The Dead Zone

USA (ended 2007)





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  • Johnny Smith had a perfect life until he was in a car crash that launched him into a 6 year coma.When he woke up he found his fiance married another man and is raising his son.He also has visions triggered by touch now he tries to live in his changed life

    The Dead Zone is an awsome show, the characters are so realistic and you even start to like the bad guys. The story line is so neat, the fact that a guy with all those bad things happening to him he stays strong and asks his friend for help when things seem imposible. Anthony Michael Hall does a great job as Johnny Smith, he show the complex character with great talent. The entire cast and crew makes every great epizode a mini movie. There are some epizodes I don't like because I personally don't like the topic, but I'd nver say I hated any of them, they are awsome.I hate that USA was dund enough to cancel the show and the show that's filling it's time slot is In Plain Sight, which to me, looks weird and I wouldn't want to watch it. The Dead Zone is the best show I've ever seen.