The Dead Zone

Season 5 Episode 11

The Hunting Party

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2006 on USA

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  • Finally it's all coming together now. President Stillson is soon to come...

    Wow this was a great episode. So Greg is likely to make it to Vice President status and once he is Vice President it is almost impossible to stop him from becoming president. So what will Johnny do? I don't know, and i wonder what sort of part Johnny will play in the upcoming armageddon. I thought this was a really exciting episode and it really put season 6 on track. Season 5 went a litle off track but this episode brought it back. When the Dead Zone has a good episode it is so enjoyable. This episode really deepens the mystery around the end of the world vision that Johnny has. I am so excited i really want to know what is going to happen in season 6. They have said the end is coming, so it must be near now. And so far Johnny has not stopped it. I really have to say for the most part this has been a great season. This episode has the same idea as the President Kennedy assination, and it kept me guessing until the end. It is becoming clearer now what all this is leading upto. I am so looking forwards to season 6...
  • This clearly became my favorite episode of the fifth season and probably of the whole series. It completes a big portion of the story. Many details had already been revealed, but these are the most important.

    These is a really great episode. I've already watched it four times. I love it. Many details like how is the apocalypse going to happen (with the polymer created by johnny's student), probably when (12/31/...), that there will be survivors (like johnny himself) and obviously that Stillson's the cause of it; had already been revealed. But here is the whole picture. This episode teels it all: the causes of it, the reasons, Stillson's new role (vice-president), and finally, the proposition to be the third ruler of the kingdom. It's just perfect. The only sad thing is what they did in the first of the sixth season. it really messed up everything.
  • To avoid the apocalypse, Johnny Smith must stop the vicepresident's assesination attempt.

    Overall, this was a very interesting season ending, giving the main ark of The Dead Zone an intereting direction after Janus' proposal to Johnny.
    The episode was well written, acted and directed. As time goes by, Malcolm Janus becomes a more interesting villain, keeping at the same time the mystery that surrounds hm.
    The plot was simply terrific and thoughtful, the use of Marshall Frost as a Lee Harvey Oswald -like scapegoat was excellent and the idea of killing the president on a hunting trip, a la Dick Cheney, shows that the writers made their homework.
    Great way to finish the season. This cliffhanger makes me think in a lot of possibilities. I can't wait for the new season.
  • Finally back to the story. I hope this continues.

    This was deffinently one of the better episodes this season, although that is not saying much. This episode was good because it finally got back to the main story line. It seems like most of the episodes this season were off in some other show. It was sad that Dead Zone started doing so many fillers. But this episode got them back on track, and hopefully it will continue this way in the next season. I liked the Frost guy, and thought he was a good character. So, all in all, a good way to end a pretty lousy season.
  • Back to the issue at hand and enough of the nonsense of this 5th season.

    Well, it seems that Johnny Smith is back and his arch-nemesis, Greg "Moriarity" Stillson is walking the fine 'gray' line of morality once more. After hair-brained plot after hair-brained plot, the fifth season has finally produced an episode of value, quality and significance to the over all arc of the series.

    This show is definitely on its last legs and the creative team should take note and send the show out on a high point should they get the chance to do a sixth season. Deliver on the final showdown before it is too late. There really is no stretching this series out any further. It must be brought to a resolution...C'mon, Johnny NEVER would have thrown away his cane as he did in the previous season.

    This show pooched along time ago and they need to save it if it goes to a sixth season.
  • End of the season, or end of the series?

    Now that the fifth season has come to a close, there are number of questions surrounding “The Dead Zone”. It’s not just a matter of renewal anymore. It’s a matter of progress in terms of storytelling. This season finale was an example of how the series could still deliver a competent episode, but it was also an example of treading water in all the wrong ways.

    First, the good points. I like the fact that the story started off small. It was fairly obvious to the audience that the situation was much bigger than Johnny could guess, but from his point of view, it was all about peeling back the layers of the onion and discovering how well he had been used. Skipping over the major plot contrivance of Johnny accepting a free computer from a contest he didn’t remember entering (something he ought to know better than to ignore by now), the plot unraveled in a measured fashion that allowed the audience to stay one step ahead, dreading what must inevitably come next.

    Seen as a whole, from the end of the third season to the end of the fifth, given that they were one big production order, the revelations about Janus, Stilson, and the conspiracy all made sense and build neatly on the sporadic mythology episodes to date. The purpose of the “Armageddon” is revealed, and it follows a certain brand of logic. Janus is not unlike the Shadows on “Babylon 5”: knocking over the anthills, ensuring that the nation(s) of choice emerge from the rubble stronger and better than everyone else on the planet. Stilson is effectively a figurehead, and that allows Stilson to demonstrate some degree of humanity while remaining a figure of darkness.

    This episode also firmly establishes Janus as a figure with enough intelligence and influence to overcome Johnny’s gift. Sooner or later, the writers need to explain why Johnny is completely unable to gain a victory against Janus, but for now, this episode avoids that problem by centering on a plot by Janus to inform Johnny of a certain reality in a certain way. Johnny is meant to be a spectator, not to change events. It’s a subtle point, but one missing from earlier episodes on a similar theme.

    The problem, however, is that breaking the production order into two seasons gives the impression of nominal progress. The two seasons end at essentially the same point: Janus giving Johnny an ultimatum. If the season had aired 22 episodes, then there might have been a sense of the subtle shift: Janus giving Johnny a basic offer in “Saved”, and now making it more of a demand. But the difference isn’t enough to make it feel like the fifth season advanced the story very much.

    I’m also disappointed that Purdy had nothing to do with the season finale, after a lot of apparent build-up towards a decision to help Johnny. It’s hard to imagine how he would have been part of the episode, but the structure of the season and the character’s arc really demanded it. Without that element, the finale felt incomplete.

    It’s also hard not to notice that this episode was produced much earlier in the production order, because a lot of the cast chemistry problems hadn’t kicked in at this point. Walt seems a lot stronger in this episode than the previous installment, for instance. In a way, the effect is that the episode doesn’t feel much like a season finale at all.

    This is the part where the season finale review would usually launch into a discussion about the season as a whole, but things will be done differently moving forward. The “Dead Zone” post-mortem (so to speak) will be the main focus of this week’s episode of “Dispatches from Tuzenor”, the podcast associated with my various reviews. That episode should be up after the weekend, so anyone interested is invited to drop by the archive site ( and click on the link. (It’s also available on iTunes.)
  • Johnny is drawn further into Malcolm Janus' plan of the country's "rebirth".

    It seems as though Greg Stillson is more of a puppet than anything else...the scene where he is in the conference room with Janus and his cronies shows where he is "told" what to none of this is his plan..he may execute the beginning of armageddon but the Coalition is behind it. I think Johnny will have no choice but to join up with the coalition in order to know what is happening but maybe he can change things but I also remember in the past how it says that Johnny brought about armageddon in past episodes. Everyone seems to be a puppet to these people and The Wolf was correct, there are no coincidences ..this was all staged for Johnny's benefit and possibly they need him for their plan to proceed. I guess we will have to wait til next season to find out. Happy Hiatus Dead zone.
  • One of the best episodes I've waited to see!

    Tonight's episode was one of the best I've ssen this season. I wonder what will happen in the future and whether or not Johnny will succeed at preventing Armageddon. It's clear from this episode that things are progressing quite fast but will Johnny and the others be ready? Things are getting quite dangerous and people are getting killed left and right but there's no evidence left at the scene except for Johnny's visions. Everyone has their roles, even if they're unaware of it. Can Johnny prevent the future destruction as seen in his visions or will he become a pawn as well? I hope to see a sixth season.
  • This episode showed more of Stillson's character and how coniving he is!

    I thought this showed how a lot of politicians are in real life. Maybe they wouldn't go to this extreme and maybe they would, but sometimes you think you can trust a person running for a certain position and you really can't trust them at all.

    I thought this was a great episode, but I'm getting a little tired of hearing about armageddon. They've been talking about this for pretty much the entire show and it's getting a little annoying.

    I don't see how a show can last when all they talk about is how the world is going to end. I mean, when Armageddon does come there is going to be no way to stop is so there really isn't any point in discussing it.

    This show would have been better if it was just about a guy they could solve crimes with his ability!