The Dead Zone

Season 2 Episode 9

The Man Who Never Was

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2003 on USA

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  • The episode's quality is entirely due to Robert Culp

    I only started watching The Dead Zone because it's being rerun right after reruns of Dead Like Me. I often turn it off--but I kept watching this one when I saw that Robert Culp was the guest star.

    That's partly because Culp is such a skilled actor. But there's also another reason. Those of us old enough to be watching TV back in the 1960s remember Culp as spy Kelly Robinson in I Spy. Thus, we are able to draw on that three-year show as a back story for the character in this episode. And that provides a resonance that makes the story more affecting, as we see this portrayal of what the latter years of such a spy's life might be like.

    The show couldn't have made a better choice of actor than Robert Culp to play the role of Jeffrey Grissom.
  • It was a slow going episode.

    The idea for the episode was not very original. It was pritty obvious that the governmnet were somehow involved. The man who dissapears is supposed to be a secret spy from the cold war, who if Ruissia thought was alive would come after him. So the old man has spent the best part of twenty years traveling around with help from the government. Johnny works out what ahs happened and finally lets the man escape from the government agents. This is one of the worser episodes of the season. So far the season has been strong and i hope it gets better.
  • Johnny befriends a lonely elderly man, but when he returns to the man's house the following day he finds that any evidence of his presence has been erased - a family now reside in his home and the only other man to corroborate his story has been deported.

    An uneven episode that promises more than it delivers. It starts off strongly enough with an eerie vision of Johnny gradually disappearing then becomes an episode of intrigue as Johnny tries to track down the man he met. This is where it begins to fall apart though, as the agents behind the operation reveal themselves but the characters are as dull and unthreatening as they come. Later when Johnny finally tracks down Grissom, it appears we might get an interesting tale about his life of work for the government, but we are only treated to a brief glimpse of it, namely his account of the woman who betrayed him. This in itself could have made a neat story but here it is wasted in favour of another confrontation with the dull agents and a trip down memory lane with a bunch of reporters in search of Grissom's old house. The episode closely resembles the previous season's episode "Enigma", which also saw Johnny attempt to help a man rediscover a bit of his past, but as in this episode, the flashbacks were the most interesting aspect and in the end the stories ultimately fell short of greatness.
  • Jonny meet Grissom a man who was a spy but then he disappears and want to find him , it's just everyone think he didn't exist apart from him and the only person apart from jonny who saw him got deported.

    Well, that was an intresting episoide wasn't it, i mean it been few week since last episoide and within a few minutes i remembered what the last episoide was which was the kidnapping of him. Man, that felt like a months ago. well it seem jonny has decided to remain in his house until he got a vision of a person who was about to disappear. i got to be honest when this episoide started i thought it would be boring but boy was i wrong it got very intresting as episoide progressed.

    Jonny was determined to find that person even though everyone thought he lost his man, i always love these episoide where Jonny does it by himself without anyone's helps. i am so glad he found him and i loved his line'took you long enough'. you would think that spy people would have done a good job which they actually did since majority of people believed they lived at that place. That wine drop, kinda of disappointed they missed that. if that didn't exist there would been no-way he would of figured it out.

    I thought it was a nice touch with media showing up then the guy disappeared and jonny knows where he will be going and to think if jonny didn't get hold of tablets bottle he wouldn't of known.

    i can't wait until next week episoide.