The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 12

Tipping Point (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2004 on USA

Episode Recap

Rebecca is at Johnny's when he touches his cane and gets a vision of Christopher Wey. Wey reveals that Purdy lied about Kennedy's death (in Finding Rachel and tells him to confront the Reverend. Johnny collapses and Rebecca takes him to the hospital where a doctor advises Johnny that they've pinpointed the spot in his brain that might be causing his visions and his pain. Johnny then confronts Purdy who admits nothing. An exhumation of the body reveals nothing but Johnny gets a vision from the bullet fragments of Stillson's man Sonny killing Kennedy and making it look like a suicide. Johnny tells Rebecca that Kennedy isn't the man responsible for her sister's death and that they might arrest him. Purdy, obsessed with Revelations and Johnny's possible role, meets with Stillson and continues to protect him to protect himself. Johnny goes over Rachel's car and gets a vision of her confronting her killer but can't see his face. He then undergoes a MRI scan as they trigger a vision so they can map his neural responses. They succeed but use the cane to trigger a stronger vision – Johnny sees Wey a prisoner in the future, who warns him about the Rachel's camera before he can warn Johnny who has him captive (although he says it's someone Johnny should know). Johnny talks with Sarah and gives her the authority to let him die if he goes back into a coma. Stillson gets a warning that the police are further investigating Rachel's murder while an obsessed Purdy shreds his Bible and Rebecca has a dream concerning Rachel that strengthens her resolve to bring Stillson to justice. Walt helps them get access to the evidence and Johnny touches Rachel's camera, the murder weapon – he gets a vision of her inadvertently coming in on Stillson's scheme to rig the election machines. They need to get to Stillson to get a clear view of the room and Rebecca plans to meet with him. Meanwhile, Purdy confesses his crimes and confesses to forging Kennedy's suicide note, then resigns from Faith Heritage and turns himself over to Walt. Rebecca meets with Stillson and brings Johnny along . A defiant Stillson offers Johnny his hand and Johnny gets another vision of Washington D.C. being devastated and collapses from the strain. The doctor advises Johnny to make plans for additional scans while he tells Rebecca exactly what he sees from Stillson. Rebecca uses hypnosis to get Johnny through the treatment, then asks him to repress any vision of her future. When they kiss as Rebecca leaves town, Johnny gets her hypnotically-planted vision of her buying a birthday cake when she's actually buying a gun. After she leaves, Johnny makes contact with Wey again and he is forced to confront Wey's captors – J.J. and a blinded future Johnny. The future J.J. is with them, and the future Johnny tells present-Johnny not to save Rebecca. Johnny then breaks through the hypnosis and sees Rebecca shooting at Stillson and being shot down herself, and collapses.