The Dead Zone

USA (ended 2007)





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  • Johnny rocks !

    The Dead Zone is the best show in his categorie !

    The season 1 was here to show the difference between the Movie and the Series... At the end of the first season, we enjoyed to see the relation between Johnny and Greg Stillson. We could think Greg was the devil and Johnny the angel...

    In season 2, Christopher Wey, one survivor of the apocalypse, was a little useless, but in the season finale, he showed us what we wanted to see !
    The second season, the longest, had a lots of useless episode...

    The third season was very good ! Johnny searched how apocalypse started and find out when the Johnny of the future told him... "When the times comes do not save Rebecca." And next Johnny had a strange vision... Rebecca kills Stillson... But its strange because Johnny saw the same vision but Rebecca bought a cake instead of a gun...

    The first episode of the fourth season was really good but not for everybody... Johnny saved Rebecca and Stillson ; Stillson killed his father (I didnt know it was his father before this episode O_o)but a new story started... But its too bad, Johnny drops his cane, and, maybe, the chance to know more about the future...

    When the apocalypse will start really ?
    On the season 3, we can see "2015" and JJ was mature... I hope Apocalypse is not in 10 years...