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  • A very well written dramatic series. The idea for the series is unique, and it's execution in bringing in the audience is amazing.

    The concept to The Dead Zone is intriguing from the start. A man awakes from a coma of 6 years and now has life changing visions. You may feel the need to suspend your disbelief at first, but the manner in which the story unfolds and the way the material is presented to the audience makes for an easy transition into the show's dynamic personality.

    Right away I began to care for the characters. The method by which they are revealed to the audience is from multiple perspectives.

    The only reason I didn't give the show a perfect 10 is because I feel it is still getting better. I felt the need to give it that room for further improvement.

    Give it a try, if you haven't seen it before, go rent/buy the first season (or all 3) before tuning into season 4 if you want to see how it all started.

    The special effects are nicely integrated into the show, as well. Especially the way the environment changes as Johnny experiences a vision. Very cool.

    I hope everyone gives The Dead Zone a shot, because it is definitely time well spent.
  • Johnny kicks off the 4th season by trying to help Rebecca find the person who killed her younger sister. Johnny may have to save Rebecca from doing something she might later regret.

    I thought this was a great way to kick off the 4th season. We see Johnny as a whole new person. He is caring and truthfully wants to find Rachel's killer. I was glad he was able to get a vision of the killer and what surprised me most was Stilson killing his own father. I didnt know he had it in him. I thought that brought a new twist to the show. I was kind of disappointed not to see Johnny and Rebecca end up together, but hopefully in the end, Johnny will find the right girl for him.
  • Johnny kicks off the 4th season by trying to help Rebecca find the person who killed her younger sister. Johnny may have to save Rebecca from doing something she might later regret.

    I thought this was a great way to kick off the 4th season. We see Johnny as a whole new person. He is caring and truthfully wants to find Rachel's killer. I was glad he was able to get a vision of the killer and what surprised me most was Stilson killing his own father. I didnt know he had it in it. I thought that brought a new twist to the show. I was kind of disappointed not to see Johnny and Rebecca end up together, but hopefully in the end, Johnny will find the right girl for him.
  • This show keeps you on the edge of your seat, and anxiously waiting for next weeks fix. I love it.

    The Dead zone gets better every time I watch it. I love it. You can connect with all the characters on a different level, and sometimes it just pulls at your heart strings. It is outstanding. It isn't like all the other shows, it is truely an original story. I hope to see more episodes this season though, I wish I knew why they only did 12 last year, oh well, I'll take what I can get.
  • Johnny Smith is the perfect combination of reluctant hero, but not a whiney martyr. He's an ordinary man suddenly thrust into an extraordinary circumstance, and to watch him stumble through his own strange world is fascinating.

    This show is a breath of fresh air in the dreary wasteland that is Summer TV. I've only been watching since April, and with the help of Netflix, I am totally hooked!

    For anybody who thinks they can't see Anthony Michael Hall in a dramatic role, they only need to watch one episode and see him tackle the starring role of this show every week with enthusiasm, heart, and talent. He brings to the table everything you loved about him in the 80's to play a character you can't help but love, too. The creators of the show have managed to take an established idea, from both the original novel by Stephen King, and the Christopher Walken movie version, and create something completely unique and entertaining. The show has amazing special effects, superb writing, and the supporting cast just completes the package.

    I am so excited to finally be looking forward to Sunday nights again.
  • The Dead Zone is awesome!

    The Dead Zone is from the mind of Stephen King. While I don't like everything of King's, I love this show. This show proves Anthony Michael Hall's talents, showing how much he has changed since his days of a dorky litte teenager. This show is the best on USA and hope it continues on forever.
  • Best psychic show in the universe.

    Johnny's pain is so real. So is his gift. Show has a great premise, and is such a pleasure to watch. Anthony Michael Hall is really making his character work. Whoda thunk he'd be such a great actor? I love Sunday nights on USA. Long live the Dead Zone. OK?
  • just perfect ballence of suspence and psycic vibes for the show to work

    the dead zone is one of my favorite tv shows on tv i've read the book and seen the movie and the tv show is just far enough from the two in order to make people not need to point out every inconsistant point of the show. the writers continue to surprise the watchers of the dead zone
  • I went into The Dead Zone thinking it would be a nice diversion and came away a huge fan of the series.

    For those of you whose only recollection of Anthony Michael Hall as a geek in the various comedic roles he had in several 1980's John Hughes pictures, you're in for a big surprise as he plays Johnny Smith in TV's The Dead Zone, which is based on the Stephen King book and 1983 film of the same name.

    If you're not a fan of horror, don't be concerned, The Dead Zone isn't a horror series…it's solid science fiction with a bit of the mystical thrown in. The story revolves around Johnny Smith (Hall) a young man who started to have psychic abilities at an early age when he was injured playing ice hockey. Years later, we find him living a normal life, teaching school and engaged to be married to his sweetheart, Sarah (Nicole deBoer). But a tragic car accident causes him to go into a coma for six years, and when he awakens, he finds his finance married to another man, finds he has a son he never knew about, finds that his mother has passed away, and finds that the part of his brain that is inactive in most people – "The Dead Zone" – is working and giving him visions of people's futures every time he comes in physical contact with them.

    Imagine the surprise of critics, fans and likely the USA Network when the show proved to be a well-crafted and interesting series that became one of the more popular shows on cable.

    A few quick fixes allow him to see what's possible with his newfound abilities as he reunites a doctor with his mother, who he thought had died long ago. And he also saves a little girl from a fire. Things become slightly more difficult later when Johnny has a disturbing vision that a nurse at his physical therapy center will become the next victim of a local serial killer, the Bangor Strangler.
    In an attempt to stop this before it happens, Johnny is forced to reluctantly team with his former wife's new husband, Sheriff Walt Bannerman. Wanting to believe Johnny, Walt lets him touch a piece of evidence that gives Johnny more than he bargained for in the process.

    There are many things to like about the show. Anthony Michael Hall (Sixteen Candles) does an amazing job as Johnny Smith. As it's written in the series, it's a role many actors would love to have as it let's Hall act out any of numerous roles as he's experiencing something through another's eyes.
    Likewise, the show is never boring and it uses the idea of Johnny's power to the fullest. Rather than a simple vocal explanation or visual flashback, striking visual effects and camera angels are used to present the rush of a vision as they come flooding into Johnny.
    Great acting and visuals combine with the interesting story, one that has enough mystery to keep viewers tuning in week after week. This is one of the highest rated original shows on cable and from this initial 2-hour effort; it's easy to see why.
  • This is a show that deserves everyones attention.

    The Dead Zone, is probably one of the greatest shows ever concieved. The show's superb writing, excellent directing, great acting, and amazing special effects make the show a pleasure to watch day in and day out. Every episode is refreshing, new, and very smart, which is very rare with many other trashy TV shows out there. Anthony Michael Hall has revived his career with this career altering role. He IS Johnny Smith. The supporting cast is amazing and each bring depth to their respective characters.

    Each season improves in quality and also brings shocking surprises and cliffhangers. Make sure you make time on Sunday nights to watch this incredible series. You won't regret it.
  • Johnny Smith is a guy wakes up of a comma. His girl friend is married to another man how is raising his sun. Johnny wakes up with the power of predicting the future just by touching things. Along the story all works out for the better and powers increment

    Is a very good series full of surprises? I really like the way the characters interact with the story in a very subtle way. The special effects complement the story and make us see the story in the way the character perceives it’s surrounding.
    Full of mystery adventure and comedy.
  • I started off seeing commercials for this show, finding it uninteresting and irritating. But when I actually decided to watch the show, I was terribly wrong in my judgement. Dead Zone kept me very entertained, and that would be the last time I pre-judged

    The Dead Zone seemed to have a weird plot at first glance, a man who touches people to see their future and such. Although then I saw how the writers encorperated the ability into the series, I was actually impressed.

    Writers make the character, despite having quite a supernatural ability, retain his human features, such as making mistakes, being confused, and sometimes not knowing what to do. This was the suspense factor, which I happened to enjoy a lot.

    Theres not a whole lot I can describe about this show, all that I can say is this show is definately a good one, and the hype that USA creates is rightfully distributed. Give it a veiw!
  • Usually Hollywood types screw up Steven King. Usually. In the case of "The Dead Zone", it's a rare improvement on the original. Go Johnny Smith Go!!!

    Anthony Michael Hall is wonderful as the man who woke up from a coma to find his life was gone.

    Rebuilding a life ain't easy. Learning to understand the visions that come to him is harder.

    Every cast member does their job extremely well. For the most part, each episode is part of a greater story arc and each experience adds to Johnny's understanding of his place in the world.

    Give this one a chance. You'll be happy you did.
  • the 4'th season is just bad! really no where near the previous 3. where is the global story-line?? to save the world - all I saw till now is the one show stories - but the left the global story. Where is Nicol De Boar? where is JJ?
    the 4'th season is just bad! really no where near the previous 3.
    where is the global story-line ?? to save the world - all I saw till now is the one show stories - but the left the global story.

    Where is Nicol De Boar ?
    where is JJ ?
    Where is the sexy reporter ?
    Where is everyone(the ravren and all the others)

    it's like they wanted to start something new - so they wanted to drop some of the charecters - but forgot the cast new ones. you can't make a 50 min show on 1 charater.

  • From the mind who brought you such classic novels as Dreamcatcher, It, Carrie, Green mile, the shining and much more gives you This.

    A man trying to prevent the apocolipse!

    when at first i thought nothing of the show becasue i dint like the movie that much, but still what i thought before i condem. Now is totally the opisite, this show brings you the mind of a psychic, who got this power not by chance, but for a perpose, his life is shrouded with visions of past, present and future of people, one tuch can give him an image hill never forget...

    "The Dead Zone" stands out as one of the better shows on Television today. The acting, especially by Anthony Michael Hall is completely belieavable and dramatic, sucking you into his life and his pains as he see disturbing images of the future and past. This show sometimes gets gory with the images of blood, death, etc. However, it isn't too hard to watch and the amount of blood stays reasonable. The script doesn't stand out as much as the other features. It's still relatively solid, but has some flaws concerning the love between Sara and Johnny, making it a bit too cliche and corny. Sometimes, the script also loses sight of the episode and eventually just spins out to human drama. Other flaws include the occassional boring episode or Hall's performance as Johnny sometimes falls flat. The special effects though, are amazing. When Johnny touches someone and sees the past or future, the editing and the effects quickly change to show what happened or what's going to happen. It's amazing to see it work, everything builds together so well and the effects of murder, or the entire area being frozen with Johnny walking through is spectacular. I applaud the USA channell for restoring Television with the two arguablly greatest shows to watch: "The Dead Zone" and "Monk". 9.5/10
  • Wow!!! Its is a great show. Finally hollywood gets King right. The show does do its justice to the book. Its an amazing life story of Johnny with all the visions he sees. What is also great is he is known by everyone. No hiding in the bushes for Johnny.

    Overall i give it a 10. Its a really in-depth look at a guy´s life with physic powers. Since he doesnt hide, its great that they show his image to everyone. Its refreshing to see someone else looking for him rather than him finding somebody. Read the book, watch the show, you´ll have a great time.
  • Gotta love it!

    Justice is blind…yeah right!
    The Dead Zone is riveting and exciting. It is always a good feeling when you know justice was served. Steven King is classic and The Dead Zone brings Steven King back into the world. In a day and age that reading is slipping away this is a good way to introduce new people to Steven King. Johnny only needs one touch and he knows it all. The writing is great and fresh! The USA Network has picked another winner with The Dead Zone! I would not want Johnny to shake my hand! Johnny always seems to make sure Justice is Not Blind!

  • Its about a guy name Johnny who gets a concushion to his head, Wakes up the Dead Zone part of his brain, He touches people and trys to prevent the future from happening..If its something bad

    This show kicks booty. I love this show. Its got to be the greatest show on earth. I havent missed a single eposode yet. Ive seen everyone since the day it came on. Johnny plays the perfect role. And I love how Johnny and Sarah still have feelings for eachother but try not to let them get in the way or Sarah and Walt. This show kicks Booty. Go Johnny keep kicking tv booty
  • Johnny Smith was a normal guy till he was in a car wreck that left him in a coma. When he awoke he had the ability of foresight. Furthermore, while in a coma his fiancee became married to another man and his child doesnt even know he exists.

    This is a very interesting show that allows a wide variety of adventures for the main character. The even more interesting plot twist is that his son thinks that his father is the man that his mother is married to. This show has a great cast, very good writing, and the show appears to be around fopr some time. The fourth season just started and it seems the rating are doing well. Buying the dvd collection would be a good investment. The story line has a wide variety of drama, action, suspense, mystery, death, distruction, mayhem, romanse, etc. If you have not seen this show i recommend you watch this one first.
    any other show are now trying to make weak copies of this show example: medium, supernatural, and now some cheesy show with jennifer love hewitt (disregard she's hot) watch the original and make your own assessment. Good Luck and tune in.
  • Wow! Anthony Michael Hall rocks!

    One of those fixes that I need on Sunday night at 10pm.

    Glad it's back for a new season. I didn't think USA would get around to making new episodes. The writers come up with some wonderful ideas for storylines. I didn't think that the show was going to work. I could see how the movie would be translated into a show. I thought that it would be the same stuff week after week.

    I was wrong!

    Anyways, four years and still kicking butt!

    Gotta love it!
  • A classic show!

    Dear friends,

    I am new to and this is my first ever
    review. And what a way to start!

    "The Dead Zone". Wow! it's a classic show, with
    unwavering script, and a show that improves from season to season.

    Anthony Michael Hall - a childhood favourite of mine since 'Weird Science'(1985)- has managed make this role his own; I simply can not see another 'Johnny Smith' but him; He is truly wonderful!

    The other cast is great, especially David Ogden Stiers as Rev. Gene Purdy - he brings true weight of credibility to show; a fine actor!

    Newcomer Sarah Wynter (Rebecca Caldwell) is an important addition to the cast which I hope the writers will use even more in the future.

    The stories are great, a joy to watch, and the main arc story is developing quite interestingly.

    I have now watched the show from the 1st ever episode to 3.09, and it is - as someone else said - "My new best friend".

    My only complaint is that the seasons are too short! only 11 or 12 episodes a season? come on!
    USA should really enhance the show, giving it a full respectable 22-episode a season run.

    I hope the show will stay on air for a long time!
  • This is a great show.

    Johnny Smith was just an ordinary man. And then an accident changed his life forever, when he wakes from a coma to find his fiancee married, his unborn son does not know who he is, and worst of all, he has the uncontrollable ability to see into the future.

    I have been watching this show ever since the second season, and I always enjoy it.

    The series has many interesting perspectives. For example, in one episode, "Netherworld", Johnny wakes up into a situation where he never was in the car crash. He is married to Sarah with kids, and he has no dead zone. All is great, odd, but great. However, he soon realizes that this is all a dead zone overload and that this is all a vision. He must distinguish reality from fiction and find the clues to prevent an explosion in a mall.

    This is an amazing show.
  • The best science ficition series since The X-Files.

    Superb writing, superb acting, awesome special effects. Sounds like something that was once said about another sci-fi series - The X-Files. This show is incredibly entertaining and the storylines are both gripping and entertaining. If you haven't seen this series, definitely check it out, it is worth it for sure.
  • A show not like no other, The Dead Zone is a pleasure to teen and adult viewers. The show is based on a 1979 Stephen King novel, which is brillant and greatly written. The show is also...

    A show not like no other, The Dead Zone is a pleasure to teen and adult viewers. The show is based on a 1979 Stephen King novel, which is brillant and greatly written. The show is also one of T.V.'s Most Viewed Television Show. I greatly approve for anyone to watch this show. I think it's one of USA's best television programs. The first episode does an excellent job of establishing the characters and backstory. Anthony Michael Hall does an excellent job as Johnny Smith. The other characters as well. The psychic elements really gives the show it's momentum. The Dead Zone is a must see.
  • You are entering the Outer Limits

    John Smith and his helper are great. I love the way he gets a vision and then he acts on it for the good of all people. Many people might use it to get rich with. John Smith uses it to help, and restore people and their lives. To build a better planet. Yah, I like this show.
  • An interesting show.

    I've heard everyone raving about The Dead Zone, so I made it a point to watch it the past few weeks. Very happy to see Nicole de Boer again, as I really enjoyed her in Star Trek DS9. Also, it's cool to see Anthony Michael Hall too... but I have to admit that it makes me feel old seeing him so much older, ha! Last night I watched, and it was an interesting storyline, but I have to admit that I got annoyed with all the psychic flashes. Does he get one every single time he touches someone or something? That would get on my nerves... Will try watching it again next week.
  • Anthony Michael Hall sure has matured well.

    I believe The Dead Zone needs to be in the top ten nielsen ratings. Anthony Michael Hall and crew are wonderful. I feel like I know the characters and wish they lived in my hometown. There seems to be pure chemistry between the characters and the actors themselves. I've been a loyal watcher since the first season and the plot lines just keep getting more intricate. It makes you think and try to figure out what the Senator is up to. I kind of feel sorry for the reverend now- I liked it when he was a "little evil" and over his head. But I can see that they won't let him run to God quite yet for safety.
    John Smith- I wish you would " touch me."

    Jennifer Dawson- Oakley, California
  • Gripping

    The Dead Zone stars Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith; He lives in a small town on Maine and is a high school science teacher. Johnny is engaged to his high school sweetheart, Sarah, played by Nichole De Boer, and life is looking great. On the way home from a fair Johnny is an accident that leaves him in a coma for 6 years. When wakes up his life has been changed dramatically. Johnny finds his mother has died and Sarah has gotten married. Johnny is not the same person he once was: he now finds himself with amazing psychic powers, which allow him to see the past of the future of anyone he touches. Now, Johnny must reacquaint himself with a life he has been away from for six long years. He must also begin to come to terms with his new abilities. This is one of the better shows on today. The acting is believable and dramatic. You feel like you’re seeing his pains and disturbing images of the future and past. The underlining point is that Johnny just wants to do good. He struggles with the concept of God and Man, and tries to find his purpose in life. Great acting and some wonderful writing make this a gripping show, with just a hint of comedy.
  • Johnny Smith has it all, until one night he is involved in a terrible accident that puts him in a coma for six years. He wakes up with the ability to see things, things that have happened, things that will happen. You should see what he sees.

    What a great show, it has it all; drama, action, comedy, and romance. Truly the best psychic show on tv, don't be fooled by cheap imitations. None of these other shows can match up to The Dead Zone's power. I refuse to miss an episode on Sunday nights, it just ain't happening. Anyone who doesn't watch this wonderful show should definitley begin watching as soon as possible. It's just that good. Hopefully this show will go on for many years to come and truly be known by all as one of those classic shows that everyone knows about. It already is a classic to me.
  • Imagine you're in a coma for 6 years only to awaken in what for you is the future. To make matters even more confusing, touching objects or people propels you, psychically, into their past or future. Enter the world of Johnny Smith. If you could see what

    The Dead Zone is wonderful in it\'s depth of character development and choice of relevant storylines. It has something for everyone. Anthony Michael Hall really makes Johnny Smith come alive. At first I couldn\'t picture him in the role but much to my surprise he made it work.

    Of course, in the real world, someone with Johnny Smith\'s gift would have been \'disappeared\' by the Shadow Government before anyone got a handle on his talents.

    I hope the Dead Zone continues to develope more shows and is around for many more seasons. My favorates are always good eyeliner.
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