The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 5

Total Awareness

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2004 on USA

Episode Recap

Johnny and Bruce are shopping for a birthday gift for J.J. when his credit card is revoked, and he begins to feel paranoid from the security cameras. Outside a young woman emerges from a car crash and enters the store, following Johnny at a distance. The woman follows Johnny home where he tries to resolve his credit card problems – the trust fund is behind on the payments. She calls Johnny, pretending to be a telemarketer, and goes into a vision and writes down numbers.

At J.J.'s birthday party at a lazer tag arena, Johnny runs into Gibson and has a vision of a a couple shooting her – he manages to get her out but she disappears. Johnny is then approached by Coulter of Argon Security, who tells him that the other two people are with him and Gibson has murdered three psychics from the remote viewing program he participated in. They take him home where he gets a vision of her using his security code to enter the house. The security team search his home with suspicious ease and Johnny notices all the security gear he has with Argon logos.

When they leave, Coulter phones his boss, Scanlon, and talks about their having 24 hours to a Senate hearing, and they have to keep Johnny secure while they find a Neil Pynchon. Gibson calls the police to Johnny's house and when Coulter is distracted, Johnny gets a vision from a Tarot card Gibson left behind of the car crash caused by green lights in both directions. He goes outside to meet with her. Walt arrests Coulter but his government connections get him out of jail.

Gibson tells Johnny that Argon took over the remote viewing program for the Department of Defense and Pynchon created an intelligence-gathering security program, Carnosaur, that Scanlon abused. Pynchon asked the psychics to investigate and Argon used the security information and their infiltration of computer systems to kill them. Gibson tells Johnny that Pynchon disappeared and gives him an item that gives him a vision that leads him to a bar where Pynchon is hiding nearby at a log cabin. En route they are forced to take extreme measures to avoid all security cameras and other high-tech surveillance methods.

They meet with Pynchon, who admits he created Carnosaur to help a woman he saw killed on an ATM camera. He and Gibson persuade a depressed Pynchon to continue fighting against Argo. Coulter and his agents arrive and Johnny manages to subdue them with the help of the locals. Johnny interrogates Coulter and gets a vision of Scanlan killing Maine Senator Thomas Marshall. Gibson and Pynchon manage to use Coulter's computer system and her ability to see numbers to get into the Argon system and download the footage of Scanlon killing Marshall. They turn the evidence over to the Senate committee and Gibson and Pynchon go off together to a deserted island far from any surveillance technology.