The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2006 on USA

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  • The first episode I have ever hated. Badly directed, and somewhat badly written, this episode needed work, it didn't get it.

    I love the dead zone, but after watching this episode, i couldn't help but feel cheated. I felt like the director was out to show some grand vision, and to prove the dead zone still had a few jolts and vision tricks it could play on. not to give a spoiler, but Johnny jumps from body to body to body on this episode, thankfully that is done well and is not confusing in the least, but it becomes annoying and is a bit overdone, also if i had to see that black and white 10 second buzz flashback 2 more times, i would've cracked. It would have me seeing visions of my own.... visions of me stalking the director and giving him an earful.

    The writing was fairly poor in this episode, the directing was the absolute worst i can recall on this show ever... and aside from Anthony Michael Hall and the woman who plays Maya, the acting was the absolute worst, especially the last 5 minutes. Did they run out of time? Did they reshoot the ending because the original one did not work or because they lost the footage,? were they on a budget constraint and had to shoot quickly? the stalker boyfriend has his hands up in the air so fast before he even knows the cops are really there. GEEZ AND PLEASE.

    Low low quality, not up to dead zone standards.

    the last 5 minutes is a complete joke. Bad acting, bad (very bad) directing, and a silly unbelievable ending.
  • Above all else, a showcase of Hall's talent as an actor

    This episode served to remind viewers of the show's strength. While, at this point in the season, we were still dying to know what became of Stillson after his "failed" marriage, most of the wonderful ensemble cast appeared, Johnny faced one of his most challenging visions, and our protagonist demonstrated perhaps his best psychic work to date. Tonight I forgot there was a Stillson, an Armageddon, and a Gene Purdy. It was all about Johnny and the episode just worked.

    Indeed, I interpreted this episode as more of a shout-out to AMH's acting talent above all else. His ability to accurately portray several widely-varied character types, genders, and personalities showed through tonight and, I say, it's about time.

    The plot is extremely well-designed, well-written, and well-played. As with all episodes of "The Dead Zone," there are few if any holes in story or direction. Intending to find errors, omissions, or failures, I watched "Symmetry" three times. Beyond a hotel room key / room oops, I found nothing wrong. Call me a TDZ fan, but I challenge you to find another.

    Anthony Michael Hall got a gift from the acting gods tonight, and he grabbed it with both hands while turning in a stellar performance.

    See this episode.
  • How good can be a twisted episode?? Very good if you're watching "Symmetry".

    In one of the best episodes of this season, Johnny is stuck in one vision of three people, switching places between a woman, her crazy ex-husband, one friend of her and himself in a way that neither the viewer and Johnny can't say what is real and what is not, showing how talented are the writers here, specially because a puzzle like this eppisode, is very hard to do.
    We finally see the four main characters in one episode and they give good performances, is specially fun to watch Bruce as part of Johnny's subconcious mind, in a childish way.
    Anyway, just to don't spoil this anymore... watch this episode. You won't regret it.
  • The best of season 5 and one of the best overall.

    People generally seem to think if a show goes downhill for a few weeks after its second season it will never be the same again and is ultimately not as good as it used to be, this is an example that proves this wrong. The Dead Zone still achieves at a high standard in season 5. This episode uses a different approach than most episodes have in the past which is what makes it unique. We see Johnny from four different perspectives - as himself, Mia, Cole and Desmin. We see Johnny living the lives of each character and along with a sub-conscious image of bruce he must try and identify where his visions are leading him. Definitely the best to come from season 5 thus far.
  • Does this mean the season is actually hitting its stride?

    With the season already winding down towards the season (and possible series) finale, I’m rather pleased with the fact that the quality of the episodes has kicked up a notch. I still don’t feel like it has hit the same heights as the first couple of seasons, but relative to the fourth season and the beginning of the fifth, things are looking up!

    A lot of people (including the producers) compared this episode to the classic “Precipitate”, but I’m not sure that’s a great idea. “Precipitate” was a lot better, especially in terms of clean storytelling. No matter the complexity, the audience had a good sense of what was happening. This episode felt a lot more muddled and a bit more tentative in places.

    At the same time, I think this was a lot more ambitious than I expected out of the fifth season, and it kept my interest for the entire hour. Right up until the final revelation, I wasn’t sure how it all fit together. Most of the recent episodes have been easy to decipher, so it was fun to have an episode that kept me guessing. If nothing else, it distracted from some of the minor storytelling mishaps along the way.

    I wasn’t thrilled with Bruce’s involvement with the episode, since I’m still not sure how that was supposed to work, and I think some of the transitions between characters were hard for Anthony Michael Hall to communicate. One thing I’ve complained about is the need for every episode to have an underlying “message”, so the relative lack of a message in this episode was a good thing. Even so, it was a little easy for Johnny to defuse the situation at the very end, especially given how psychotic Cole had been right up until that point.

    The director did a nice enough job of keeping the story straight and avoiding the most obvious drawbacks of the plot device in question, but there were a few moments where the story was almost impossible to follow. I can easily see how people would get frustrated with the episode, but it did reward patience. And considering how pathetic the continuity can be on this show, it was interesting to see the knife from “Panic” come back into play.

    This is the third episode in a row that I actually liked. Even if I still don’t think that the episodes are better than average, especially relative to earlier successes, it is nice to see that the writing staff still has some measure of creativity left in the barrel.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes have highlighted “The Dead Zone”, so it might be something of interest . Go to if you want to listen!)
  • This was an episode unlike any other shown before.

    Johnny receives visions of multiple people and uses clues along the way that help him realize who is seeing at the time. John races to find a mother and child before the father can hurt them. His visions were confusing in parts but there were clues as to who he was seeing at the time. In one part of the episode, Johnny actually sees the face of the father in the mirror.

    One highlight of the episode was his subconscious. It was hilarious to see because inside was a wacky version of Bruce that continually agreed with every word he said, as well as continued blowing party horns to celebrate his birthday.

    This episode was suspenseful, thought provoking and included all of the main cast (which is something I know a lot of viewers miss about the show).
  • A very interesting twist that was unexpected.

    I really liked this episode. It wasn't the best, but it was definitely the best episode in a while from this show. When I first started watching it, I was a little confused, as I hadn't read the preview for the show, but I got what was going on after about 15, 20 minutes. This episode was very fresh, and an interesting idea in a show that could easily run out of ideas after being on the air this long. The switching of roles in his visions was cool, and I liked how it all was wrapped up at the end. For any fan of good storylines, I highly recommend this episode.
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