The Dead Zone

USA (ended 2007)





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  • This show I feel could be the most underrated show in TV history. I think the main thing holding it back is its heavy religious undertones. Hard to be a runaway hit these days with so many people trying to keep religion under raps.

    Johnny is a character who gains supernatural powers through a car accident induced coma, and takes us on a hero's journey though life. Everyone he touches becomes entangled in his life and his need to help all because of his new powers is endearing. A very brilliant writer came up with the lines "with great power comes great responsibility.", this is no truer than in this series. Early on in the series Johnny is stuck trying to help friends and random people within his community only to gather a cult following and then become swept up into politics and a vast world that he was neither prepared to enter nor did he have a great desire to do so. He is thrust in to this due to a vision of the apocalypse in which most of his acquaintances are involved. Hopefully in what is rumored to be the last season we'll see exactly how the series plays out and won't be left with a huge cliffhanger only to be speculated as to what really happens (See How Soprano's Ended)