The Dead Zone

Season 4 Episode 6

The Last Goodbye

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2005 on USA
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The Last Goodbye
Johnny gets a vision of a rock star who is believed to have died...but Johnny realizes he's still alive.

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  • wow!

    this was a real tear jerker. it made me f***ing cry when i watched it it was that pathetic. just to fill up the space i need to be able to post this review i will list some words that describe this episode which almost succeeded in ruining the show.




    really bad






    now i will put the last goodbye into some relevent sentences:

    \'The last goodbye was PATHETIC\'

    \'Gee, that episode was BAD\'

    \'No, it was actually REALLY BAD\'

    \'Yeah, it was pretty TERRIBLE\'

    \'Yeah it was AWFUL and EMBARASSING to all those involved in the production of this STUPID, CRAP episode\'

    I understand that i used 4 of my key words in that last sentence but an episode as boring and useless as \'the last goodbye\' doesnt deserve and better than that.

    Bottom line, Don\'t bother watching this episode.

    By the way, it wont let me give it anything less than a 1 but just pretend i could give it a zero.moreless
  • I liked it.

    Even though this episode has a low score i believe that it was still quite good because we got to see a little more of Johnny and Sara which is nice. Also we learn that they may try for another baby. This episode is mainly about Johnny and Sara trying to track down a rock star who supposed to have died many years before. And now their fears are that his son may try to do the same thing. Overall this was a good episode and i really look farward to the next one. So far this is turning out to be very good.moreless
  • Anyone else thinking about Jeff Buckley while watching this episode?....

    This episode is about a dead rock star and has the title \"The Last Goodbye\". The original theme song was \"New Year\'s Prayer\" by Jeff Buckley. One of his most famous songs is named \"Last Goodbye\". Note that Buckley died swimming in the Mississippi River in 1997. Coincidence? I think not.
  • An episode with metaphor! I like it!

    I didn’t really care for the last two episodes. This one is similar to the other two, but I found myself enjoying it more. It still had some of the same predictable weaknesses, especially in terms of investigating an apparent murder, but the framework of the story is a bit more personal. I find that the episodes dealing with Johnny’s personal life, in conjunction with his ability, rise above the more standard fare.

    This could have easily been an episode about a random rock star’s son who Johnny just happens to catch in concert. Instead, the writers make the elder Foldes and his music an iconic part of Sarah’s history with Johnny. This could have easily imposed upon the existing mythos of that relationship, but instead, it adds another layer of meaning. Granted, it could have been grafted to the overall past history a bit more carefully, but the concept itself plays into the nostalgia that many children of the 1980s can relate to.

    It’s rare for Johnny and Sarah to be on the same page this season, so it’s good to see them working together. Is this a sign that the writers are steering back into all-too-familiar territory? I certainly hope not. The Johnny/Sarah/Walt thing has run its course, and at this point, they need to settle into a stable equilibrium. The scenes with Walt seem to indicate that his fears have been largely addressed, despite the indiscretions of the past. Johnny, too, seems to have moved on.

    Sarah’s comments, on the other hand, make her sound a lot more conflicted than she should be. But then, that could have a lot to do with the circumstances. Foldes and his music became, in her mind, something forever associated with Johnny and her life with him. There’s a metaphor at play between Foldes, his apparent death, his discovery, and Sarah’s relationship with Johnny. If Sarah equated Foldes’ death with the end of her relationship with Johnny, is his “resurrection” now dredging up emotions she thought she had resolved?

    Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t have to be more than a wistful moment. Foldes returns to life, so to speak, but he has no intention of returning to his old life. Similarly, Sarah might be reminded of the depth of her love for Johnny, but she could also be reminding herself that their feelings for each other must evolve into close friendship.

    Ben Foster seems to bring a true intensity to his roles, even if the “deeply conflicted” thing is getting a bit old. I truly disliked his character on “Six Feet Under”, and while I see a lot of the self-loathing in Darrin, at least he’s not so annoying. One actually believes that Darrin is this scarred inside, and that’s what Foster brings to the table.

    What I didn’t like were all the plot holes. The gorgeous Audrey is stabbed in the back of the shoulder with a needle, and the coroner still concludes that it was an overdose! That’s the kind of plot convenience that drives me nuts. And given who killed Audrey in the first place, it’s hard to figure out who beat up the reporter. For that matter, who was Darrin’s mother? Some random groupie?

    It’s the possible metaphor with Sarah that makes the episode work for me. It helps me set aside some of my issues with the predictability (I saw the killer’s identity coming a mile away) and the plot holes. As someone who grew up in the 1980s, I completely understand Sarah and Johnny’s point of view. Just look at how people react to the combination of Springsteen, the disappearing icons of the Jersey shore, and their relationships…it’s something everyone can relate to on some level. It’s still not as strong as I expect from earlier seasons, but it’s regaining momentum.

  • Amazing, ben foster did an amazing and very believable job! very good episode! hope ben foster returns to guest star again! very good actor and i hope he goes far!very touching story between father and son, lot of emotion and depth! good enough to watch amoreless

    Awesome job by Ben Foster! He did an amazing and very believable job! very good episode! hope ben foster returns to guest star again! very good actor and i hope he goes far!very touching story between father and son, lot of emotion and depth! good enough to watch a couple times over,great music!
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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Sarah: That music really brought me back tonight... made me think about things. Old feelings...
      Walt: Yeah? About John?
      Sarah: No. Well, I mean, yeah. Johnny was part of it, but not what you think.

    • Johnny: Is that your dad's Fender?
      Darren: One and only. I bought it off some guy on E-Bay.
      Sarah: Oh. You weren't close?

    • Matthew: I like to consider myself, ya know, as a broker of broken dreams.
      Sarah: So you sell stuff that used to belong to dead musicians.
      Matthew: I don't specifically specialize in deceased rock star memorabilia, but I do consider it a growth industry.

    • Nathan: Ya know, there's only a handful of guys in the music business that can make or break a career with one phone call. I'm one of them. But when I hear there's a psychic sitting in the lobby with information about a rock star that's been dead for twenty years... well, I've gotta take a minute.

    • Johnny: I haven't had a double scoop chocolate shake since... the last time we were on a road trip.
      Sarah: Junk food... the fuel of youth.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Series creator and producer Shawn Piller and his mother Sandra own Piller Records, the signing agency of the band The Woods, featured prominently in this episode.

    • The song featured in this episode, "6 Ft. Under", can also be found in the original Dead Zone series soundtrack. It was sung by The Woods. Also heard in this episode is the song "Wasted", which can be heard in the scene with the heckler - it is also by The Woods. Finally, the heckler mentions the song "I'll Remember," also a song by The Woods. These songs were all featured in the CD "The Woods" (2003)