The Dead Zone

Season 4 Episode 2

The Collector

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2005 on USA
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The Collector
When a friend of Sara's goes missing, Johnny becomes involved trying to find her twisted abductor...before he kills the missing woman.

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  • Not too bad.

    This episode was ok, it certainly was not as good as the last episode but it was still fairly good. In this episode Johnny has to try and help to track down a missing girl who is being held captive by a man. The man forced the women do dress the way he wants them and threatens them. Johnny knows its only a matter of time until she is killed so he sets out with Walt to find the girl. This episode had a good ending but it was a little slow. Looking forward to the next episode, but i want more Greg Stillson!moreless
  • A good episode overall

    The twist of the kidnap victim being in favor of the kidnaper was overdone a bit, but the part of his vision seeing all the victims was very good. At the end Johns save of Walt from being shot was a little simplistic but belivable. In all a nice filler episode if not for the fact that kidnap victims have seen the show several times.
  • A classic kidnapping episode that has been done before but i liked it

    I liked it. It was strange with the new music at the opening credits. Cool with all the special effects. Looks like they have a bigger budget for the episodes this season. Looking forward for the next episodes. Kinda missed Bruce in this episode but i guess he can\'t be in all of them.

  • Not my favorite episode, but it has its moments.

    This episode will not be remembered as one of the great episodes of the series. The story was not the most creative and I believe the writers can do a lot better. The villian was pretty creative in the episode though. The atmosphere was good for the episode (dark) and complemented the story nicely. The portrayal of Sarah Bannerman's character is a letdown for me and fellow fans. The writers seem to be making Sarah more and more helpless. What happened to the strong-willed Sarah we saw in earlier seasons? Joely Collins guest performance was below average at best. And I grieved the abscence of Johnny's cane. He just didn't seem the same without it.

    I will complient the writers for a bold ending. I won't spoil for anyone, but not many T.V. show writers would do what they did. This episode somewhat of a let down, it definetly could have been bettermoreless
  • An average episode you just watch and forget. Memorable only because they changed the main title theme!

    Although i liked seeing Walt and Johnny team up once again for this episode, i really didn't care for this episode. The storyline felt unoriginal and they simply went through the motions.

    This doesn't mean there wasn't anything to like. I liked the dialogue between Johnny and the prostitute and the way Linda 'switched' sides in the end but unfortunately it didn't compensate for the weaker parts like the part where Sarah complains about being neglected and the many (too) coincidental clues in this storyline. I mean, the first prostitute they talk to is the one who knows Erica .. come on!

    The biggest letdown for me was another thing entirely: what in blazes happened to the theme song?! I absolutely loved the main title theme from Jeff Buckley but it's gone! Bring it back!moreless
Brian Markinson

Brian Markinson

The Collector/Mr. Suds

Guest Star

Joely Collins

Joely Collins

Erica Carter

Guest Star

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Denise Carter

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The shot of Sara and Erica's picture is an insert, as the frame is cropped differently than the rest of the episode. There is a much larger bounding box around it.

    • The Collector knocks Erica's plate off the table, the knife lands directly in front of her, near the edge of the table. But when she grabs the knife it is back to her right and the plate of food is back in front of her.

    • The Collector's hand and plastic bag are wiggling in Johnny's vision of frozen time. The other items in scene are digitized and unmoving as expected.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Walt: Look, don't beat yourself up, all right? Nobody's right a hundred percent of the time.
      Johnny: I'm not wrong; she's lying.
      Walt: What do you want me to do, arrest her for denying a vision?

    • Walt: I don't like the idea of you being unarmed.
      Johnny: Walt, I'm psychic, remember?
      Walt: Alright. Be right back.
      Johnny: I'm psychic, and I'm gonna be a dead psychic.

    • Sara: What's that smell?
      Johnny: Oh – just burning lunch.

    • Sara: What was that supposed to be?
      Johnny: Grilled cheese.
      Sara: You got the "grilled" part down.

    • Tami: (a prostitute) Hey, I know you.
      Johnny: No, I don't think so.
      Tami: I never forget a face. You're that mind-reading guy. I've seen your picture in the newspaper. You're way hotter in person.
      Johnny: Thank you.
      Tami: Hey, you want to touch me and guess your future?

    • Tami: Let me get this straight – you can predict the winning lotto numbers, but you don't?
      Johnny: It's complicated.
      Tami: It's crazy. What's the point of having superpowers unless there's some cash in it?

  • NOTES (0)


    • Walt: I'm gonna predict the next thirty days of your life... it ain't going to include Ed McMahon walking through that door.
      Edward McMahon is a well-known television personality, comedian and announcer on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He later became the presenter for American Family Publishing Sweepstakes where he would arrive unannounced at the winners' homes.