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  • This is a show that deserves everyones attention.

    The Dead Zone, is probably one of the greatest shows ever concieved. The show's superb writing, excellent directing, great acting, and amazing special effects make the show a pleasure to watch day in and day out. Every episode is refreshing, new, and very smart, which is very rare with many other trashy TV shows out there. Anthony Michael Hall has revived his career with this career altering role. He IS Johnny Smith. The supporting cast is amazing and each bring depth to their respective characters.

    Each season improves in quality and also brings shocking surprises and cliffhangers. Make sure you make time on Sunday nights to watch this incredible series. You won't regret it.
  • Best psychic show in the universe.

    Johnny's pain is so real. So is his gift. Show has a great premise, and is such a pleasure to watch. Anthony Michael Hall is really making his character work. Whoda thunk he'd be such a great actor? I love Sunday nights on USA. Long live the Dead Zone. OK?
  • The Dead Zone is awesome!

    The Dead Zone is from the mind of Stephen King. While I don't like everything of King's, I love this show. This show proves Anthony Michael Hall's talents, showing how much he has changed since his days of a dorky litte teenager. This show is the best on USA and hope it continues on forever.
  • Johnny Smith is the perfect combination of reluctant hero, but not a whiney martyr. He's an ordinary man suddenly thrust into an extraordinary circumstance, and to watch him stumble through his own strange world is fascinating.

    This show is a breath of fresh air in the dreary wasteland that is Summer TV. I've only been watching since April, and with the help of Netflix, I am totally hooked!

    For anybody who thinks they can't see Anthony Michael Hall in a dramatic role, they only need to watch one episode and see him tackle the starring role of this show every week with enthusiasm, heart, and talent. He brings to the table everything you loved about him in the 80's to play a character you can't help but love, too. The creators of the show have managed to take an established idea, from both the original novel by Stephen King, and the Christopher Walken movie version, and create something completely unique and entertaining. The show has amazing special effects, superb writing, and the supporting cast just completes the package.

    I am so excited to finally be looking forward to Sunday nights again.
  • This show keeps you on the edge of your seat, and anxiously waiting for next weeks fix. I love it.

    The Dead zone gets better every time I watch it. I love it. You can connect with all the characters on a different level, and sometimes it just pulls at your heart strings. It is outstanding. It isn't like all the other shows, it is truely an original story. I hope to see more episodes this season though, I wish I knew why they only did 12 last year, oh well, I'll take what I can get.
  • The Dead Zone is...


    The Dead Zone is possibly the best show ever! When I first saw Season 1, I was awwed, but i never thought that Season 2 would be even BETTER! After Season 2 ended, I waited anxiously for Season 3. When Season 3 arrived, I loved it more than any other season so far! Soon Season 4 came, and I absolutely LOVED it! Season 5 then came, and it was the best yet again. Season 6 also ruled! I hope that this show is renewed and there will be a Season 7. Season 7 will probably be the best!!!

    Scores from 1-10

    Season 1 : 9.99
    Season 2 : 10.00
    Season 3 : 10.01
    Season 4 : 10.02
    Season 5 : 10.03
    Season 6 : 10.04
  • A very well written dramatic series. The idea for the series is unique, and it's execution in bringing in the audience is amazing.

    The concept to The Dead Zone is intriguing from the start. A man awakes from a coma of 6 years and now has life changing visions. You may feel the need to suspend your disbelief at first, but the manner in which the story unfolds and the way the material is presented to the audience makes for an easy transition into the show's dynamic personality.

    Right away I began to care for the characters. The method by which they are revealed to the audience is from multiple perspectives.

    The only reason I didn't give the show a perfect 10 is because I feel it is still getting better. I felt the need to give it that room for further improvement.

    Give it a try, if you haven't seen it before, go rent/buy the first season (or all 3) before tuning into season 4 if you want to see how it all started.

    The special effects are nicely integrated into the show, as well. Especially the way the environment changes as Johnny experiences a vision. Very cool.

    I hope everyone gives The Dead Zone a shot, because it is definitely time well spent.
  • I actually liked this weeks episode, the fact that Johnny can find love with some one else besides Sara but refuses to because of the connection that they have together.

    It goes to show that Casblanca was not as boring as I thought it was. With Johnny using references to this weeks show was abosolutly wonderful. What I did not like was the fact that all he seems to be saving this season are women who don't really want his help. It could just be me but who knows. Next weeks seems to be very interesting and when Sarah will realize that she in fact still has love or feelings for him. Can't wait!!
  • I love the Dead Zone, really I do. I look forward to new episodes. But still... Greg Stillson is getting old and I'm feeling very bad for Chris Bruno.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this show. But lately, it's like... I don't know. The whole Stillson tease is getting kind of old. I know that Stillson was through the novel and took up the majority of the story. But they've moved so far past the book, that it strikes me as odd that they're still falling back on the Armaggedon thing.

    A lot of shows have overriding plots, but there comes a time when they need to say "Okay, we're letting this thread go and here's a new direction." I know that if they gave Johnny something fresh and new to explore, I would definitely be riveted again.

    Stillson isn't just old news... it's news that most fans already know the resolution of! Anyone that has read the book knows where this is going. While the climax almost DEFINITELY has to be different on the show, it feels like this has already been resolved.

    Another thing that's irritating me is the Walt/Sarah/Johnny triangle. In two of the most recent episodes - the one with the rock star and the one with Sarah's dad - Johnny and Sarah went off on these little bonding adventures through the greater northeast, leaving Walt home to... I dunno, knit, I guess. It just smacks as unrealistic.

    At the beginning of the series, Walt was all kinds of jealous when it came to Johnny. Now that Sarah is spending all this time with him, Walt doesn't seem to mind a bit. At the beginning of the rock star episode. Johnny and Sarah walked into the concert together with Walt lagging behind like a third wheel.

    Chris Bruno deserves a much better role in the series. As it is, he's being turned into a cuckold.

    And even if I wanted to say "Oh, Johnny and Sarah are just bestest friends now," I keep going back to the fact that she had an affair with Johnny! She slept with him while married to Walt and no consequences ever came from that.

    So the show is still good and I still tune in. But they need a better handling of stand-alone vs. arch storylines and a much, much better handling of personal characters.
  • This series is a must watch.

    This is a great series. If you watch the original Steven King movie "The Dead Zone" before the series, it's even better. But just make sure that you watch the episodes from the beginning of the series so that you don't miss things that might make the remainder of the series much more enjoyable. Each season has certain things that happen (like and series) and certain things that is one of the main focuses during it. He even finds people that can do things similar to what he can do throughout the series. By the time you get to the new episodes, you get disappointed in some things, but are excited at some of the things that they are currently leading up to. Overall, this is a Must Watch series.
  • The Dead Zone really needs a lot more credit than what it's been given.

    This show keeps you satisfied and very rarely disappoints. In my opinion this is the best scifi/drama show ever. This is the best show since 'Quantum Leap' as it follows a similar theme. Both shows have two completely different stories but both Johnny and Sam have information about the future that needs to be changed for the better and sometimes the decisions they make can change things drastically. The Dead Zone has humour, excellent drama and terrific science fiction stories that bring all three elements together. We see Johnny lose people he cares about along the way as we learn even he can't save everybody but Johnny makes it his mission to stop Greg Stillson as the first vision of armaggedon surfaces.
  • The best science ficition series since The X-Files.

    Superb writing, superb acting, awesome special effects. Sounds like something that was once said about another sci-fi series - The X-Files. This show is incredibly entertaining and the storylines are both gripping and entertaining. If you haven't seen this series, definitely check it out, it is worth it for sure.
  • Johnny kicks off the 4th season by trying to help Rebecca find the person who killed her younger sister. Johnny may have to save Rebecca from doing something she might later regret.

    I thought this was a great way to kick off the 4th season. We see Johnny as a whole new person. He is caring and truthfully wants to find Rachel's killer. I was glad he was able to get a vision of the killer and what surprised me most was Stilson killing his own father. I didnt know he had it in it. I thought that brought a new twist to the show. I was kind of disappointed not to see Johnny and Rebecca end up together, but hopefully in the end, Johnny will find the right girl for him.
  • just perfect ballence of suspence and psycic vibes for the show to work

    the dead zone is one of my favorite tv shows on tv i've read the book and seen the movie and the tv show is just far enough from the two in order to make people not need to point out every inconsistant point of the show. the writers continue to surprise the watchers of the dead zone
  • Silent, gentle hero, American classic.

    This is really perfect show. Intelligent stories, inovative(almost movie) camera and most of all - greatly played main character - Johnny Smith. The story begins in a small town, where John Smith lives. He has "usual" perfect life, which suddenly ends by serious car accident and subsequent six years coma. When John regains consciousness, he finds himself in a "new world". His fiancé is married, his mother is dead, his son doesn´t know him. But he is changed now too. By one touch, he can see fragments of past or future. John tries to use this ability to help people, but everything is so new for him... I really like Johnny Smith. He doesn´t feel like hero, but he IS hero. He tries to help other people, but he needs help himself. He is vulnerable and fragile, but yet strong and rightful. The stories are interesting and keeping your attention all the time. I strongly recommend everyone, who didn´t see this show to begin to watch it. Higly addictive.
  • Great show..great show..........

    The Dead Zone, is probably one of the greatest shows ever concieved. The show's superb writing, excellent directing, great acting, and amazing special effects make the show a pleasure to watch day in and day out. Every episode is refreshing, new, and very smart, which is very rare with many other trashy TV shows out there. Anthony Michael Hall has revived his career with this career altering role. He IS Johnny Smith. The supporting cast is amazing and each bring depth to their respective characters. Each season improves in quality and also brings shocking surprises and cliffhangers. Make sure you make time on Sunday nights to watch this incredible series. You won't regret it.
  • A great show picking up the mythology the movie created perfectly and making it it's own. The cast was wonderful from start to finish. Seeing how the movie ended in Johnny dying trying to prevent the end of the world. The show

    A great show picking up the mythology the movie created perfectly and making it it's own. The cast was wonderful from start to finish. Seeing how the movie ended in Johnny dying trying to prevent the end of the world. The show re-wrote and included new stories to keep the show going. Given five seasons to expand on Johnny's life I enjoyed seeing his personal life and how his gift affected it. The whole revelation of his wife moving on after his accident and still being a part of his life was thrilling. The final seasons dealt with the end of the world and even then instead of a one shot story. We bounced back and forth always keeping the story interesting. The show had a strong fanbase and I'm not sure why USA canceled it but it was great and I'll return to the dvds often to relive the happy times I enjoyed watching the series.
  • Good Show worth watching

    This was a great show, it had its lows but the good parts made it worth watching. I have to disagree with some other reviewers. There was a place were a few episodes were "touched by an angelish" but it didnt last that long.

    Great show, the ending tied up everything but one event which was unfortunate because that event was a major plot point for several seasons.

    I dont know if they could have gotten another season out of it but there could have been a least 3-4 more shows to finish it all off.

    1st and BOOK IS BEYOND i gotta say, it took me until this year (2014) to bring myself to watch the television show "The Dead Zone" cuz i thought there was NOOOO WAAYY that ANYONE but Walkin to "do" Johnny, but i have to admit i am now ADDICTED to the show lol Anthony Michael Hall does a fantastic job!!! and i LOVE how they brought the whole serial killer in the first episode and now (im into season 2) the whole Stillson thing into it, i love it, but then again WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • the dead zone season 4 episode 4; still life

    In this episode is an awsome house by the sea, does anyone know where that house is?
  • visionary show

    the series is based on stephen king's novel of the same title. johnny smith, the protagonist is a psychic, a visionary who can see the future and the past alike, the result of a terrible accident he suffered that left him in a coma for six years. he was totally different when he woke up having this visions that help him change the outcome of a particular situation. with just the slightest contact, a touch with a person or things he goes out or spaced out for a moment and see what will happen or what already happened, most of the time horrible things that makes him to question if it's really a gift or a curse. but he can be of help to anyone who needs it if only to change something for the better.
  • Johnny Smith had a perfect life until he was in a car crash that launched him into a 6 year coma.When he woke up he found his fiance married another man and is raising his son.He also has visions triggered by touch now he tries to live in his changed life

    The Dead Zone is an awsome show, the characters are so realistic and you even start to like the bad guys. The story line is so neat, the fact that a guy with all those bad things happening to him he stays strong and asks his friend for help when things seem imposible. Anthony Michael Hall does a great job as Johnny Smith, he show the complex character with great talent. The entire cast and crew makes every great epizode a mini movie. There are some epizodes I don't like because I personally don't like the topic, but I'd nver say I hated any of them, they are awsome.I hate that USA was dund enough to cancel the show and the show that's filling it's time slot is In Plain Sight, which to me, looks weird and I wouldn't want to watch it. The Dead Zone is the best show I've ever seen.
  • Well this show is so Good. I love it.

    Well if you guys like movies where you have to gess this is a good movie and you have to watch episod to episod.I think almost everyone will like this show.this show is so good. Im not sure of what to say so im repetting it sorry hope that its ok and wanted to say Thanks.Hey im a new gurl so would you plz talk to me and help me out just a little. Well anywayz if you like mysterys then you will like this show. Well hope that you give it a try. Thanks for your time. Byz the new gurl Dstinee.

    Dead zone is a great tv show,it's all about Johnny Smith.A man who survives a car crash,but ends up in a coma.After 6 long years in a coma he wakes up,but sadly finds out his girlfriend is married to someone else.And his son doe'snt even know who he is.But that's not all,Johnny finds out that he has now got a special ability.With a sigle touch of someone he get's visions of there future or there past.So johnny decides he can use this ability to help people,which he does.The cast for this programme is no one that i have ever seen before,but works really well.Each episode has a very different case for johnny to solve,along with the help of his friends.This is a great show,and a great idea for a show.So if you have never seen Dead zone before,give it a shot as i'm now hooked on it.
  • Based on the awesome Stephen King book. This show is awesome!

    USA Network's original series, the Dead Zone is based on a novel by Stephen King - which may be the best Stephen King book i have ever read. This television show, the Dead Zone, also may be one of the best television shows that I have ever seen. It is about a schoolteacher named Johnny (or John) Smith (played by Anthony Michael Hall from the Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles) who helps solve murders after receiving psychic powers after waking up from a six year coma, which he is put in after being invovled in an extremely terrible car accident after leaving his girlfriend, Sarah's house.
    Watch it! It's suspenseful and full of mystery-ness!
  • This is really a great show.

    This show is extremely under-rated, the story maintains a very similar feel to that of the Stephen King book, also know as the Dead Zone.

    The basic story is this, Johnny Smith is madly in love with a woman named Sara, the night he makes love to her and concieves a child, he is in a near fatal car crash.

    Six years pass and Johnny suddonly wakes up, but finds that 6 years have passed and Sara is now married to another man and his son don't know who he is.

    But thats not all thta has changed for Johnny he now has a strange power with one touch, he sees things thta will happen and things that have happened. Th first season focuses heavily on Johnny tryig reconnect with the world. By the end of the first season, Johnny sees an alful future for the world, when he shakes hands with a politican who nis going to bw the next president. The question is can Johnny change history so this man can't come to power? This is a fantastic show that is well written the only problem is they don't make enough episodes each season.
  • Wonderful show! The season doesn't have enough episodes! More, More, More!

    Great show! I wish they had a normal season with as many episodes. Anthony Michael Hall has come a very long way from "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club". Although he portrayed such a wonderful and believable geek back then, he has turned into quite a hunk. He is still a very talented actor and I would watch anything he starred in. Also, Sean Patrick Flannery "Powder" and "The Young Indiana Jones" is superb as the evil congressman. I've seen everything he has starred in (even the bit parts). He is an awesome actor as well. This is a must see show. If not for the great writing, then for the gorgeous hunky men! Too bad they don't have work out, or after a shower scenes. I'd love to see there bare chests! (hint, hint to writers)
  • spooky meets cool

    The Dead Zone is yet another fantasic show shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. The actors on the show work great together (however, it would be nice to see more talent picked from the vancouver talent pool). Vancouver is the best location for this genre of show. It lends the show that dark, mysterious feeling. The rain, the abandoned wherehouses, the ocean .. the list goes on. The city is perfect 'cause it offers any show the beaty and wealth of places like Bowen Island, shaunassy, british properties to the streets of the east side or the train tracks at lower lonsdale. The Dead zone is a great show (made from a great movie - chris walkin)
  • Mystical, Dramatic, Terrific

    I didn't start watching this show from the beginning. It just didn't seem to be something I'd like. Boy, I could kick myself now, since I've found out the show is so terrific. I have been viewing the re-runs and watching the new episodes, and I find that this is truly an amazing show. Really great job done by the cast, crew, writers and directors. The situations are intense and dramatic, the magical/mystical bent is incredible. And well, who would have thought that Anthony Michael Hall would have turned into such a babe? I'm definately looking forward to more seasons and even better episodes. Well Done, I can't wait for more!!!
  • " You should see what i see "

    The Dead Zone is my most fave show of all time nothing else i watch comes close to the passion i feel for this show as a avid fan of the author Stephen King i think the producers have done a top rate job of sticking to the character Mr King created and by doing this have my upmost respect,
    I can not say that i have ever seen a poor episode of The Dead Zone they have all been on the ball,
    One of the things i like About The Dead Zone is the way the camera moves when John has a vision and the actual visual effects they create to go wih these sequences are absolutley stunning a feast for your eyes..
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