The Dead Zone

USA (ended 2007)





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  • Silent, gentle hero, American classic.

    This is really perfect show. Intelligent stories, inovative(almost movie) camera and most of all - greatly played main character - Johnny Smith. The story begins in a small town, where John Smith lives. He has "usual" perfect life, which suddenly ends by serious car accident and subsequent six years coma. When John regains consciousness, he finds himself in a "new world". His fiancé is married, his mother is dead, his son doesn´t know him. But he is changed now too. By one touch, he can see fragments of past or future. John tries to use this ability to help people, but everything is so new for him... I really like Johnny Smith. He doesn´t feel like hero, but he IS hero. He tries to help other people, but he needs help himself. He is vulnerable and fragile, but yet strong and rightful. The stories are interesting and keeping your attention all the time. I strongly recommend everyone, who didn´t see this show to begin to watch it. Higly addictive.