The Dead Zone

Season 3 Episode 5

Total Awareness

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2004 on USA



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    • Episode Title: "Total Awareness"
      The episode title refers to the "Total Information Awareness" program initiated by John Poindexter from the newly founded Information Awareness Office of the Defense Department. It's meant to operate much as shown in this episode, by bringing together a number of different databases of information to gather more information on anyone living in America.

      The head of the program, John Poindexter, is a convicted felon, with five counts to his name: conspiring to obstruct official inquiries and proceedings, obstructing Congress (two counts) and false statements (two counts). The convictions were later overturned on a technicality. This background is quite possibly the basis of the black ops nature of the TA organization, as opposed to the kinder, friendlier gov't psychic program seen in _The Hunt_.