The Dead Zone

USA (ended 2007)





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  • This is really a great show.

    This show is extremely under-rated, the story maintains a very similar feel to that of the Stephen King book, also know as the Dead Zone.

    The basic story is this, Johnny Smith is madly in love with a woman named Sara, the night he makes love to her and concieves a child, he is in a near fatal car crash.

    Six years pass and Johnny suddonly wakes up, but finds that 6 years have passed and Sara is now married to another man and his son don't know who he is.

    But thats not all thta has changed for Johnny he now has a strange power with one touch, he sees things thta will happen and things that have happened. Th first season focuses heavily on Johnny tryig reconnect with the world. By the end of the first season, Johnny sees an alful future for the world, when he shakes hands with a politican who nis going to bw the next president. The question is can Johnny change history so this man can't come to power? This is a fantastic show that is well written the only problem is they don't make enough episodes each season.