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  • The series started strong and then PC'd its way into a sad sad death.

    Originally I enjoyed the series, loved season one and two because it was original and the plotline was interesting and fresh...that is, until the stories became politically left and fell into a forum for liberals. Then it became snoresville, and I took it off of my viewing took a few episodes for me to disown the series, because I honestly had enjoyed the writing, and the acting. I do hope that in the future they might go back to having this show not be so political, but I don't see them back tracking...just the other day I tempted myself to a viewing of the latest episodes and my bias was sadly enforced by its political crapshooting. Sad.
  • It starts out so well, strong and addictive - Johnny is damaged but coping. Then it goes all "touched by an angel". Ick.

    I used to love this show. It used to be interesting, funny, dramatic, strong. Then it got... holy, sacherine, Johnny saves the day. Although, honestly, I've always hated what's her face, his ex. I mean, you're married! Don't you take your vows seriously? While the show is all "we're heroes" with the plots in public, in their own lives they're acting like irresponsable kids - she could wreck her child's life, cheating and being as uncommitted as she is. It just makes me irked - the only female character is *such* a stupid chick, with no real personality (certainly none to admire). And they should not let Anthony Michael Hall direct, ever, ever again. They need to resolve the whole congressman doom issue adn get on with it. There's so much more they could be doing, adn they're putzing around like kids in a mud puddle. It's pathetic lately. Put it out of it's misery.
  • Good idea, bad execution.

    In a word of cardboard characters and poor writing, The Dead Zone is a joy to watch. I have enjoyed every episode and some episodes have been excellent.

    The only tragedy with this series is not with the series itself but with the way USA handles the scheduling and marketing. Most of the time I don't know when the season is going to begin or when the new episodes will air. Scheduling is erratic and promotion is often non existent. Someone in the USA main office must not want this show to succeed. Frankly, it's an amazing testament to the show's appeal that it still is in production despite this utter mismanagement.

    USA, please recognize the gem you have in both Monk and The Dead Zone and, at the very least, air them on a regular schedule on which we can rely.
  • the 4'th season is just bad! really no where near the previous 3. where is the global story-line?? to save the world - all I saw till now is the one show stories - but the left the global story. Where is Nicol De Boar? where is JJ?
    the 4'th season is just bad! really no where near the previous 3.
    where is the global story-line ?? to save the world - all I saw till now is the one show stories - but the left the global story.

    Where is Nicol De Boar ?
    where is JJ ?
    Where is the sexy reporter ?
    Where is everyone(the ravren and all the others)

    it's like they wanted to start something new - so they wanted to drop some of the charecters - but forgot the cast new ones. you can't make a 50 min show on 1 charater.

  • A great show that just keeps on coming.

    This is one of my favorite TV shows but I am getting a little tired with three different recurring parts. There have been three different JJ's, three different episode beginning scenes and three different haircuts for bruce. Why can't they just stick with the original episode opener and the same JJ because honestly it is getting very very annoying. I for some reason can not post anything in the forums but I will post under reviews instead. Does anyone know what you have to do in order to be able to start a form for shows? Hope this helps you.
  • An interesting show.

    I've heard everyone raving about The Dead Zone, so I made it a point to watch it the past few weeks. Very happy to see Nicole de Boer again, as I really enjoyed her in Star Trek DS9. Also, it's cool to see Anthony Michael Hall too... but I have to admit that it makes me feel old seeing him so much older, ha! Last night I watched, and it was an interesting storyline, but I have to admit that I got annoyed with all the psychic flashes. Does he get one every single time he touches someone or something? That would get on my nerves... Will try watching it again next week.
  • Definately a good show.

    I'll have to admit that I haven't see this show in a while - not one episode from this past season - so I speak to how it is currently doing. However, I have enjoyed all of the episodes from the first couple of seasons. This show is definately a good one to watch.
  • A Usa Favorite- But I feel as if the whole end of the world crisis keeps getting put on hold. It is only dealt with in premiere epsisodes along with finales. We also need to see someone special in "Johhny's" life to put a little insight on his l

    Following a car crash that leaves him in a coma for six years, Johnny Smith awakens to find that he has the gift/curse of second sight. With the assistance of friend Bruce Lewis, average-citizen Johnny usually gets pulled into mysteries he's only able to help authorities solve because of his newfound ability -- which, by the way, Bruce remained skeptical about for years. Johnny's former wife, Sarah, married the town sheriff after being told her husband would never wake up; having been pregnant with their child when the car accident happened, Sarah is now raising her and Johnny's son with husband Walt. Thankfully, Walt and Johnny have formed an unlikely alliance -- and Johnny helps Walt with his police business as often as possible. Based on the Stephen King novel.

    BRIEF HISTORY:USA picked up the project after the network it was orginally developed for -- UPN -- passed on it. It's rumored that "The Dead Zone" is one of Jack Nicholson's favorite TV programs. STARS: * John Adams as Bruce Lewis * Chris Bruno as Walt Bannerman * Anthony Hall as Johnny Smith * David Stiers as Reverend Gene Purdy * Nicole de Boer as Sarah Bracknell
  • Johnny rocks !

    The Dead Zone is the best show in his categorie !

    The season 1 was here to show the difference between the Movie and the Series... At the end of the first season, we enjoyed to see the relation between Johnny and Greg Stillson. We could think Greg was the devil and Johnny the angel...

    In season 2, Christopher Wey, one survivor of the apocalypse, was a little useless, but in the season finale, he showed us what we wanted to see !
    The second season, the longest, had a lots of useless episode...

    The third season was very good ! Johnny searched how apocalypse started and find out when the Johnny of the future told him... "When the times comes do not save Rebecca." And next Johnny had a strange vision... Rebecca kills Stillson... But its strange because Johnny saw the same vision but Rebecca bought a cake instead of a gun...

    The first episode of the fourth season was really good but not for everybody... Johnny saved Rebecca and Stillson ; Stillson killed his father (I didnt know it was his father before this episode O_o)but a new story started... But its too bad, Johnny drops his cane, and, maybe, the chance to know more about the future...

    When the apocalypse will start really ?
    On the season 3, we can see "2015" and JJ was mature... I hope Apocalypse is not in 10 years...
  • It's not the film, so don't expect it to be.

    Well, I just stumbled across this today (Season 1 just went retail in PAL land) and I'm now midway thru the first season. I'll admit, I'm hooked, I like it way more at this stage than I did CSI. I'm uncertain if it's because I'm a big Stephen King fan, and, the producers, writers of the show seem to give that impression too, they seem to care about the characters, but, here for me is the sticking point. The acting. Anthony Michael Hall is that guy from Weird Science, he knows it and we all know it. He can act. I'm geniunely surprised by that, it's just a shame no one else can on the show, save the 'token' guy on it. I'm not being racist, but it does feel like they added a black guy, just to balance things out.

    The stories seems to be linked to the book/film at the moment, but I don't mind that very much, this show seems to be doing what the film couldn't, filling out the character of Johnny Smith, and I fel that was missing from the stunning Chris Walken version of John.

    I'm definately going to hunt out the rest of the seasons as they come to retail stores near me, I gave CSI the benefit of the doubt, but looks like I won't have to with this show, onwards and upwards.
  • See into the future!

    Six years ago, John Smith's last memory was spending the day with his fiancee Sarah, followed by a very romantic night. On his way home he has a horrible accident and the next time he wakes up he is in a hospital bed, grabbing the Nurse's hand and telling her that her house is on fire and her daughter is in danger.

    He has developed a pyschic ability that works when he torches someone or something that the person has torched.

    The show has been through four seaons so far, and it just seems to be getting worse. Where did all the story-telling and drama that season one gave me go to? I'm awaiting season five and hoping that it will be good and not the garbage that season four was.

    Overall, a great show that's going down hill really fast.
  • Johnny Smith went into a coma. When he woke up, he had pscyic powers. He can touch someone/ something and see things. The future mostly!

    My friends and I like this show alot. We use to all squeeze in my apartment every sunday and crowed around the tv just for Dead Zone. It started off as a really great, original show. Now I think it is going down hill. It seems like they are running out of ideas for new shows. Don't get me wrong, still a show worth watching, but anything that has to do with that Stillson guy doesn't keep my attention. I hope the show keeps running and they come up with bigger and better ideas. But it might be smart to end it now or at least be done with the Stillson crap!
  • A real world guy deals with extraordinary psychic powers caused by a car accident that left him in a coma for over six years.

    I recently bought the first season of "The Dead Zone" on DVD, and after watching it, I wish I had tuned in when it premiered. This is a dramatic, humanistic approach to the "seeing into the future" story we've all heard before. Also, the show has a wonderful cinematic style.
  • Great show!

    Anthony Michael Hall revived his sagging career with this guilty pleasure
    Playing Johnny Smith, an ordinary guy, a science teacher with a loving fiance and just loves kids.
    But fate intervenes when he is in a coma after a car wreck
    His life changes as his fiance is now married with a son
    Mother has also passed away
    Now knowing he ain't the same man he used ot be
    He is filled with physic powers and can read peoples' minds
    Very great show and will miss after the 2006-2007 season!
  • while i love this show with all my heart, it's not what it used to be.

    i am in love with this show! it's like such an awesome show. but...ah...i don't know what to say!

    michael anthony hall is such a good actor. he's totally shed his geeky image, and he's grown as an actor, and as a person, i think, with this role.

    i love this concept, that this guy's life totally changes, when nobody even thinks he'll live. like, ya know, he comes out of a coma, after, what, 6 years, and he's got crazy psychic visions. and his fiancee or however you spell that is married to someone else and raising their kid. and his mom is dead! so sad.

    aw. but i think...this show used to be so incredible in seasons 1 - 3. and maybe like the season 4 premiere. then, it just all went downhill....

    i really really really want them to wrap up the Armageddon angle in a believeable way. i want there to be no cliffhangers, no doubts. everything needs to be understood.

    Purdy is evil. it's interesting having a shifty minister, and a good-hearted psychic. and they're friends, kinda. So i like that angle. i just wish that the whole premise of the show were a little bit more unique. instead of, just another unique character helping the police solve perplexing crimes. it's like, how stupid is the police department in every city? i mean it's kinda like the same thing over and over again - john doe, monk, the dead zone, medium, psych, veronica mars (sort of),the closer, i, and is anyone else, seeing a pattern here? unique characters bringing their "special skills" to fight for justice and help the police solve original!

    i guess one storyline i really really liked was how for once, people kinda started asking questions about a case that johnny helped solve. the one with Rachel's murder ya know. he was charged with her murder. and it was kind of suspicious that he couldn't remember where he was during the time she was killed, and how he had met with her like the day before or whatever. and it was really great seeing the character in a position he couldn't really get himself out of. he helped solve parts of the case, that only the killer could help the police with, and for that, he was booked for murder. was like, helping the police got him into more trouble. i really liked that plotline. and the fact the Greg Stillson is such a freakishly crooked politician? it's like wow. no shame there. he definitely takes on the classic role of the untrustworthy political figure, and unfortunately, he's well-loved by the public. which is also an interesting conflict for johnny.

    i loved sarah wynter's role on the show. i really liked her and johnny together. but then she had to go and get all crazy. dang. i kinda understand where she's coming from tho, cuz after all, her sister was murdered. and the twist with that case, was that it was greg stillson's father who had her killed. and then Greg stillson turned around and killed his own father. haha. kinda unintentionally funny.
    anyway, sarah wynter had a somewhat similar role on 24, where her sister was at the heart of a plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in the city of Los Angeles. in both cases, she had to see what ultimately was, the end of her sister's life, in one case literally, in the other, figuratively, but could also be literally i think. haha. that's what i get for trying to sound smart!

    this show...didn't used to be so corny. i guess, for lack of a better word. i mean, look at the episode that aired july 30, 2006. that one? that was cheesy. so so cheesy. i mean, interesting plot line, i guess? but it's like, the writers are really obsessed with a certain twisted part of johnny's psychic abilities. like how he was sort of stuck in one vision, and seeing three people's lives at once. i mean, pretty interesting i guess. but the execution was so awful! and what in the world was up with bruce?? he looked...stupid! and i love bruce! he's awesome! normally...

    it's just that...every episode besides the armageddon story line, seems to just be a filler episode. i hate those! it needs to be good. it needs to make me say, "forget armageddon! this is much better!!!!" and there's like, no other episodes that do that past season 3.

    i really hope that this show can redeem itself in its final episodes. it would be so sad for it to get on stage, take a bow, then while walking off stage, slip on a banana peel. if you know what i mean.
  • A very good show that shows that foresight isn't always the best.

    I really enjoy this show. I thought it was going down hill in the third season, but the fourth season brought it back up again.

    What I like the most about this show is how John Smith tries to fix things that he sees in his visions, and many times it causes another bad chain of events to happen. It leaves the viewer wondering along with John what the best course of action should be.
  • A great show. If you like Star Trek this is the show for you. Nicole deBoer is great as always. Solid acting and interesring episode plots makes tish swho a hit!

    I love the dead zone.
    I begun wathing it when I heard about Nicole de Boer joining the cast.
    It's very trekky and the only thing I miss in the show is the contunity. There are lots of interestring stories and characters who are left unsolved.
    Still... this is a great show!!!
  • Gripping

    The Dead Zone stars Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith; He lives in a small town on Maine and is a high school science teacher. Johnny is engaged to his high school sweetheart, Sarah, played by Nichole De Boer, and life is looking great. On the way home from a fair Johnny is an accident that leaves him in a coma for 6 years. When wakes up his life has been changed dramatically. Johnny finds his mother has died and Sarah has gotten married. Johnny is not the same person he once was: he now finds himself with amazing psychic powers, which allow him to see the past of the future of anyone he touches. Now, Johnny must reacquaint himself with a life he has been away from for six long years. He must also begin to come to terms with his new abilities. This is one of the better shows on today. The acting is believable and dramatic. You feel like you’re seeing his pains and disturbing images of the future and past. The underlining point is that Johnny just wants to do good. He struggles with the concept of God and Man, and tries to find his purpose in life. Great acting and some wonderful writing make this a gripping show, with just a hint of comedy.
  • Johnny Smith was a normal guy till he was in a car wreck that left him in a coma. When he awoke he had the ability of foresight. Furthermore, while in a coma his fiancee became married to another man and his child doesnt even know he exists.

    This is a very interesting show that allows a wide variety of adventures for the main character. The even more interesting plot twist is that his son thinks that his father is the man that his mother is married to. This show has a great cast, very good writing, and the show appears to be around fopr some time. The fourth season just started and it seems the rating are doing well. Buying the dvd collection would be a good investment. The story line has a wide variety of drama, action, suspense, mystery, death, distruction, mayhem, romanse, etc. If you have not seen this show i recommend you watch this one first.
    any other show are now trying to make weak copies of this show example: medium, supernatural, and now some cheesy show with jennifer love hewitt (disregard she's hot) watch the original and make your own assessment. Good Luck and tune in.
  • A schoolteacher is in an accident that changes his life forever.

    Johnny Smith is an ordinary Maine schoolteacher who has a pretty good life. He has a great job and a wonderful girlfriend. Then, one night, he is hit head-on by a mack truck and left comatose. Six years later, Johnny awakes to a changed world: his girlfriend is married to another man, his mother is dead, he has a son who dosen't know him, and he has gained the gift of second sight. His doctor explains that his brain's "dead zone" has turned on to handle the work of his damaged brain areas. In the book, however, the dead zone is described by Johnny as the parts of his brain, that were damaged, that contained the information that he can't recall. With his new gifts, Johnny tries to right the wrongs that he sees. Even though his life is different, he tries to make a new one.
  • good show

    this is a very interesting,funny, dramatic, strong.The story begins in a small town, where John Smith lives.john smith then falls into a six years coma When John regains consciousness, he finds himself in a "new world". His fiancé is married, his mother is dead, his son doesn´t know him. But he is changed now too. By one touch, he can see fragments of past or future. John tries to use this ability to help people.Dead zone is a great tv show.Each episode has a very different case for johnny to solve,along with the help of his friends.this is a great show.
  • I started off seeing commercials for this show, finding it uninteresting and irritating. But when I actually decided to watch the show, I was terribly wrong in my judgement. Dead Zone kept me very entertained, and that would be the last time I pre-judged

    The Dead Zone seemed to have a weird plot at first glance, a man who touches people to see their future and such. Although then I saw how the writers encorperated the ability into the series, I was actually impressed.

    Writers make the character, despite having quite a supernatural ability, retain his human features, such as making mistakes, being confused, and sometimes not knowing what to do. This was the suspense factor, which I happened to enjoy a lot.

    Theres not a whole lot I can describe about this show, all that I can say is this show is definately a good one, and the hype that USA creates is rightfully distributed. Give it a veiw!
  • Definately a good one!

    This show is a great show to follow the truly remarkable 4400! These two show is what makes Sunday Nights the best on Cable Television. In fact, I would probably watch more broadcast television if they had shows like this on it. The special effects are quite phenomenal for a Cable show and the story line and plot keep you hooked till the credits roll. However, there are a few quirks, for example, when John flipped the police cruiser over and the guy in the trunk came out with no serious injuries. Also, the way each episode is just kind of it's own story and really doesn't link up with any of the rest. The positives though out weigh the quirks which is why I say this show is a must see!
  • The Dead Zone great series that have all the elements to make an excellent drama and great sucess.

    This my first reviews in this website but here I go.
    The Dead Zone is remake of an excellent movie turn out that in a series would be great.The trama is an orihinal both capturing elements of drama and action at the same time.The visual effects are top notch and they look perfect.From vision that he have on first episode to explonding finally of the last season and captivading twist to the plot that have develop for quite some time.

    Acting:in terms of acting every one did great job an especially the main characters that capturre the person that he pretending to be perfecly.The only complain that I have in the acting that some time the story is well adapted but some characters they don\'t capture the magic like the others.

    Visual effects:the visual effects are great and they look perfect.From the first episode to the last they kept coming better and better.Wgen they stop time they are very careful to don\'t seem like it is fake.The visual effects look great and they don\'t any work because there fine the way they.

    Story:The story is based on old movie that the name I dont remember but he is the mad scientist that appears in click.The story is the best part of series because it make you keep coming for more.This time around the conflicts is that this guy will make judgement day happend or as other people say the end of day.If the series still goes with the movie main character will die but when he touch the guy who will make the judgement day happend it turn out day he will comit suicide and judgement day never happend.

    Overall:is great series that has capture the imagination of millions and will continue happening until the end.Thanks for reading my review good day and good luck.
  • The good and the bad, though more good than bad.

    I only discovered this show a couple months ago (I'm slow sometimes ;-)) and i have to say I really like it. Now... it's not as good as Medium, though in a lot of ways it can be seen as one of its predecessors. But, I'm not here to compare the two shows. I'm here to talk about what I like and/or dislike about this show.

    I like the premise... a guy who has had to activate a previously unused area of his brain to survive. A side effect are the visions. This is a good idea, one you'd expect from Stephen King.
    The show is well acted and the writing is quite adequate as well. I say adequate, as some things kind of annoy me.

    So... in my opinion... the bad:
    The episodes are sometimes in, they can be seen as standalone stories. The bad part is the sometimes... there is one story which has been present throughout most of the series... and that is stillson and the fact that he would somehow cause the end of the world.
    I like series which have a larger storyline... but this is getting to be a bit much.... bring this storyline to a close already!!!

    Having said that, I do really like this show, and I give it a definite thumbs up. Especially for the summer months.
  • just started watching show, but hooked

    I like this show because it seems so simple, with a small cast and seemingly simple plot lines, but it can be intricate, and interesting the way the different episodes happen. I have only watched season one on DVD and just started out with season two, so I wonder if the interest will continue. However, given that the show has been picked up for the sixth season has to be saying a lot about it's potential. Nice work, writers of the show. May your imaginations continue to come up with great plots and I imagine that I will be watching all six seasons eventually.
  • One of my all time favorites!

    I have watched this show since it first aired and rarely have I missed an episode. It's nice to see that for once a person didn't get dunked in toxic chemicals as a way of developing a power and I love how the character, John Smith, uses his visions to try to help someone. He'll do what he can to save others lives, if it's within his ability to do so. Other times, he'll help solve a crime and help capture the criminal. I really love this show and am hoping that it will be back for a sixth season.
  • A really great TV show for everyone who likes sci-fi, drama and even comedy mixed together in a story about a man with psychic powers.

    I think the trailer of the TV shows sums it really nicely up:
    "I had the perfect life. Until I was in a coma for six years. And then I woke up and found my fiancé married to another man. My son doesn't know who I am.
    Everything is changed. Including me. One touch and I can see things. Things that happend. Things that will happen."

    The man who's talking this? Johnny Smith! Science teacher, nice and joyfull, almost an average guy - besides that after a car accident and six years of coma his Dead Zone - a part of the brain normal people doesn't use - becomes very much alive. Which turns Johnny into an extraordinary psychic.

    His psychic abilities are really cool. He is surely the king of psychics. No blurry visions, no strange dreams that are hard to interpret - what he sees in his visions when he touches stuff or people is crystal clear. And he is never wrong.

    But preventing crime, tragedy, catastrophes and even the apocalypse is not easy, especially as Johnnys's own life is full of trouble. His former fiancé, Sarah, married another man (Sheriff Walt Bannermann), while Johnny was in coma. They are raising Johnny's son, JJ. Rev. Gene Purdy, a preacher and also the trustee of Johnny's money, has a lot of skeletons in the closet, too. And Greg Stillson, a unscrupulous politician, is a mighty enemy and somehow involved in the future Armageddon.

    If this sounds complicated - well, it is! But that's what makes the TV show so interesting!

  • Based on a 1979 Stephen King novel, "The Dead Zone" tells the tale of Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall), an accident victim who awakens from a supposedly irreversible coma to find it's six years later, and a lot has changed.

    Perhaps most impressively, "The Dead Zone" is a series that knows and respects its genre history. Loving tributes and allusions not only to horror, but also to fantasy, science fiction, and film noire traditions sets the show apart from its lesser competitors. Notable guest roles by actors as diverse as Robert Culp, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Ally Sheedy offer the icing on an already satisfying cake. I had my suspicions before, but I was convinced that such touches were the product of conscious planning and not happy coincidence when I heard Anthony Michael Hall speak at Trek Expo 2003 this past June. I've seen many actors give their spiels on behalf of their series, but Hall was particularly passionate and articulate in his discussion of "The Dead Zone"'s purpose, potential, and place in genre television. Perhaps this dedication is due to the fact he's put his time and money where his mouth is, co-producing the show and contributing music to its soundtrack as well as starring in its lead role.
  • Gotta love it!

    Justice is blind…yeah right!
    The Dead Zone is riveting and exciting. It is always a good feeling when you know justice was served. Steven King is classic and The Dead Zone brings Steven King back into the world. In a day and age that reading is slipping away this is a good way to introduce new people to Steven King. Johnny only needs one touch and he knows it all. The writing is great and fresh! The USA Network has picked another winner with The Dead Zone! I would not want Johnny to shake my hand! Johnny always seems to make sure Justice is Not Blind!

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