems to be pure chemistry between the characters and the actors themselves. I've been a loyal watcher since the first season and the plot lines just keep getting more intricate. It makes you think and try to figure out what the Senator is up to. I kind of feel sorry for the reverend now- I liked it when he was a "little evil" and over his head. But I can see that they won't let him run to God quite yet for safety.
    John Smith- I wish you would " touch me."

    Jennifer Dawson- Oakley, California
  • An interesting show.

    I've heard everyone raving about The Dead Zone, so I made it a point to watch it the past few weeks. Very happy to see Nicole de Boer again, as I really enjoyed her in Star Trek DS9. Also, it's cool to see Anthony Michael Hall too... but I have to admit that it makes me feel old seeing him so much older, ha! Last night I watched, and it was an interesting storyline, but I have to admit that I got annoyed with all the psychic flashes. Does he get one every single time he touches someone or something? That would get on my nerves... Will try watching it again next week.
  • You are entering the Outer Limits

    John Smith and his helper are great. I love the way he gets a vision and then he acts on it for the good of all people. Many people might use it to get rich with. John Smith uses it to help, and restore people and their lives. To build a better planet. Yah, I like this show.
  • A show not like no other, The Dead Zone is a pleasure to teen and adult viewers. The show is based on a 1979 Stephen King novel, which is brillant and greatly written. The show is also...

    A show not like no other, The Dead Zone is a pleasure to teen and adult viewers. The show is based on a 1979 Stephen King novel, which is brillant and greatly written. The show is also one of T.V.'s Most Viewed Television Show. I greatly approve for anyone to watch this show. I think it's one of USA's best television programs. The first episode does an excellent job of establishing the characters and backstory. Anthony Michael Hall does an excellent job as Johnny Smith. The other characters as well. The psychic elements really gives the show it's momentum. The Dead Zone is a must see.
  • The best science ficition series since The X-Files.

    Superb writing, superb acting, awesome special effects. Sounds like something that was once said about another sci-fi series - The X-Files. This show is incredibly entertaining and the storylines are both gripping and entertaining. If you haven't seen this series, definitely check it out, it is worth it for sure.
  • This is a great show.

    Johnny Smith was just an ordinary man. And then an accident changed his life forever, when he wakes from a coma to find his fiancee married, his unborn son does not know who he is, and worst of all, he has the uncontrollable ability to see into the future.

    I have been watching this show ever since the second season, and I always enjoy it.

    The series has many interesting perspectives. For example, in one episode, "Netherworld", Johnny wakes up into a situation where he never was in the car crash. He is married to Sarah with kids, and he has no dead zone. All is great, odd, but great. However, he soon realizes that this is all a dead zone overload and that this is all a vision. He must distinguish reality from fiction and find the clues to prevent an explosion in a mall.

    This is an amazing show.
  • A classic show!

    Dear friends,

    I am new to and this is my first ever
    review. And what a way to start!

    "The Dead Zone". Wow! it's a classic show, with
    unwavering script, and a show that improves from season to season.

    Anthony Michael Hall - a childhood favourite of mine since 'Weird Science'(1985)- has managed make this role his own; I simply can not see another 'Johnny Smith' but him; He is truly wonderful!

    The other cast is great, especially David Ogden Stiers as Rev. Gene Purdy - he brings true weight of credibility to show; a fine actor!

    Newcomer Sarah Wynter (Rebecca Caldwell) is an important addition to the cast which I hope the writers will use even more in the future.

    The stories are great, a joy to watch, and the main arc story is developing quite interestingly.

    I have now watched the show from the 1st ever episode to 3.09, and it is - as someone else said - "My new best friend".

    My only complaint is that the seasons are too short! only 11 or 12 episodes a season? come on!
    USA should really enhance the show, giving it a full respectable 22-episode a season run.

    I hope the show will stay on air for a long time!
  • Wow! Anthony Michael Hall rocks!

    One of those fixes that I need on Sunday night at 10pm.

    Glad it's back for a new season. I didn't think USA would get around to making new episodes. The writers come up with some wonderful ideas for storylines. I didn't think that the show was going to work. I could see how the movie would be translated into a show. I thought that it would be the same stuff week after week.

    I was wrong!

    Anyways, four years and still kicking butt!

    Gotta love it!
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